7 Best Pop Up Greenhouses of 2024

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The Best Pop Up Greenhouses

best pop up greenhouse review uk
  1. CHRISTOW Mini Pop Up Greenhouse

  2. Woodside Garden Pop Up Greenhouse

  3. Harbour Housewares Polytunnel Greenhouse

  4. Ohuhu Mini Pop Up Greenhouse

  5. WOLTU Garden Greenhouse

  6. Sekey Mini Pop Up Greenhouse

  7. Outsunny Mini Portable Greenhouse

Pop Up Greenhouse Reviews

Editors Choice
  • Quick to assemble and no tools required
  • Transparent cover lets in plenty of light for plants
  • Smart grey piping along seams gives a modern, contemporary look
  • Removable shelves mean can store taller plants
  • Plastic cover is thick and reinforced with grid - feels strong

  • Lightweight so will need anchoring down especially for windy days
  • No obvious way to a fence or wall
  • Shelving clips aren’t very strong on their own and extra cable ties may be useful
  • The cover fits quite tightly so needs to be unzipped when put on
Overall Score 4.8
Ease of Use
Value for Money

The CHRISTOW Mini Pop Up Greenhouse is a lightweight option; it’s easy to move around and fits neatly into smaller spaces.

Measuring 49 x 69 x 158 cm, this compact greenhouse is a useful size for protecting seedlings, flower pots and seed trays. It has a plastic cover made from transparent polyethylene with a white internal grid for rigidity. There is grey piping around the seams giving it a neat, modern aesthetic.

This sets it apart from many of the other pop up greenhouses featured here – they are often made from green plastic. Clear plastic is better at allowing the full spectrum of light to access plants inside the pop up greenhouse. You may also prefer the appearance of clear plastic.

This mini greenhouse features a roll-up door, which secures with two grey ties, allowing uninhibited access to plants.

For assembly, each part simply clicks together, and there are no tools required.

Although the footprint is small, there’s still enough height to ensure plenty of space for seedlings and growing plants in need of extra protection and warmth. There are four spacious mesh shelves. These are removable, so if you’ve got taller plants you can take out a shelf to create more growing space.

There are clips supplied, to hold the shelves in place, but they are not very strong by themselves. In addition to the clips, you may need to buy cable ties in order to keep the shelving secure.

The construction of this greenhouse remains relatively sturdy even on windy days; although, like many pop up styles, it may need weighing down. Many customers report using heavy materials, like paving slabs or bricks, on the bottom shelf to keep it secure because it doesn’t provide a way to attach it to a fence or wall.

This is one of the best pop up greenhouses overall. It’s both useful and stylish, with the transparent plastic permitting a full spectrum of light whilst the grey finish looks a lot more modern than many green pop up greenhouses.

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Runner Up
  • Easy to assemble quickly thanks to the clear, detailed instructions
  • Does a good job keeping plants warm and safe during cold weather
  • Shelves are large enough to fit two seed trays on each shelf
  • Cover fits well without pulling too tightly over frame
  • Waterproof even in heavy rain

  • Lightweight construction will need anchoring down
  • Shelves should be fixed in place using cable ties for added security
Overall Score 4.3
Ease of Use
Value for Money

Protecting your plants from rain, frost, and pests on a budget, the Woodside Garden Pop Up Greenhouse offers good resistance to all things plants dislike. It’s roughly the same size as the other greenhouses featured here, measuring 50 x 70 x 160 cm, but it’s one of the least expensive options.

This four-shelf greenhouse comes with spacious mesh shelves that can be used to support taller plants as well as seedling trays. There’s a distance of 33 cm between each shelf, and 55 cm between the top shelf and roof. This top area can be used for growing taller plants, or shelves can be removed to create more space.

To make sure that the shelves stay in position securely, they may need to be attached with additional reinforcements alongside the supplied clips. Otherwise they’re quite easy to slide out.

The bottom shelf is raised 5 cm off the ground to prevent damp and ensure any spilled water drains away.

This mini greenhouse is covered by a 135 g/m² PE cover that protects plants from rain as well as colder weather like snow. The plastic cover can be secured to the frame using the ties, and the roll zip panel door allows you access to all the shelves with ease. This also allows you to ventilate the greenhouse on warmer days.

In terms of assembly, anyone who’s fought with DIY furniture in the past will be pleased to learn that this mini greenhouse can be set up single-handedly in a very short amount of time. The instructions are clear and the pieces simply slot together. It weighs just 4.8 kg in total and is therefore easy to move around the garden.

Like most pop up greenhouses, this model doesn’t do particularly well in very strong winds – particularly due to its light weight. To secure it when the wind picks up, it helps to put something heavy on the bottom shelf. Alternatively, it can be moved to a sheltered spot for better protection.

Overall, due to its price, size and construction, this is the best pop up greenhouse to buy on a budget. Although the metal frame won’t stand up well against stronger winds, it still offers a lot of quality for the price.

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Also Good
  • Cover is relatively long meaning the shelves are kept well enclosed
  • Wire shelves offer plenty of space for different plant trays
  • Shelves can be removed to make space for taller plants
  • Stays warm inside even on cold days so plants will be safe from frost

  • Needs to be weighed down in strong winds
  • Metal poles can be a tight fit into plastic joints so patience is required during assembly
  • With shelves removed, some structural plastic poles still go horizontally across the greenhouse
Overall Score 4.1
Ease of Use
Value for Money

This premium Harbour Housewares Polytunnel Greenhouse is the most expensive model on this list. It measures a standard 69 x 49 x 160 cm and is covered by a thick, green, semi-transparent polyethylene plastic cover.

This partly-opaque cover diffuses the sunlight as it passes through the plastic. This means the warmth is distributed across a wider area, allowing your plants to enjoy the sunlight evenly. The cover reaches down past the bottom shelf, meaning plants are well enclosed when the front zip is done up.

There are four wire shelves in total, providing ample space for plants. They can be removed as desired, to fit taller plants, although the shelf supports will stay in place, sticking out approximately 5 cm.

To avoid plants getting too hot on sunny days, this mini greenhouse has a rear vent as well as a door that can be rolled up and tied out the way. The open door allows easy access to each of the shelves.

In terms of stability, this greenhouse has a reasonably sturdy construction, but it should be weighted down in case of strong winds. The frame is made from galvanised steel, but it’s still quite lightweight at 5 kg. During assembly, the steel rods can be a tight fit in the plastic joints, so patience is required to avoid pushing them too hard and breaking the plastic.

Based on the design of this model, it’s one of the best pop up greenhouses if you particularly want a mini greenhouse with a cover that’s long enough to cover all of the shelves. It’s a useful feature to ensure that the plants are kept warm, enclosed and protected.

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  • Easy to assemble in around 10 minutes with no tools required
  • Rigid construction can withstand windy weather (will need weighing down)
  • Shelves easily slide in and out so does not always have to be used with all four shelves
  • Each shelf sturdily holds up to 10 kg of weight
  • Keeps heat and humidity in well

  • Will require weighing down to avoid being blown over on windier days
  • Shelves rest on supports and may benefit from being attached more securely (e.g., with cable ties)
Overall Score 4.9
Ease of Use
Value for Money

This Ohuhu Mini Pop Up Greenhouse has essentially everything you could need from a pop up greenhouse. It’s easy to put together, has a sturdy frame, and a thick plastic cover. It measures 45.5 x 70 x 161.5 cm which makes it a great choice for compact areas, yet it still has enough space for numerous plants per shelf.

The greenhouse frame is made up of detachable pieces that can simply be slotted together. The entire assembly process takes around 10 minutes, and it can be taken down again whenever needed. This mini greenhouse has four wire shelves that offer plenty of room for seed trays and potted plants.

There’s also enough space between the shelves for taller plants, and each shelf has a reasonable 10 kg weight capacity.

This model comes with a thick green PE plastic cover to keep warmth inside and effectively protects plants from rain. For easy access, and ventilation when necessary, the roll-up door can simply be unzipped, rolled, and secured. This allows access to all four of the shelves.

In terms of stability, this mini greenhouse is sufficiently sturdy. It may be lightweight at just over 5 kg, but the frame is relatively rigid. Naturally, it may struggle in exposed areas during gale-force winds; however, provided it’s adequately weighed down/supported in normal, windy weather, there shouldn’t be any problems.

There are also plastic D-rings on the outside of the plastic cover, in case you want to attach the greenhouse to a wall or fence.

Overall, this is one of the best pop up greenhouses in terms of stability. It’s a stable, protective structure that offers plenty of room for plants and seed trays yet it also has a compact footprint that fits into smaller areas.

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  • Can be assembled in around 5 minutes
  • Cover is heavy duty and feels good quality
  • Shelves can be removed to create more space for taller plants
  • Cover easily fits over frame
  • Comes with ground pegs that can help secure the greenhouse to the ground

  • The plastic brackets holding the frame together can break if put under too much pressure
  • Benefits from being attached to a wall or fence for better wind resistance
  • Trays are wider than the opening so may damage the zip if taken out too forcefully
Overall Score 4.5
Ease of Use
Value for Money

Pop up greenhouses aren’t renowned for their wind resistance, but the WOLTU Garden Greenhouse has a few design features that can help it stay put in high winds.

For those living in more exposed areas, this mini greenhouse comes with ground pegs and cords included. Unlike others which need to be weighed down on windy days, this greenhouse can be secured to the ground using the metal pegs. As a result, you don’t need to sacrifice as much shelf space by putting bricks or slabs at the bottom of the mini greenhouse. Although, it could still benefit from being attached to a fence or wall.

Due to the inclusion of ground pegs, this is one of the best pop up greenhouses for windier locations.

Measuring 69 x 49 x 158 cm, it has a compact footprint and can be slotted into small gardens or used on a balcony. There are four mesh shelves, the lowest of which is positioned a few centimetres off the ground to allow water to drain away.

The shelves are removable, but you should take care when taking them out with the cover in place; the shelves are wider than the doorway and can therefore catch and put unnecessary strain on the cover.

In terms of assembly, this mini greenhouse goes together easily in around five minutes with no tools required. The powder-coated steel tubes simply slot together, and green PE plastic greenhouse cover goes on top. There is also a clear/white cover option available.

The cover is water repellent so plants stay dry on rainy days. Your plants will also stay warm, although the door can be easily rolled up and secured if you need more ventilation.

It’s a useful mini greenhouse for growing vegetables, flowers, herbs and exotic plants.

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  • Does a good job protecting plants from a winter frost and rainfall
  • Cover is good quality and strong
  • Can be assembled in less than 30 minutes
  • Cover is long enough to prevent cold air getting into the bottom
  • Very lightweight so easy to move around the garden

  • Needs weighing down or tying to a fence in strong winds
Overall Score 4.4
Ease of Use
Value for Money

The Sekey Mini Pop Up Greenhouse is a very lightweight pop up greenhouse. Weighing just 3 kg, it’s the lightest model featured here and can easily be carried from place to place in your garden. Its dimensions are similar to others on this page, measuring 69 x 49 x 158 cm.

The greenhouse cover is made from white/transparent PE cover, with no green plastic in sight. The piping around the seams is a subtle brown colour, and so is the front door tie, giving this greenhouse a tidy, contemporary finish.

Maintaining a warm climate, the cover helps prevent frost damage on colder days. There are four spacious mesh shelves in total, and each of them can fit two/three medium plant pots. The bottom shelf is slightly raised above the ground to prevent plants sitting on damp ground.

The roll up door allows you to ventilate the space, making it possible to regulate the temperature on hotter days. There is no back vent, so this is the primary method of ventilation. This mini greenhouse is perfect for tomatoes or other plants that require a warmer climate.

It takes less than 30 minutes to put together, and doesn’t need any extra tools or materials. The frame simply stacks together, and is relatively sturdy once constructed. Made from galvanised steel, it shouldn’t rust or weaken over time. The PE cover is good quality, providing optimal protection. It extends all the way to the feet of the greenhouse, ensuring no cold air can get in underneath.

Although this is one of the best pop up greenhouses if you want a particularly lightweight model that’s easy to move, it does need to be suitably secured so that it doesn’t blow over in the wind. Weighting the bottom shelf is one way to prevent the greenhouse from being too unstable.

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  • Shelves can be removed to make space for some taller plants
  • Cover extends below frame and can be tucked under/buried under soil to create enclosed environment
  • Stays warm inside even on cold days
  • Assembly instructions are clear and easy to follow

  • Can be blown over by wind and will need to be weighted down/secured
  • Difficult to take apart so this needs to be done very carefully
Overall Score 4.1
Ease of Use
Value for Money

With strong mesh shelves, the Outsunny Mini Portable Greenhouse is perfect for heavier plants and seed trays. Like the others I’ve recommended, it has a compact footprint of 50 x 70 x 160 cm, which allows it to be slotted into the smallest areas of the garden.

This greenhouse consists of a durable frame, four sturdy shelves and a strong waterproof cover. Each mesh shelf allows water to drain through easily, and can withstand a load of 15 kg. You’ll be able to store multiple plant pots and trays on each one, and the shelves can be removed to give you space for taller items.

Thanks to the roll up zip door, accessing this mini greenhouse is easy. The door can be tied open to allow air to circulate inside, and the entryway is large enough to water and tend to each plant. The interior stays warm even on cold days, and this is aided by a design element that isn’t present on all pop up greenhouses:

The PE greenhouse cover is longer than the frame itself, meaning there is excess length. As a result, the cover can be tucked under the frame, or even buried under soil, in order to create more enclosed space for plants. This makes it one of the best pop up greenhouses for creating a fully enclosed environment.

Assembling this mini greenhouse is also very straightforward. The parts can be simply slotted together, and the assembly instructions are easy to follow. It’s worth noting that taking apart the greenhouse is tricky, so if you’re planning on putting it up and down often, this will need to be done with extra care.

Finally, stability. If this mini greenhouse is loaded with plants, it should remain stable in most weather conditions. However, like most of these tall-but-narrow structures, if a gust of wind hits it the wrong way it may topple. For this reason, it’s best kept in a sheltered area or weighted down.

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Alexandra's Smart Buying Tips

  1. Small pop up greenhouses are typically all roughly the same size, measuring around 50 x 70 x 160cm. These will generally allow two seed trays to be positioned side by side on each shelf.
  2. Standard pop up greenhouses have four shelves, which provides a useful amount of space. I recommend checking that it’s possible to remove some of the shelves as well. This means you can make space for taller plants, if necessary. Generally, three out of the four shelves can be removed.
  3. Ensure that the bottom shelf is raised off the floor – this will stop plants from sitting in moisture and will also help protect them from cold weather. Wire mesh shelves are another useful design element that prevent pooling water.
  4. Pop up greenhouse covers are made from PE plastic. This can be either clear, or green. Clear plastic allows in the full spectrum of sunlight, which is good news for plants. Green plastic will block some of the light, but there are times when this can also be beneficial. If you don’t want plants to be overexposed to sunlight, you may want a green cover. Although, in the UK, too much sunlight doesn’t tend to be as much of a concern!
  5. Finally, the last thing to be aware of is the length of the cover. Ideally, the cover should reach all the way down to the floor. This will prevent cold air from getting in the bottom, which can lead to frost damage amongst other things. Not all covers reach all the way to the ground, so it’s worth checking.

In terms of the best pop up greenhouse, I’ve chosen the CHRISTOW Mini Pop Up Greenhouse as my top recommendation. This greenhouse is easy to assemble and well built. It is covered by clear PE plastic and maintains its temperature whilst protecting seedlings and plants from the elements.

How to Choose the Best Pop Up Greenhouse

The UK climate isn’t renowned for its predictability, and cold temperatures coupled with lots of rainfall can make it difficult to grow plants.

Whilst greenhouses can’t physically bring us more sunny days (sigh!), they do at least allow us to regulate growing conditions for our plants.

Not everyone has space for a permanent greenhouse in their garden, but fortunately pop up greenhouses don’t require a lot of room – and they’re still very effective. They can be set up in small gardens, on patios, balconies, and even inside, to provide extra growing space.

If you’re trying to choose the best pop up greenhouse for your garden, the following information will help you to make an informed decision.

Choosing the Right Size

The pop up greenhouses featured on this page all measure roughly the same size –  70 x 50 x 160 cm. This size tends to be suitable for most gardens, and is also compact enough for balconies and terraces.

These greenhouses will generally fit two seed trays per shelf, or three medium-size plant pots. The small footprint allows these greenhouses to be placed in compact areas up against walls, and the 160 cm height means there’s still plenty of space for taller plants (especially as you can usually remove the shelves).

Of course, there are much larger options available, although these require more space. Walk-in pop up greenhouses have shelves on either side and allow you to stand in the middle. They can be hard to stabilise in bad weather, but it can be done.

One of the best things about mini greenhouses is that they aren’t permanent structures so can be taken down at any point if they’re in the way.

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Material and Structure

Pop up greenhouses usually have a metal frame with a PE or PVC cover. Most come with a stack of metal shelves, these are usually a metal grid to allow water to drain through.

Pop up greenhouses are very lightweight, so the frame is usually made from either tubular steel or aluminium. The frame should be powder coated to prevent rust and weather damage.

Your greenhouse cover should be fully waterproof and UV resistant. Where possible, the cover should extend well below the feet of the greenhouse, so you can weigh it down on windy days. Covers that are too short will allow cold air to get underneath. They may also trap gusts of wind which can cause the greenhouse to blow over.

Most portable greenhouses don’t have a base, so they can be stood on any garden surface. Ideally, the bottom shelf should be raised a few centimetres from the floor. This means that if your patio or decking floods, your plants should still be safe from water damage.

Easy Access to Plants

It’s important that you’re able to tend to your plants easily. All of the greenhouses on this page have roll up doors, which can be secured at the top using ties. This is a standard design which allows access to every shelf, whether you’re trimming, pruning or watering. Make sure that the door can roll up far enough, otherwise it may interfere with tending the top shelf.

Some pop up greenhouses have “windows” that can be opened for ventilation. These tend to be positioned in the back or side of the mini greenhouse. Some may have mesh covers that can be pulled over the open windows, ventilating the plants without letting bugs in.

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Stability in Windy Conditions

Pop up greenhouses are generally very lightweight, often weighing between 3 – 6 kg.

With this in mind, they are not expected to withstand very strong winds, but there’s still a few things you can do (and look out for) to help keep your mini greenhouse secure.

To start, you should keep your greenhouse in a sheltered area. Tall, narrow structures like greenhouses are some of the most vulnerable when the wind picks up, so you should ideally keep your mini greenhouse against the wall of your house to keep it sheltered. This will offer more protection than installing it against a fence.

Some greenhouses have eyelets built into the cover. This can make it easier to attach the greenhouse to a fence or wall, or use ground pegs to secure it into the floor. Some mini greenhouses come with guy lines and pegs included. In these cases, if your greenhouse is installed on grass, it can be secured down like a tent. This may not do a lot in very gale force winds, but it should stop your mini greenhouse tipping over if a gust of wind hits it.

With most small greenhouses, you will need to weigh down the bottom in order to keep it stable in windy weather. Unfortunately, this may require sacrificing some shelving space. If your mini greenhouse has a long cover, you can weigh down the corners of this with bricks or slabs instead of weighing down the shelves. Make sure that the shelf is strong enough, before you start weighing it down with heavy items.

If you want something more permanent than a pop-up greenhouse, but still want to keep costs down, check out this list of the best polycarbonate greenhouses.

Pop Up Greenhouses FAQs

Portable greenhouses work, to a certain extent, in any season. The temperature inside the greenhouse is usually a few degrees higher than that of outside (see the best greenhouse thermometers here). However, on very cold days, you should take steps to protect your plants from frost.

You may need to bring the greenhouse and plants inside if temperatures are below freezing. It’s also worth checking the frost hardiness of your plants before subjecting them to winter in a pop up greenhouse.

Some people opt to add bubble wrap to the cover before the frost hits, giving an extra layer of insulation. You should also try to install your greenhouse in an area that gets some sun, even in winter.

A green cover can help cool the greenhouse on very hot days. They can let in up to 90% of natural light, but keep some heat out. These can be useful for keeping plants cooler during a heatwave.

Clear greenhouses allow the most sunlight to reach your plants, but the downside is that they can get very hot.

For the most part, in our UK climate, either a green cover or clear cover will be suitable. If you’re growing plants that like more light, there is no harm in buying a clear cover. Regardless of the colour you buy, you should always be keeping an eye on the greenhouse temperature to check if more ventilation is required.

While greenhouses are usually a few degrees warmer than outside, if it gets below 0°C outside, your plants may be susceptible to damage.

You should aim to keep the temperature of your greenhouse between 7°C and 21°C. As the temperature warms, you should open air vents or windows to allow your plants fresh air.

Firstly, they’re suitable for smaller gardens. They’re an easy way to create a controlled environment for growing plants, and keeping them protected, when you don’t want a full-size permanent greenhouse. They can also offer supplementary space, even if you do already have a traditional greenhouse as well.

A mini greenhouse can help extend the growing season, as it’ll stay warmer even when the temperature is lower in the spring and autumn months. It will also help protect from many exterior factors like rain, strong winds, frost and pests.

Finally, pop up greenhouses are easy and quick to assemble – generally in less than 10 minutes. This means they can be put up and taken down as required, packing down small into storage.

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