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The UK's bestGarden Hammocks2022 Review

When buying a garden hammock, you’ll need to choose between a tree-hanging or freestanding model. For a tree-hanging hammock, you’ll need access to two trees that are roughly 260 cm apart. If you opt for this style, make sure that sturdy tree straps are included. For extra security, look for a model with bolt attachments. 

Alternatively, if you want the flexibility to use the hammock anywhere, choose a freestanding model. In terms of stability, a base over 100 cm wide will stop the hammock from rocking.

For a hammock that is suitable for beach trips, you’ll want a freestanding hammock with a steel frame, an included carry bag, and a weight under 15 kg

Steel frames are lightweight, making them easy to move around. They also don’t require any maintenance, so they are a low-hassle option. Look for powder-coated steel frames, as these are the most resistant to rust. If you want to make the hammock a more permanent fixture in your garden or conservatory, you might want to consider a freestanding, wooden frame instead.  

Finally, pay attention to weight capacity. The best garden hammocks have a capacity of 200 kg. In fact, a hammock over 150 cm wide, with a 200 kg capacity, can even accommodate two people. More commonly, hammocks have a 100 – 150 kg weight capacity, so you may have to take slightly more care not to overload them. 

Overall, my top recommendation is the Vivere Double Cotton Garden Hammock With Stand. This large hammock is 150 cm wide and has a 204 kg maximum weight capacity, making it suitable for one or two people. It has a powder-coated steel frame that can be easily assembled, and it comes with a carry bag, so it can be taken on camping trips or to the beach.

Check out the reviews below for more details about this hammock as well as information on other models.

What Are The UK's Best Garden Hammocks?

best-garden-hammock Vivere Double Cotton Garden Hammock With Stand
  • High-quality materials
  • Super comfortable
  • Two people capacity
best-garden-hammock Free Standing Garden Hammock With Wooden Arc Stand
  • Stylish, classic design
  • Sturdy garden hammock
  • Very comfortable
best-garden-hammock Amanka Cotton Garden Hammock With Stand
  • Easy to assemble
  • Attractive garden hammock
  • Great value for money

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High-quality materials, Super comfortable, Two people capacity,

Vivere Double Cotton Garden Hammock With Stand

best-garden-hammock Vivere Double Cotton Garden Hammock With Stand
  • High-quality materials
  • Super comfortable
  • Two people capacity
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Vivere Double Cotton Garden Hammock With Stand Review

One of the best things about hammocks is the possibility to take them anywhere. That’s definitely easier said than done with some models, but this Vivere Double Cotton Garden Hammock comes with a carry case and collapsible metal frame.

Weighing 14 kg, everything packs into the carry bag making it simple to transport. Both the frame and hammock canvas can be carried to either the park, beach, garden or living room, and then all set up without needing a tree in sight (which is one of the top benefits of this hammock).

Assembly can be completed within 10 minutes so it isn’t off putting when it comes to taking it on trips, even if you’re not going for very long.

Of course, it’s equally suitable for use around the home, either indoors or out, and the feet have rubber caps which stop it slipping on hard surfaces.

This frame isn’t prone to rust and can be left outside, although storing it away when not in use is a good idea.

The maximum weight capacity is just over 200 kg, meaning two people can clamber in at the same time if they want (or perhaps you can be joined by a faithful canine friend). The strength is provided by the powder-coated steel frame, which has a wide base and sturdy construction.

It’s a large hammock, and the fabric section measures 210 cm long and 150 cm wide. However, the frame angles inwards, so doesn’t take up much extra room. It is also dyed with vegetable dyes rather than chemicals which is a eoc-friendly consideration.


  • Takes just 10 minutes to assemble
  • Can be used either indoors or outside without the need for an external hanging place
  • Hammock position can be adjusted to accommodate different height users
  • Accommodates 2 adults at the same time with a high weight capacity of 204 kg
  • Great for travelling and no need to have access to two trees


  • Some people may find the 14 kg weight too heavy to carry by themselves
Stylish, classic design, Sturdy garden hammock, Very comfortable,

Free Standing Garden Hammock With Wooden Arc Stand

best-garden-hammock Free Standing Garden Hammock With Wooden Arc Stand
  • Stylish, classic design
  • Sturdy garden hammock
  • Very comfortable
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Free Standing Garden Hammock With Wooden Arc Stand Review

If you’re not sold on brightly-coloured accessories in your home and garden, this Free Standing Garden Hammock has a minimalistic, contemporary design with muted colours and a large arc-shaped base.

The dark wooden frame is made from solid larch wood and creates a sturdy support for the hammock, it can be left outside through most weather although ideally should be protected during the winter months.

Measuring 310 x 120 x 120 cm, which is quite large, it’s a good choice for medium/large gardens. If you’re working with a smaller space, you may find that it’s a little long to fit comfortably without taking up too much room.

Due to the frame it’s also a relatively permanent structure, unlike some easily transportable hammocks, weighing 23 kg. It’s therefore not something that you’ll be able to change the position of frequently or shift in and out of storage.

The hammock canvas is made from 65% cotton, 35% polyester, and connects to a metal loop on the frame with a chain and carabiner. It’s relatively big, at 100 cm wide, 200 cm long, although still smaller than the Vivere hammock featured on this page. Nevertheless, this is plenty of room for cushions and blankets, and some people may prefer its ‘stretched’ design.

What I mean by this is the canvas doesn’t ‘cocoon’, but stays relatively flat, offering a more usable space to spread out over. The maximum weight capacity is 120 kg and there is enough space for two people, but it would be easy to accidentally exceed the limit.

Despite its solid wood construction, assembly is still straight forward and can take as little as 30 minutes. All the necessary tools come included, although using a ratchet spanner can help make things easier.

Overall, it’s one of the best garden hammocks for anyone who likes understated, minimalistic furniture given its simple yet striking design. Those short on space may struggle, but otherwise it’s an attractive hammock that can be placed inside or out.


  • Takes less than 30 minutes to assemble (with two people)
  • Large enough to fit two people
  • Plenty of room for cushions and blankets
  • Most users find this hammock easy to get into because it doesn't cocoon


  • Hammock fabric needs to be stored inside in bad weather and during winter
  • Hammock may not be suitable for washing in the washing machine as there are metal attachments on the end of it
  • Does not 'cocoon' in the same way as other hammocks which some people may find less comfortable
  • The 120 kg weight capacity may be a little low for two adults
Easy to assemble, Attractive garden hammock, Great value for money,

Amanka Cotton Garden Hammock With Stand

best-garden-hammock Amanka Cotton Garden Hammock With Stand
  • Easy to assemble
  • Attractive garden hammock
  • Great value for money
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Amanka Cotton Garden Hammock With Stand Review

For smaller spaces, this Amanka Cotton Garden Hammock doesn’t take up quite as much room as the other hammocks featured here; it measures 300 cm long, 100 cm wide, and 90 cm tall.

This makes it one of the best garden hammocks for moving between inside and outside, and it only weighs 10 kg so isn’t difficult to carry (especially between two people). It will likely fit in the living room if you want it to (giving a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘hanging out’!), and doesn’t have to be just a fair-weather item in the garden.

Powder-coated steel has been used in the construction of the black frame, and the legs have rubber caps to prevent them slipping on hard surfaces (be that patio or conservatory floor).

Overall, the maximum weight capacity is 100 kg, so unlike the other hammocks on this list, this is a one-person only model. This helps keep the size down, and the canvas measures approximately 190 cm long by 80 cm wide.

There is a wooden pole inside either end of the hammock which keeps it lying straight, so this is more of a flat-surface hammock than a cocoon. However, the fabric does stretch once used, so it will create a dent to lie in.

When it comes to construction, assembling the frame is straight forward. The main issue comes when trying to attach the hammock for the first time. As mentioned, the fabric does stretch, so it’s a good thing that it’s quite tight initially, but this can make it almost impossible to pull over the frame for the first time.

Once set up, detaching and reattaching the hammock in the future is not as difficult.


  • Small enough to be set up in some indoor spaces as well as smaller outdoor areas
  • Base is very light so it can be easily moved around the garden and indoords
  • Frame itself is easy to assemble


  • Hammock is very tight so it’s difficult to hook over the ends when first putting it together
  • Low 100 kg weight capacity means it's only suitable for one adult
  • The hammock fabric can stretch a lot which may make it hang a little low

How to Choose The Best Garden Hammock

You don’t have to go on holiday to relax in a hammock, you can have all the luxury of a vacation (well, perhaps minus the tropical cocktails and warm sea breeze) from the comfort of your garden.

Even if you don’t have a tree to tie a hammock from, a lot of them even come with their own hanging frame.

There are a few things to consider when buying a hammock, to make sure that you get one that’s good value for money and suitable for your situation too. Below are some of the things to bear in mind when choosing which is the best garden hammock to buy:

There are two main types of hammock: tree-hanging hammocks and free-standing hammocks. Of course, the main issue with a tree-hanging hammock is having two appropriate trees to hang them from. Here’s a bit more information about each style:

Tree-Hanging Hammock

If you’re after something truly authentic, you might prefer to go for the traditional tree-hanging set-up.

There are a few things to consider with this option:

Number one, you’ll need two strong trees that are relatively close to each other. The necessary distance between trees can be determined by measuring the length of the hammock, and adding an extra 30 cm either side. Most hammocks are at least 200 cm long, so in this case the trees would need to be approximately 260 cm away from each other.

You’ll also need to consider how to attach your hammock to the tree. There are a few different approaches that people use:

  • Specifically-designed tree straps – these are thick straps that go around the trunk of the tree. They often have some sort of hook or loop on them which can be attached to the hammock strings. These are generally considered less damaging to the tree than rope because the weight is spread over a larger surface area. However, the downside is that you have to buy them separately.
  • Rope – rope tends to be quite a popular choice because a lot of people already have it at home; however, it can damage the tree by cutting into the bark. When tying a hammock with rope, you can either use just rope, or a carabiner/chain-connector link as well, to hook it through the hammock. There are a lot of good videos on Youtube detailing how to do secure hammock knots which are worth watching if you choose this method.
  • Bolting the hammock – this is a more permanent, and intense, way to secure a hammock to a tree. Whilst the tree straps and rope options allow you to tie the hammock to any trees you find, bolting the hammock to a tree will only be possible in your own garden. This method involves drilling a hole through the tree, approximately 1.5 – 2 m off the ground. An eye bolt is then screwed in and secured with a washer and nut. A chain-connector link connects the hammock to the bolt.

Free-Standing Hammock

These hammocks come with their own stands. The stands are normally made from either steel or metal, in the shape of an arc or half hexagon. The hammock then connects to the top of each end using a hook. This creates a self-contained, free-standing hammock.

Whilst you might worry about stability with this sort of design, they tend to have a base that is at least 100 cm wide to prevent any risk of rocking. It’s also important not to exceed the maximum weight capacity, which can vary between models.

The benefit of having a free-standing frame is that you can set it up wherever you wish, even if there are no trees. It can also be easier to change the position the hammock as the sun moves, or move it between inside and outside.

Some free-standing hammocks are easier to move than others; those with steel frames are likely to be lighter, whilst those with wooden frames may be more difficult (maybe even quite impossible) to move in one piece.

There are free-standing hammocks which are designed to be portable. These are the best hammocks to be carried with you camping, to the beach, or to the park. The frames are usually made from steel and are quick to assemble and take apart. They also come with carry cases. If you’re buying a hammock because you want to be easily portable, look for something that weighs 15 kg or less.

If you do opt for a free-standing hammock, you should choose the construction material of the frame depending on your intention for it. There are really two main options: wood or powder-coated steel.

Wooden Frames

If you want your hammock to be a permanent fixture in your garden, then a wooden stand will be a good option.

These look great and feel solid; however, they aren’t always very practical to move around. They can weigh upwards of 20 kg and be difficult for one person to manage. If you think you’ll want to be moving your hammock to follow the sun throughout the day, a steel frame may suit you better.

Any wooden structure that is left outside will require some treatment to protect it from the elements as well. If the wood is pressure treated you won’t need to do anything for the first few years, but afterwards you should use an oil or sealant annually to protect it.

Steel Frames

Powder-coated steel frames are also popular, and they offer different characteristics compared to wooden ones. These stands are durable, yet more lightweight than wood and therefore easier to move around. If you can see yourself wanting to change the location of your hammock a lot, or store it away relatively often, a powder-coated steel frame will be a good choice for you.

Furthermore, powder-coated steel does not require any maintenance. It’s best to keep it under a cover, especially if left outside during the winter months, but powder-coated steel is designed to be relatively rust resistant.

Also, as mentioned above, there are some steel-frame hammocks which can pack up into a carry case in minutes. The steel poles can collapse into sections that are small enough to carry around.

Weight capacity is pretty vital to consider when looking at hammocks, especially as it can vary quite dramatically between models. This goes for both tree-hanging hammocks and free-standing hammocks.

Larger hammocks, with canvases  that are 150 cm+ wide, may be suitable for two people if they have a high enough weight capacity. A weight capacity of 200 kg is good to look out for if you want to be sharing the hammock, although 150 kg may also be sufficient depending on the combined weight of both users.

Most hammocks will describe themselves as ‘double’ or suitable for two people if this is the case.

The recommended maximum weight capacity of any hanging item shouldn’t be exceeded. Even if it seems able to take a higher weight, it could cause cause structural damage.

When it comes to the size of the hammock, there are a couple of things to consider:

If you’re hanging a hammock from trees, you need to see how far apart your trees are. You could buy a bigger hammock if the trees are further apart. Remember, the distance between the trees should be the length of the hammock, plus 30 cm either side.

With a free-standing hammock you need to consider both the size of the frame and the hammock as well. The size of the frame will naturally determine where you can place the hammock. Many free-standing hammock frames are approximately 300 cm long, but some are narrower than others. Narrower frames will be easier to fit inside and will take up less space in the garden.

The size of the hammock canvas can vary even within frames of similar size. As mentioned above, those that are 150 cm will be suitable for two people whilst those that are 100 cm wide will be more suitable for an individual.

Buying a ‘portable’ hammock and frame is also a good idea if you don’t have much space – seeing as they can be assembled in around 10 minutes, you don’t have to leave them up when they’re not in use.

Final tip: be thorough and take proper measurements before making a purchase. It can even help to mark out the area to visualise it if necessary.

Garden Hammock FAQs

Most garden hammock frames are made of either solid wood or powder-coated steel, both of which are long lasting and can be left outside even in bad weather. Covering the frame with a waterproof cover will help protect it more than just leaving it outside.

Take the canvas hammock off the frame and store it somewhere dry. This is worth doing any time that you’re not using the hammock, not just in winter.

If you have a wooden stand, you should treat it with a waterproof sealer to protect it further from the elements.

This can vary dramatically from hammock to hammock. Some weaker hammocks may only be able to hold around 70 kg. Stronger hammocks can have a maximum weight capacity of around 200 kg.

Checking with the manufacturer is the best way to find out how much weight your hammock can hold. It doesn’t only depend how much weight the hammock canvas itself can hold, but also the straps that are holding it to the tree, or the frame. You should check the maximum weight capacity of all the different components, and not exceed whichever has the lowest number.

Yes, if your hammock has been specifically designed for use by two people. You need to check these specifications first, before you both jump in, especially if you’re using a free-standing hammock – the frame or fabric may not be suitable to support the weight of two people.

If the width of the hammock canvas is 150 cm or more, it will be more comfortable for two people. But most important is to check the weight capacity limit of the hammock and be sure that two people will not exceed this.

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