Creative Front Garden Ideas

30 Creative Front Garden Ideas That’ll Inspire You

There are endless possibilities for your front garden! We’ve sourced 30 of the best front garden ideas to inspire you to get creative.

1. Front Garden Border

front garden idea 1


Lots of us have boring tarmacked parking spaces, but you can switch yours up with smart edging and uniformly spaced box balls. Cover your soil in a mulch of brightly chipped stone to keep down weeds and retain moisture. Here the sweeping arch echoes the clipped box and makes the space appear bigger than it really is.

2. Front Garden Design



Edge a path to your front door with short neat box and backfill the border with soft lavender for contrast. Blue coloured gravel over exposed soil matches the lavender blooms and keeps the garden weed free. Boost height with plants in containers such as long-term box, or swap them out for something seasonal. There’s so much going on here you can’t help but look.

3. Small Front Garden with No Grass

front garden idea 3


Three’s a crowd doesn’t apply to planting. Here, three standard lollipop trees in front of the window space draws in the eye and looks smart. Underplant them with multicoloured heuchera and green ferns then lay clean grey gravel over the soil for labour free weekends.

4. Small Front Garden

front garden 4


A vintage tiled pathway lined with box or yew that leads to a rose framed front door, what could look more retro? Add a modern touch with a large evergreen yucca, then underplant it with lavenders, tea roses, and peonies. Classic cottage garden style in the city!

5. Front Garden with Gravel

front garden idea 5


Match your bin storage with coloured gravel so it doesn’t stand out so much, and pop a brightly coloured acer in as a centrepiece. A low circle of box around the planted hole adds to the feature. Create even more height by framing your window with a gorgeous wisteria that pollinators adore. A touch of Japanese influence creates this calm space.

6. Modern Front Garden

front garden idea 6


Artificial grass makes a great alternative to coloured gravel and means you don’t have to mow. Pop a statement tree like this bay in the centre and underplant it with lavender or salvia. Then edge your artificial grass with modern grey brick against white gravel and you have a modern, stylish front garden.

7. Boundary Front Gardenfront garden 7


Who doesn’t love reclaimed brick? It makes a stunning pathway to your front door. An evergreen shrub in the centre of your garden space bricked in and surrounded with clean gravel is all you need to accentuate the path. Then, use all those spare bricks to create garden edging that holds back lavender and hydrangeas because blue and white never goes out of fashion. Don’t forget a climber like this rose to add some height.

8. Front Garden Path

garden idea 8


Once completed this front garden won’t need any time spent on it. Tile out your front garden in different sized slabs to make it look bigger and line the edges with solar powered up-lighting. Artificial hedges give a green effect and artificial bay trees frame the doorway which is the centrepiece here. Don’t forget matching dual lamps to keep the balanced effect.

9. Border Front Garden

front garden idea 9


If you have a larger space get creative with angled planting. The 45 degree turn on this box and gravel design is interesting especially when its paired with the small brickwork pathway in a contrasting colour. If you don’t fancy clipping hedges use artificial plants; but don’t forget real trees for eco-friendly height.

10. Front Garden Paving

garden idea 10


This front garden appears larger than it is as it’s broken into two sections with clever paving that takes you on a walk. The smooth grey tiles are modern and the paired standard box trees look like sentries to your own palace. Edge them out with matching box hedging and choose an artificial hedge to pull the greenery together.

11. Front Garden with Driveway

front garden idea 11


If you have a large front garden it can get pretty expensive buying lots of plants. Instead, keep a large lawn neatly trimmed and create a multi coloured walkway to your front door with solar lights, green box balls, purple lavender and red toned yucca. Space out two trees for height. Low cost, high impact!

12. Front Garden Patio

front garden idea 12


Even a little space can make a big impression. This skinny border holds six lollipop standard trees and still leaves room for underplanting with bulbs and herbs. Choose large pale toned paving slabs to create the impression of a larger space, and top a brick wall with iron railings to let in lots of light.

13. Front Garden Wall

front garden 13


If you have plenty of time to cut back and trim your garden choose standard lollipop trees such as bay or holly and line them up against a white wall for inspection. They look smartly underplanted with white hellebore for winter flowering. Protect the planting with a sturdy low hedge line of box or yew. If you have the time for trimming this is a striking front garden.

14. Front Garden with Plants

garden idea 14


If you’re not a fan of straight lines but love curves and colour then create a bubble border and fill it with a riot of your favourite blooms such as everlasting geranium, but make sure you also pop in some evergreens for winter structure like these yuccas and box topiary. A planter gives some height to this striking display of modern and traditional planting.

15. Sloped Front Garden

garden idea 15


Choosing just one colour to repeat through your design keeps the eye moving. Create rounded borders along your pathway, plant a back bone of evergreen balls like yew or box and run alongside it with your favourite flowering plant. As you approach the front door the level rises with trees and hanging baskets that match the border plants.

16. Tiny Front Garden

garden idea 16


A small space can work with a water feature as it creates movement, sound, and a haven for wildlife all in one. Place it near the back of the border so you can admire the planting first. Large rocks create the backbone here with evergreen strappy grasses and a pop of busy lizzies and snapdragons for colour. Edge the garden with loose pebbles and wood chippings over the soil to protect it from next door’s cat.

17. Large Front Garden

front garden 17


A large front garden benefits from the ‘mirror’ effect. Cut your space in half right down the middle and mirror plant on either side. A curvy border edged in traditional red bricks marks out stunning flower borders packed with colour from salvias, yucca, and pansies for a bright and beautiful display you can change every year.

18. Centrepiece Front Garden

garden idea 18


Creating a raised centrepiece can really boost your garden appeal. Fill a wooden edged centre circle with bright asters, pansies and fuchsia, then bring it all together with matching edges. Complete the ‘full-to-the-brim’ look by filling your fences with baskets of trailing lobelia, and begonias and geraniums.

19. Low Maintenance Front Garden

front garden idea 19


The ultimate low maintenance power couple are evergreen succulents and coloured gravel! Filling a small border with large plants tricks the eye into seeing a bigger space. Here a textured fern behind stiff leaved succulents brings height, and coloured stones keep weeds and cats at bay. Some floaty perennial grasses soften the edges – this is clever planting that won’t need your attention.

20. Tropical Front Garden

front garden 20


A tropical look can work well but it may struggle in northern climates. Here a large palm is surrounded by ferns and evergreens and mulched with pale chopped bark or pale stone. It brings relaxing memories of holidays and is incredibly low maintenance.

21. Stone Front Garden

garden idea 21


If you have a killer thumb, lines and structure can make a front garden appealing, so try laying a smart pathway and edging it out with bright white stone. A slightly darker stone centrepiece highlights the contrast and makes these tough evergreen box plants pop out. This clean and bright maintenance free line up escorts you to the front door with pleasure.

22. Front Garden Fence

front garden idea 22


A classy wrought iron fence is a beautiful alternative to a wooden panel and it means passers-by can admire your exquisite taste Here standard bay trees let in light but create some privacy, and a simple crossroad pathway is infilled with large fragrant lavender that’s boxed off with well, box! Use yew if box blight is an issue in your area.

23. Front Garden Landscaping

front garden 23


Clean, green and maintenance free, this front garden is large but the simple mirror image structure balances it out. Two mirror image planters contain evergreen box and are edged with more box for continuity. The lawn has been replaced with a bright clean stone and the modern grey pathway neatly divided it into two halves. Why not add a bench so you can admire your hard work!

24. Simple Front Garden

front garden 24


Simple but effective, these three large saucer planters on a pebble border are filled with a variety of green toned succulents. They allow lots of light through the window and won’t require replanting next year if the drainage is adequate – result!

25. Mediterranean Front Garden

garden idea 25


Contrasting slabs brings interest to a pared back planting scheme. To get the look create your path with different coloured and sized paving slabs, then dig a wide border for a couple of drought tolerant Mediterranean plants. Fill gaps with grey and white stone, then add some artificial turf to keep mowing to a minimum. A bright white container near the front door adds some height.

26. Raised Front Garden

garden idea 26


If you like a regimented front garden that’s tightly under control, section it up. Here a strip along the front is filled with purple muscari and the under-window space holds three raised beds stuffed with fragrant bee-loving lavender. Away from the window a tree gives height. Coloured gravel cuts out mowing and don’t forget to pop some indoor plants on your window sill to keep the theme going.

27. Front Garden Parking Design

garden idea 27


Garden-phobes will love this no maintenance front garden. Choose a paving stone that contrasts with your house bricks and build in a planting area to separate your car parking space from the pathway. Standard lollipop evergreens like holly, box or bay create continuity and smartness without the hard work.

28. Wildlife Friendly Front Garden

front garden idea 28


This white-themed front space is filled with structural box balls, wispy waving perennial grass, tall white agapanthus, and a silver birch for height and interest. Add some white stepping stones for access. This is a wildlife friendly front garden that will require effort, but it’s certainly worth it.

29. Cottage Front Garden

front garden idea 29


A traditional cottage garden is always popular and this one ticks the boxes. A pale grey paving stone and matching front door sets off a blue and white mosaic with white tulips and blue forget-me-knots framing the borders. A zigzag path reaches the door eventually but gives time to soak up the fragrance and atmosphere. For all important height add evergreen box and a window-hugging wisteria.

30. Contemporary Front Garden

front garden idea 30


If you have a large front space a focal point is important. This one is interestingly off centre, filled with a single tree and large evergreen yucca. A regimental line of evergreens surrounded with bark chippings draw the eye along the property, and its repeated for continuity alongside the house wall. The lawn is kept short and neat and warm nut-brown decking breaks up all the green.

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