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The UK's bestBubble Wrap Greenhouse Insulation2022 Review

We've reviewed the best Bubble Wrap Greenhouse Insulation on the UK market.

Here are the products we believe are worth your consideration…

You’ll need enough bubble wrap to insulate your entire greenhouse. A 30 x 0.75 m roll is suitable to insulate greenhouses up to 3 x 2.4 m, but you may need two rolls if your greenhouse is particularly large. 

Generally speaking, the best bubble wrap for greenhouse insulation will provide a good balance between insulation and transparency. Opt for mid-weight, 4 mm thick bubble wrap to keep as much light coming into your greenhouse as possible

For ultimate frost protection, choose a thicker bubble wrap (8 mm +). But beware – this can block a lot of light, so you may need to install artificial lights to keep your plants happy and healthy. Bigger bubbles can help let more light through than smaller ones.

Look out for UV-resistant bubble wrap if you’re hoping to reuse the same wrap for a few years. This is less likely to degrade from exposure to the sun. Included clips can help with installation, so it’s useful when they come with the bubble wrap.

I’ve chosen the Gardman 30m Bubble Insulation as my top pick. This 0.75 x 30 m roll offers good value for money and comes with clips for installation. It’s 4 mm thick, which is easy to handle, manage and cut, and will protect your plants from frost. 

For more info about this greenhouse insulation, as well as details of other options, check out the reviews below.

What Are The UK's Best Bubble Wrap for Greenhouse Insulation?

best-bubble-wrap-for-greenhouse-insulation Gardman 30m Bubble Insulation
  • 750 mm x 30 metres
  • Laminated
  • Easy to cut & fit
best-bubble-wrap-for-greenhouse-insulation Apollo Insulation and Packaging Bubble White 75cm x 30m
  • Low-cost option
  • 750 mm X 30 metres
  • Also suitable for packaging
best-bubble-wrap-for-greenhouse-insulation Elixir Gardens Greenhouse Bubble Insulation Wrap 750mm
  • Triple laminated
  • 750 mm wide
  • UV tolerant

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750 mm x 30 metres, Laminated, Easy to cut & fit,

Gardman 30m Bubble Insulation

best-bubble-wrap-for-greenhouse-insulation Gardman 30m Bubble Insulation
  • 750 mm x 30 metres
  • Laminated
  • Easy to cut & fit
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Gardman 30m Bubble Insulation Review

Particularly easy to cut and fit, this Gardman 30m Bubble Insulation is one of the best bubble wraps for greenhouse insulation.

30 metres of wrap comes supplied, along with clips that help with fixing the insulation to the frame of the greenhouse.

It helps to effectively keep temperatures up inside the greenhouse, and customers have reported being able to successfully overwinter plants after installing this insulation.

In terms of thickness, at 4 mm thick, this insulation is suitable for protecting plants from frost damage, though it’s thinner than some others on the market. This has both its advantages and disadvantages. Firstly, on the plus side, it’ lets in more light than thicker insulation, helping with plant growth. It’s also easy to handle and manage, even if dealing with large panels. Plus, it’s straightforward to cut, speeding up the installation process.

On the downside, some gardeners opt to use a double layer, claiming that it’s too thin otherwise; however, not everyone does this and it doesn’t seem as though it’s strictly necessary to achieve good results.

The bubbles are small, and it’s quite similar to standard bubble wrap used for packaging. One roll provides 30 x 0.75 m, which will be sufficient to insulate a standard greenhouse.


  • Easy to install thanks to the included fixing clips
  • Lightweight to handle which adds to the ease of installation
  • Thin material so easy to cut to size
  • One roll of 30 x 0.75 m is enough for an 8 x 6 ft (2.4 x 1.8 m) greenhouse
  • Generally effective at protecting plants from frost damage in the colder months


  • Thinner than some others on the market so some customers choose to use two layers
  • May tear easily so should be handled somewhat carefully
Low-cost option, 750 mm X 30 metres, Also suitable for packaging,

Apollo Insulation and Packaging Bubble White 75cm x 30m

best-bubble-wrap-for-greenhouse-insulation Apollo Insulation and Packaging Bubble White 75cm x 30m
  • Low-cost option
  • 750 mm X 30 metres
  • Also suitable for packaging
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Apollo Insulation and Packaging Bubble White 75cm x 30m Review

If you’re insulating your greenhouse on a budget, this Apollo Insulation and Packaging Bubble is a low-cost option that still provides a good level of insulation.

It comes as a 30 x 0.75 m roll and is suitable for both aluminium- and wood-framed greenhouses. Whilst it doesn’t hide away from the fact that it can also be used as standard packaging bubble wrap, it’s still intended for insulation purposes as well.

Once fitted, this Apollo insulation can help keep temperatures up inside the greenhouse. If you are hoping to overwinter plants, this bubble wrap will help maintain more hospitable temperatures.

For anyone working on a budget, this will be one of the best bubble wraps for greenhouse insulation. It offers the quality that you would expect for the price, and you get a reasonable amount on one roll.

There is sufficient wrap included to insulate a 2.4 x 1.8 m (8 x 6 ft) greenhouse, with reasonable overlaps. Nevertheless, you will need to plan the size of the overlaps carefully in order to have enough insulation to cover the door as well.

As the bubbles are small, it is generally believed that less light will get through compared to a wrap with larger bubbles; however, the latter type of insulation will cost more.


  • Easy to cut to size and handle as it's both thin and lightweight
  • Does a good job protecting plants inside the greenhouse from frost in the winter
  • Very versatile - any leftover can be used as standard bubble wrap
  • A good budget option for the price paid and amount of wrap provided
  • Suitable for insulating a 2.4 x 1.8 m (8 x 6 ft) greenhouse


  • Bubbles are relatively fragile and can deflate easily which will make the insulation less effective
  • As the bubbles are small, less light can get into the greenhouse which may affect your plants
Triple laminated, 750 mm wide, UV tolerant,

Elixir Gardens Greenhouse Bubble Insulation Wrap 750mm

best-bubble-wrap-for-greenhouse-insulation Elixir Gardens Greenhouse Bubble Insulation Wrap 750mm
  • Triple laminated
  • 750 mm wide
  • UV tolerant
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Elixir Gardens Greenhouse Bubble Insulation Wrap 750mm Review

As a premium option, the Elixir Gardens Greenhouse Bubble Insulation Wrap has a bit more to offer than the other options featured on this list.

First up, it’s been specifically designed for greenhouse insulation – there’s no ‘doubling up as protective packaging’ here. It’s triple laminated, as well as UV-resistant – a quality not present in the other bubble wraps on this page. Seeing as greenhouse insulation spends most of its life in direct contact with UV rays, a level of resistance can help extend its life.

The roll measures 30 m long by 0.75 m wide, making it the same size as the other products on this list; however, it’s priced quite a lot higher.

There is noticeable quality in the wrap itself, and it seems to be thicker than cheaper options – less prone to tearing and puncturing. The amount supplied is sufficient forn insulating a standard 2.4 x 1.8 m (8 x 6 ft) greenhouse with some left over.

Clips comes supplied, to fix the insulation in place, and they make the installation process easy to complete. If your greenhouse is larger than the standard measurements above, you may need to acquire additional clips.

Thanks to the thickness of this wrap, it’s durable enough to be used for more than one year. Therefore, it may end up paying for itself if you don’t have to buy new insulation every winter. Naturally, this is also better for the environment as well.


  • UV resistant means that insulation has been specifically designed as greenhouse insulation - not just bubble wrap
  • Comes with fixings included that make installation very easy
  • Robust and thick - should be reusable for several years
  • Enough supplied to insulate a standard 2.8 x 1.4 m (8 x 6 ft) greenhouse


  • More expensive than others on the market, although this is reflected in the quality

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How to Choose the Best Bubble Wrap for Greenhouse Insulation

Insulating your greenhouse makes it possible to look after plants when the temperatures drop.

Not only can this help extend the growing season of plants, it can also preserve them over winter.

There’s a little more to it than simply hanging a few sheets of plastic in strategic places, so take a look at the information below to find out how to choose the best bubble wrap for greenhouse insulation (and how to install it!).

Bubble Wrap for Insulation vs. Standard Bubble Wrap

If you’re in the market for bubble wrap insulation for your greenhouse, you might be wondering if you can pop down to your local stationary store and grab a roll from there.

The answer is yes and no.

Whilst standard bubble wrap (the type used for protecting parcels) will have some insulative properties, it’s unlikely to be as effective as bubble wrap that has been designed for insulation. But why is this the case?

Starting with the positives, any type of bubble wrap consists of air trapped inside little plastic bubbles. This air heats up and can’t go anywhere, which in turn warms up the nearby air particles in the greenhouse. Sheets of plastic bubble wrap will also stop cold air from creeping in through cracks.

However, those are just the basic, and bubble wrap that is intended for greenhouse insulation often has additional useful properties. It tends to be stronger than standard bubble wrap, making it easier to put up and less prone to popping, and can have larger bubbles, which let more light in.

Additionally, the more premium bubble wraps for greenhouse insulation will be UV resistant. This makes them durable and able to be used year after year – something that is especially useful after you’ve gone to the effort of cutting the sheets to size.

How Much Insulation to Buy

Working out how much insulation is required at a glance isn’t easy. Fortunately, there are some estimated frameworks that you can use to decide roughly how much bubble wrap insulation to buy.

Remember that you will need to overlap the insulation in order to ensure there are no gaps. However, you need to be mindful not to overlap too much, or you may end up with insufficient insulation to cover the whole greenhouse.

A roll of insulation of 30 x 0.75 m should be sufficient to cover a standard greenhouse of 2.4 x 1.8 m (8 x 6 ft). With less overlap, it may also be possible to use the same amount for a 3 x 2.4 m (10 x 8 ft) greenhouse.

Bubble Wrap Thickness

Bubble wrap for greenhouse insulation comes in a range of thicknesses; the products you find will generally range from 4 – 15 mm thick.

As you can imagine, there are pros and cons to using either thin or thick bubble wrap for insulation, so that’s what we’re going to look at here in more detail.

If the bubble wrap is on the thinner side, around 4 mm thick, this generally means it will have small bubbles. It will be similar in appearance to bubble wrap used for packaging (in fact, it may even be exactly the same as parcel packaging!). Thicker bubble wrap will have larger bubbles; the bubbles will be more bulbous, resulting in thicker sheets of insulation.

Larger bubbles mean more light can get in. Even though we tend to think of all bubble wrap as being transparent, it actually has the potential to block quite a bit of light. This is particularly true when there are smaller bubbles because there are more structural veins present.

Thicker bubble wrap can also be easier to manage as it holds its shape better. Cutting accurate panel sizes may be more straightforward if the bubble wrap is more rigid. However, the downside of thicker insulation is that it will be more expensive.

Installing Bubble Wrap Insulation

When installing bubble wrap insulation, it’s one of those jobs that takes more time to prepare for than actually do – but the planning is crucial!

First off, you’ll want to make sure that you have enough bubble wrap to cover the whole greenhouse, allowing for approximately X of overlap on each side of each panel.

You’ll also need fixtures to attach the bubble wrap to the frame of the greenhouse. One of the easiest options is to use ‘alliplugs’. These pierce through the bubble wrap, and slot into grooves on the frame, holding the insulation in place. Of course, you could use insulative tape, drawing pins, etc., but you will risk either marking the glass, or tearing the bubble wrap (especially when you come to remove it).

Some bubble wrap insulation come with alliplug clips supplied; however, you may wish to buy more to be sure that you’ll have enough and won’t have to stop mid-job.

To cut the bubble wrap to the correct size, accurately measure each pane in the greenhouse. Then add on approximately 3 – 5 cm to each side, to make sure the pieces will sufficiently overlap to leave no gaps. Once cut, it is simply a case of securing the panels in place with the clips. This can be a lot easier with a second pair of hands to help.

You may need to remove plants and shelves from the greenhouse if you are not able to access the panes of glass with them in situ.

Bubble Wrap Insulation FAQs

Can I just use standard bubble wrap to insulate my greenhouse?

You can, but it won’t be as effective or long lasting as using horticultural bubble insulation. Standard bubble wrap is quite thin. It may tear easily when putting it up, and the bubbles may puncture. If the bubbles deflate, it will lose its insulative properties.

Bubble wrap that has been intended for insulation purposes may have larger bubbles to let more light in, as well as UV resistance. UV resistance will help stop the insulation from degrading over time.

What can I use to fix bubble wrap insulation to my greenhouse?

If your greenhouse has a metal frame, you can use alliplugs to attach the insulation to the greenhouse. These plugs fit into the grooves on the framework of the greenhouse and make installing insulation very easy. Even if you use alliplugs, you may have to use tape in some areas. Tape is a good option for connecting some of the panels of insulation together when necessary. If you have a wooden greenhouse, you can use drawing pins to attach the bubble wrap to the frame.

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