Getting outside in the fresh air and enjoying what nature has to offer is beneficial to your health no matter what your age.  Having an interest in nature and the great outdoors is vital for your wellbeing, and especially important when you start to get older and might not have as much motivation to get out and about. Whether you have your own garden, personal allotment, communal garden or even just a balcony, you should start gardening and reap all the benefits which it has to offer.

An enjoyable form of exercise, gardening is a brilliant source of Vitamin D which can help make your bones stronger, it can decrease the risk of heart disease by keeping you active as well as helping with mobility and flexibility, which is especially ideal for seniors.

In terms of the mental benefits of gardening, it can boost energy levels and promote a good night’s sleep, reduce stress levels and promote relaxation, as well as helping to keep your mind sharp with regular exercise and a dose of fresh air. With seniors in mind, gardening is especially good for giving someone a reason to get up in the morning by providing a routine and having something to maintain.

As well as making your outdoor space look great, gardening is a fantastic outlet for spending some quality time either by yourself, with your family or with your local community, and away from the impact which your daily digital devices can have on your lifestyle. Staying connected to nature (especially within such a booming digital world) is vital to keep your wellbeing balanced.

Whether you’re a complete novice or you’ve been maintaining your own garden for years now, gardening can reward you with some financial and nutritional benefits as well, not just the physical and health benefits! If you start growing your own produce (even if that just means having a herb garden on your balcony), then you’ll start to get into the habit of using your own produce for cooking, which might take some time but if you’re patient enough, then you’ll soon reap the benefits.

Did you know that trees and plants absorb Carbon Dioxide in the air for a purer atmosphere, provide habitat and food for wildlife, as well as regulate the water cycle? Well there’s that and many more interesting facts outlined in the below infographic, by UKS Mobility, which shows all the key benefits, how you can go about getting started with gardening, as well as some precautions which seniors should remember.


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