10 Best Fire Pits of 2024

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The Best Fire Pits

The Best Fire Pits
  1. Yaheetech 3 in 1 Garden Fire Pit

  2. VonHaus Geo Fire Pit Bowl with Spark Guard & Poker

  3. Landmann Big Sky Moons and Stars Fire Pit

  4. Dawoo 3 in 1 Multi-function BBQ with Grill / Fire Pit / Ice Pit

  5. HH Home Hut Folding Fire Pit BBQ

  6. Teamson Home Outdoor Garden Propane Gas Fire Pit

  7. Amagabeli Outdoor Fire Pit for Garden

  8. Grandma Shark Hexagonal Fire Pit

  9. TAOTAO Texas Steel Fire Pit with Chromed Grill

  10. Kingfisher Outdoor BBQ & Fire Pit

Fire Pit Reviews

Editors Choice
  • Cover fits perfectly and is good quality
  • Easy to clean and empty the ashes after use as the central part lifts out
  • Relatively easy to assemble with all required tools included
  • Rod, lid and cover included which makes it good value for money

  • The edges are sharp and may pose a hazard to children - some users may wish to file them down
  • Not the best design with some gaps where it doesn't fit together perfectly - although these are only visible on very close inspection
  • If you want to use it as a BBQ you’ll need to purchase a grate separately, and the right size can be hard to find

The Yaheetech 3 in 1 Garden Fire Pit is a 3-in-1 model, perfect for contemporary gardens. This outdoor fire pit can be used to warm your garden, grill your food and even cool your drinks on the hottest days (simply fill with ice and use as a makeshift ice bucket). It’s the best fire pit overall, thanks to its versatility and design.

When it comes to which fire pit fuel to use, you can burn both logs and charcoal. The fire pit also comes with a cover to keep it clean and dry when not in use.

There’s a mesh guard included with the fire pit to prevent burning embers from blowing out, as well as a poker for stoking the fire. The widened edge prevents kids from reaching the fire, and it also provides ample space for drinks, plates and snacks.

Although this fire pit requires some assembly, it’s very easy thanks to the detailed instruction manual.

Overall, it’s a useful, contemporary fire pit that is one of the best versatile options.

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Runner Up
  • Assembly is simple; you only need to attach the legs and screw in some bolts to support the lid
  • The mesh sides mean that heat from the flames is felt from the sides of the pit as well as the top
  • Large 67cm diameter - space for plenty of guests to sit around
  • Only weighs 9.48 kg so is easy to move and relocate (when cold)

  • A cover will need to be purchased separately
  • There's no grill included so it can't easily be turned into a BBQ

Due to its mesh sides, the VonHaus Geo Fire Pit Bowl is one of the best fire pits for sit-down gatherings. Whereas some fire pits only let you feel the warmth of the flames from the top, this gets warmth out to everyone sitting around the sides.

This garden fire pit is made from durable steel, with a cut-out geometric pattern on the sides. This means the heat doesn’t get blocked and it’s a design that will let guests feel more of the warmth of the flames.

Overall, in terms of size, this outdoor fire pit is pretty big. With a diameter of 66.5 cm, there’s plenty of space in the fire bowl to fit a lot of charcoal or logs and it’s large enough for a group of people to sit around at any time. It stands at 64.5 cm which also means it’s at a good height for warming guests – it’s not so low to the ground that it just toasts people’s toes and nothing else.

To make things a bit safer, the meshed spark guard to stop sparks from jumping out the fire pit. This also allows a lot of heat to be felt from the top without there being a totally open flame.

Due to this fire pit’s size and design, it’s a great choice for gatherings and keeping guests warm. However, it doesn’t have a BBQ grill feature like some other pits, so it’s a heat-source only.

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Also Good
  • The 60 cm diameter bowl makes it a good size for small/medium patios
  • Fire bowl can be filled with ice in the summer months to keep drinks cold
  • Most customers find this fire pit very easy to assemble
  • It can be used as a BBQ because a grill comes included
  • The moon and star cut-outs are both decorative and allow for good airflow which keeps the fire burning

  • The spacing on the cooking grate is quite wide so you need to position your food in a way that means it won't fall through the gaps
  • It needs to be covered up or stored away in bad weather otherwise it may rust
  • May be too big for smaller spaces

This outdoor fire pit isn’t just your standard metal bin ready to fill with logs; it’s got quite a lot more going for it without being overly expensive or complicated.

Of course, when you’re sitting out on the patio in the evening, the first thing you want is to be able to keep yourself (and any potential guests) warm. So, starting with basic function, the Landmann Big Sky Moons and Stars Fire Pit will provide a good amount of warmth; its 60 cm diameter is quite large and a you can burn wood to warm medium-size patios.

However, it’s the other features that set this apart from your standard fire pit. It has a beautiful design and is very versatile too. There are moon-and-star cut outs decorating the fire bowl, which illuminate as the flames flicker inside. Plus, this fire pit doubles as a grill. You can also burn a number of fuels inside, including wood and charcoal.

In terms of safety, there is a domed spark-guard that comes included with the fire pit, so you can keep the flames contained whilst sitting around it. Alongside this there’s a full-diameter safety ring, which creates a bit of boundary space between the fire pit and anyone sitting nearby.

All in all, it’s one of the best fire pits in terms of versatility and attractiveness, and a good option to go for if you are looking to heat a medium-size outdoor space.

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  • The protective boundary around the edge of the fire pit makes it somewhat safer to use around children and pets
  • Doubles up as a table for drinks and snacks
  • Comes with a waterproof cover included
  • Can be used to BBQ and grill whilst everyone sits around the table

  • Gaps in the included grill are a little too large for cooking and some food may fall through if it is not carefully positioned
  • The cover is quite tight fitting so needs to be put on carefully to avoid it ripping
  • You may need to buy an additional cover if you want something that offers better protection against the rain and wind

The Dawoo 3 in 1 Multi-function BBQ with Grill has a lot of potential uses. Yes, it’s an outdoor fire pit, but it can also be a coffee table, BBQ and ice box. As a result, you don’t end up with a large fire pit which is simply taking up outdoor space when not in use. Instead, you get a functional item that can be used year-round for different purposes.

This is one of the best fire pits if you want a multi-functional table option.

Measuring 81 x 81 cm in total, this square fire pit has a sunken middle area of 57 x 57 cm for the fire or ice box. The ledge around the outside of the fire pit provides a good place to rest teas, coffees, or stronger drinks, when the fire’s not in use.

A nice thing about this ledge is that it also acts as a protective boundary when the fire pit is lit, so that people can’t accidentally get too close to the flame.

Given that the fire bowl is sunken into the table, you do need to be careful about where you position the whole unit when you are burning a fire. It’s possible for the heat to burn or singe the surface underneath, so some thought needs to be put into using the fire pit safely. There is a spark guard, at least, so flying sparks shouldn’t cause too much of a problem.

In terms of fire pit fuel, you can use either wood or charcoal. When it comes to using this garden fire pit as a BBQ, the provided grill slots over the pit so that you can cook on a surface which is level with the rest of the fire pit table.

One thing to note is that this fire pit does weigh 26.5 kg, so it’s not the sort of thing that you’re going to be keen to move around all the time. If you don’t already have a coffee table outside on the patio, this is a great option to get several items wrapped up in one. Especially if you’re after a large fire pit. However, if you’re short on outdoor space, you might be better off getting something that is small enough to be stored away easily.

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  • Foldable design and included carry bag means it can be taken on camping trips and to the beach
  • Minimal assembly required so can be used straight away
  • Very lightweight and easy to move around

  • Some paint may burn off after the first use, so the flawless finish isn’t particularly long lasting
  • Needs to be stored away or it may rust
  • Some users have found the legs don’t do up tightly, so it feels a little rickety especially with a roaring fire

The HH Home Hut Folding Fire Pit BBQ is my top recommendation for the best fire pit if you want a folding model. This wood burning fire pit is a great option for camping trips, caravan holidays and days at the beach because it’s extremely portable.

This steel fire pit offers effective heating, as well as a beautiful design. It’s easy to use, with a cooking grill included, so you can also use charcoal and have delicious BBQ food wherever you are. The fire pit’s foldable legs ensure it’s easy to fit into the back of your car for trips out, and it weighs just over 5kg.

Best of all, this fire pit comes with a range of accessories, including a poker, grate and grill, as well as a carry bag. If you’re looking for the best foldable fire pit BBQ, the HH Home Hut Folding Fire Pit BBQ is my top recommendation!

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  • Beautiful and stylish design looks great in modern gardens
  • Requires very little assembly - simply take out of the box and put lava rocks into it
  • Can be moved around the garden with an extra pair of hands if needed
  • Comes with a lightweight cover included to protect it in bad weather
  • Flame size is easy to adjust

  • Edges slope inwards towards the flames so drinks and snacks will need to be carefully balanced around the edge
  • Some users have purchased extra lava rocks as they felt that it didn’t come with enough

The Teamson Home Outdoor Garden Propane Gas Fire Pit is the best gas fire pit if you want a stunning, contemporary option. Given that it’s fuelled by gas, it’s easy to use and quick to light.

One of the best things about this gas fire is its adjustable flames. These can be easily turned up or down, providing extra heat when needed. Additionally, the fire pit’s table top edge can be used to hold your drinks and snacks.

There’s no mesh guard included so be aware that this is an open fire.

This gas fire pit comes with a regulator and a 3m gas hose included. It’s compatible with a propane tank. It also comes with 3kg of lava rock.

Overall, this gas fire pit is one of the best models in terms of ease of use and modern design. It’s a contemporary fire pit that will work effortlessly on the patio to warm guests.

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  • Easy to assemble using the included screws
  • Strong and sturdy design but lightweight enough to move around the garden if needed
  • Surrounding mesh helps maintain airflow to keep the fire burning for longer
  • Light weight at just under 7 kg so it's easy to move around the garden and into storage

  • Slightly tricky to clean out after use due to the shape
  • Fire pit may rust if left outside - best brought inside or covered up when not in use
  • Base gets very hot so shouldn’t be placed on grass as it may scorch it

The Amagabeli Outdoor Fire Pit is a rustic outdoor fire pit. It’s the best small fire pit thanks to its compact design. However, despite its compact size, this fire pit boasts an impressive capacity, with the deep fire bowl ensuring it can maintain a long lasting fire.

To prevent flying sparks, embers and debris, this garden fire pit has mesh sides; however, there is no lid so there is still an open fire. The entire fire pit is durable and rust-resistant, made from high quality durable iron with incredible heat resistance.

Best of all, this fire pit is lightweight and portable, so it can be moved around the garden easily. The bronze finish ensures it’s as aesthetic as it is practical.

It’s one of the best garden fire pits for smaller spaces, especially because it’s compact but still capable of producing a reasonable amount of heat from the deep bowl.

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  • Mesh, poker and cover included which makes this firepit great value for money
  • Relatively lightweight at just under 10kg, so can be moved around the garden and into storage if needed
  • Functional and easy to use
  • Makes a beautiful centrepiece once the fire has been lit

  • Fire pit base gets very hot which means the grass underneath may get scorched
  • Some of the joints in the metal don’t line up particularly well, with gaps between the welds
  • Some users have found the paint flakes off after a single use
  • Assembly is a little fiddly

The Grandma Shark Hexagonal Fire Pit is another eye-catching outdoor fire pit, designed to make a statement in your garden. With a delicate hollow design, and a large 70cm diameter, it’s easy to keep the air flowing and build a long lasting fire.

Due to its size, this wood burning fire pit is one of the best fire pits for medium/large patios and entertaining.

Additionally, the fire pit comes with safety equipment, including spark boxes and a spark guard with mesh holes to protect you from hot embers. There’s also an included rain cover, so you can cover the fire pit when not in use.

As one of the more lightweight models on my list, at 9.8kg, this fire pit is easy to move around the garden and store in the colder months. It’s made from alloy steel for a long lifespan.

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  • Portable design means it can be taken to the beach and on camping trips
  • Large 56cm bowl offers space for up to 6 people to sit around
  • Easy to assemble in around 10 minutes with the addition of a screwdriver
  • Included rain cover is good quality and easy to fit to the fireplace

  • Paint does flake off so it may start to look worn over time
  • The grate supplied is widely spaced so briquettes may fall through if you are using charcoal - it is fine for using logs
  • Lid included is a little thin and may not withstand very bad weather

The TAOTAO Texas Steel Fire Pit with Chromed Grill is a rustic fire pit with a unique design. This stylish fire pit has a bronze finish with a flame pattern on the sides and it’s one of the best fire pits if you’re after value for money.

This fire pit has a 60 cm diameter and comes with a chrome grill as well as a mesh lid. Thanks to the mesh lid and sides, you can enjoy a 360° view of the fire. Plus; due to the deep fire bowl, along with the mesh construction, this fire pit does a good job of providing even heat to anyone sitting around it. The fire is felt from your toes to your face, instead of leaving feet to get chilly.

This wood burning fire pit is a great option for entertaining – approximately six people can sit around whilst benefitting from the warmth of the fire.

This fire pit also comes with an additional, smaller fire pit/BBQ – suitable for taking on camping trips. The second fire pit has foldable legs and comes with a carry bag. As a result, this certainly isn’t a bad deal for the price and offers great value for money!

A rain cover comes included to keep the main fire pit protected from the elements when it’s in storage or on the patio. It has a decent level of waterproofing which is good news for protecting your investment.

The fire pit takes around 10 minutes to put together. Assembly is straight forward – you’ll just need a Phillips screwdriver on hand to help. The fir pit itself weighs just 8.3kg, so it can be easily moved around the garden.

Overall, this is the best fire pit in terms of value for money. Not only do you get a rustic and unique main fire pit, you also get an additional fire pit that can be transported for camping and a waterproof rain cover.

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  • Light weight at just under 6 kg so it's easy to move around the garden and into storage
  • Relatively easy to assemble; it only requires screws to be fitted in place
  • Small size is ideal for balconies and smaller patios
  • Produces a lot of heat and stays hot for a very long time

  • Bowl may be too shallow for some larger logs
  • The chrome bowl discolours quickly from the heat
  • Tends to smoke a lot if fueled by logs

This Kingfisher Outdoor BBQ & Fire Pit is the perfect subtle choice. The small fire pit will fit inconspicuously into the corner of the patio until it’s needed and it’s one of the best fire pits for easy storage.

The fire pit measures 60 x 60 cm with a height of 40 cm. Therefore, the fire pit bowl is big enough to host a very respectable fire, and you can also use the included grill to cook BBQ food. All these benefits, yet you won’t be left scratching your head trying to find enough space to store it.

The fire bowl is sufficiently shallow that it doesn’t sit near the ground which could make it a better choice for not scorching the ground underneath. Plus, the alloy steel legs do not seem to conduct much heat through them. However, just to be sure, it’s always good to use a heat-proof fire pit mat, just in case.

Given that the bowl is shallower than some, the heat will be better felt around the sides of the fire pit, and it still comes with a spark guard, as many of the best fire pits do, to protect anyone sitting nearby from spitting flames.

One downside of the fire pit’s shallow bowl is that you’ll want to be careful about using material that might create a lot of smoke – it’s quite easy for smoke to blow out horizontally from the fire pit, so trying to keep the fire density down will help.

You can choose to burn wood or charcoal with this small fire pit, so it’s possible to experiment with what works best.

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Clive's Smart Buying Tips

  1. Fire pits have really come into their own in recent times, offering the perfect place to gather outside year-round. Basic, round fire pits can be used in any garden. If you have limited space, choose an option that’s 30 – 60 cm in diameter. These are only about as large as a waste-paper bin and can be easily tucked away. Also, an appealing factor is that small fire pits can also be taken to the beach or camping.
  2. Table fire pits are best suited to larger patios because of their size. They can often be covered and used instead of a coffee table as well. Some of the best fire pits can double up as BBQs, so look for an included grill if this appeals to you.
  3. The smallest 30 cm fire pits are perfect for 2 – 3 people. A model with a diameter of 60 cm will warm 4 – 6 people. For larger groups, look for a fire pit that’s over 80 cm in diameter.
  4. In terms of construction material, stainless steel fire pits tend to be lightweight and low maintenance. Cast iron fire pits are extremely strong and hold heat well and stone is good for permanent fire pits.
  5. Also, a little tip to stop the fire pit being quite so smoky: use only well-seasoned, dry logs and avoid burning debris like leaves and paper. Burning anything damp will create smoke. Alternatively, choose a gas fire pit for a smokeless option.

I’ve chosen the VonHaus Geo Fire Pit Bowl as my top recommendation. It’s a good size, with a 66.5 cm diameter and will suit a small/medium patio. Made from stainless steel, it’s easy to move around, and the mesh sides allow heat to be felt from all sides without allowing logs to escape.

How to Choose The Best Fire Pit

Choosing the Right Design

Fire pits are available in a huge range of designs and choosing the best one for your garden can depend on several factors.

Most fire pits fits into one of four categories: basic round units, decorative options, table fire pits and portable models.

Basic Round Fire Pit

These tend to be the most budget-friendly fire pits. They have simple designs, generally consisting of a stand, a bowl, and a spark guard. Whilst sizing can vary a lot, a round fire pit may measure somewhere in the region of 60 x 60 cm.

It’s not uncommon for even these basic round firepits to come with a cooking grill to turn them into a BBQ.

Decorative Fire Pit

Here we are mostly referring to fire pits that have cut-out designs. These designs mean that the light from the fire creates an attractive pattern and can be seen through the fire bowl of the pit.

Because of this design, heat can be better felt around the sides of the fire pit. Also, they tend to have deeper fire bowls (which can therefore hold more logs) in order to accommodate the design.

Fire Pit Table

A fire pit table combines a coffee table with a fire pit. Fire pit tables are generally quite large, but they can have a variety of uses.

A fire pit table is a particularly useful option to consider if you don’t already have some sort of coffee table outside.

Certain fire pit tables will allow you to completely cover the fire pit hole, leaving a perfectly inconspicuous table. These are probably the most practical, as they’re very versatile and useful at any time of day.

A lot of people consider fire pit tables to be a little safer to use around pets and young children, as opposed to other more basic designs, as the table ‘rim’ naturally creates a bit more space between the people and the flame.

A lot of fire pit tables can also be used as BBQ grills and ice boxes.

Portable Fire Pit

Portable fire pits can be taken to the beach or on camping trips. A portable fire pit can be used to help out with the cooking as well as keeping people warm in the evenings.

Even with portable fire pits you’ll still want it to be at least 40 x 40 cm.

If you buy a portable fire pit, make sure it comes with a carrying bag – this will stop you from having to source an appropriate bag each time you want to take it somewhere.

Finally, just because you buy a portable fire pit, doesn’t mean it can’t be used at the patio at home. A portable fire pit offers the best of both worlds.

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Gas, Wood and Charcoal Firepits

You will need to choose between a wood burning pit and a gas fire pit. If a wood burning fire pit doubles as a BBQ, it may also be compatible with burning charcoal – you’ll need to check this with the individual model specifications.

Gas Fire Pits

Gas fire pits are extremely easy to light and control; they’re a simple, no-fuss choice. Additionally, a gas fire results in a smokeless fire pit; gas fire pits burn a lot cleaner than wood/charcoal, making them a sociable choice for garden party entertaining.

For the best smokeless fire pit option, I recommend a gas fire pit.

The best gas fire pit will also offer an adjustable flame so you can easily turn the heat up or down.

Wood Burning Fire Pits

Wood burning fire pits are great for those who appreciate an authentic fire pit experience. They’re also slightly less hassle if you’re not used to gas fires – it’s much more common to have logs lying around than gas canisters (though it’s certainly not difficult to source gas).

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Different Construction Materials

Fire pits can be made from a range of different materials, here are some of the pros and benefits of the most common materials:

Stainless Steel Fire Pit

Steel fire pits are tough, durable and aesthetically pleasing. Look out for designs with a fire-resistant paint finish to ensure it will last as long as possible.

One of the main advantages of steel is how low maintenance it is – only requiring the occasional deep clean.

Although stainless steel won’t rust easily, it can rust eventually. To avoid rust you should keep a stainless steel fire pit under a weatherproof cover, making sure it is dry when placed under there.

Finally, stainless steel is relatively light weight which means steel fire pits easy to move around in the garden, store, and even take on camping trips.

Cast Iron Fire Pit

Cast iron is another great material to look out for when it comes to fire pits.

Whilst generally more expensive than steel, a cast iron fire pit will be exceptionally long lasting and able to withstand very high temperatures. Cast iron doesn’t tend to rust easily either.

Cast iron fire pits have an authentic ‘rustic’ look which some people prefer over painted steel.

The two main downsides of a cast iron fire pit are that they are very heavy and take a long time to cool down.

Stone Fire Pit

A stone fire pit can be built into the ground, creating a permanent structure in the lawn.

Alternatively, a stone fire pit can sit on the patio. Again, these tend to be pretty permanent – you’re unlikely to be able to move it easily once in position.

Stone fire pits are extremely durable – they certainly aren’t going anywhere in a hurry. Plus, stone is good at retaining heat.

Whilst a stone fire pit is probably the biggest ‘commitment’ in terms of a permanent structure, they offer a good pay out in terms of ambience.

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