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The UK's bestWall Mounted Electric Panel Heaters2022 Review

We've reviewed the best Wall Mounted Electric Panel Heaters on the UK market.

Here are the products we believe are worth your consideration…

The best wall mounted electric panel heater will have a slim design with an 8 – 10cm depth so that it doesn’t protrude into the room. For small/medium rooms, look for a heater around 70 x 40cm – this should provide enough heat without using up too much wall space. 

For most small/medium rooms, a 1500W heater will be sufficient. With 1500W, you can comfortably heat a standard living room (up to approximately 20m²), without using more power than necessary. For larger rooms, look for a 2000 or 3000W heater. It can help if these heaters have a couple of power settings so that you don’t always have to use them on full blast when it isn’t necessary.

Some of the best wall mounted electric panel heaters have the option to be free standing, as well as wall mounted, which gives more flexibility. Particularly in winter, it can be useful to have a heater capable of being moved from room to room.

A couple of additional features to consider include panel heaters with thermostats, timers and heating schedules. These all offer additional ways to control energy output and therefore control the amount of money spent on heating.

The last thing to look out for is an IP (ingress protection) rating. This will show how waterproof the heater is (and if it’s suitable for use in bathrooms). If you want to use the heater in a bathroom, look for a heater with a rating of at least IPX4

Overall, my top recommended product is the Futura Eco 1500W Electric Heater. This streamlined panel heater is suitable for small/medium spaces and can be placed in bathrooms. It features an accurate thermostat and a set-back timer, and can be used either wall mounted or free standing.

To find out more about this wall mounted panel heaters, as well as some other great options, check out the reviews below. 

What Are The UK's Best Wall Mounted Electric Panel Heaters?

best-wall-mounted-electric-panel-heaters Futura Eco 1500W Electric Heater
  • Splash proof
  • Thermal cut out
  • Free standing or wall mounted
best-wall-mounted-electric-panel-heaters Stiebel Eltron CNS 300 Trend Panel Heater
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Preheat timing calculator
  • 7-day timer
best-wall-mounted-electric-panel-heaters Netta 2000 W Slimline Glass Panel Heater
  • Freestanding or wall mounted
  • Eco friendly
  • Black or white finishes
best-wall-mounted-electric-panel-heaters Wärme Designer Electric Wall Mounted Panel Heater
  • Stunning contemporary design
  • Very easy to use
  • Low running cost

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Splash proof, Thermal cut out, Free standing or wall mounted,

Futura Eco 1500W Electric Heater

best-wall-mounted-electric-panel-heaters Futura Eco 1500W Electric Heater
  • Splash proof
  • Thermal cut out
  • Free standing or wall mounted
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Futura Eco 1500W Electric Heater Review

Electric radiators may not always have been known as attractive feats of engineering, but you can see with the Futura Eco 1500 W Electric Heater how things have changed.

This streamlined white panel heater measures 70 x 40 cm and is only 8 cm deep. It’s a far cry from the chunky electric offerings of the ‘90s. There’s the option to either mount it on a wall, or use its included feet to stand it on the ground.

The Futura Eco Heater is IP24 rated, which means the design is splash proof and can safely be installed in a bathroom. Thanks to the wall-mounted design, it only needs to use a conservative amount of space in smaller rooms.

Alternatively, it can be used as a free-standing unit and moved between rooms as desired. The 1.5 m cable is adequate for reaching most plug sockets, although in some rooms it may be a little on the short side.

In terms of its heating ability, this 1500 W heater is capable of warming rooms up to approximately 17 m². Its temperature can be adjusted from 5 – 35°C, and this can be easily changed using the arrow buttons.

There are a range of other features present on this heater, useful for different functions. It can detect if the windows are open, and switch itself off accordingly so as not to waste energy. There’s also a thermostat, which is sufficiently accurate, to maintain a desired temperature.

Finally, it has a setback timer, so you can choose when you want the temperature to dip or rise throughout the day, helping to save energy whilst keeping the room at your desired temperature.

Overall, this is one of the best wall mounted electric panel heaters if you also want the option of having a freestanding unit. It offers flexibility in that it can be used in any room, whether the wall mounts are fitted in there or not.


  • Option of being freestanding or wall mounted, can be used in any room
  • Slimline, contemporary design is unobtrusive and blends with most decor
  • Automatically cuts power if a window is opened to avoid wasting heat and energy unnecessarily
  • Provides good heat for small/medium spaces up to 17 m²
  • Very easy installation when wall mounting - includes a template for fitting it to the wall


  • Programming the timer isn't very intuitive and can be difficult to get the hang of
  • Construction is a little flimsy but it's still fit for purpose
Backlit LCD display, Preheat timing calculator, 7-day timer,

Stiebel Eltron CNS 300 Trend Panel Heater

best-wall-mounted-electric-panel-heaters Stiebel Eltron CNS 300 Trend Panel Heater
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Preheat timing calculator
  • 7-day timer
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Stiebel Eltron CNS 300 Trend Panel Heater Review

The most powerful model featured here, this Stiebel Eltron CNS 300 Trend Panel Heater has a maximum heating output of 3000 W making it suitable for rooms up to 30 m².

It’s one of the best wall mounted electric panel heaters for medium/large rooms, and it also has a subtle, understated look. The CNS 300 measures 105 x 45 cm and is 10 cm deep meaning it doesn’t encroach on the rest of the space.

In terms of heating, it works quickly and efficiently to achieve even heat distribution and will warm most living rooms, master bedrooms and conservatories effectively.

The heater also has an IP24 rating meaning that it is splash proof and can be used in a bathroom to keep the area warm and condensation to a minimum.

There is a built-in weekly timer, making it possible to programme the heater to come on at different times each day depending on your schedule.

Whilst a useful feature, this timer is difficult to programme at the beginning, and not helped by vague instructions. However, there are some videos online which can help make the process easier. For anyone who isn’t particularly tech savvy, it may take a while to get running.

If a window is opened, the CNS 300 recognises this and automatically turns off, which helps save power and money. It even has the capacity to automatically calculate the preheat time needed to reach a certain temperature, based on information from previous heating.

It can be set from 5 – 30°C and has a backlit LCD display which makes it easy to set and change the temperatures.

All things considered, this is a powerful and useful heater to have in the home. It’s easy to mount and doesn’t take up too much space. Its main downfall is how complicated it can be to programme the timer, but even this can be worked out eventually, with patience.


  • Very effective at warming medium size rooms
  • Compact and unobtrusive design blends well with most contemporary decor
  • Heats up very quickly
  • 7 day timer so you can have your house at the perfect temperature all week


  • Programming the timer is relatively complicated, especially since the instructions are not very clear
  • No plug fitted - needs to be done at home
Freestanding or wall mounted, Eco friendly, Black or white finishes,

Netta 2000 W Slimline Glass Panel Heater

best-wall-mounted-electric-panel-heaters Netta 2000 W Slimline Glass Panel Heater
  • Freestanding or wall mounted
  • Eco friendly
  • Black or white finishes
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Netta 2000 W Slimline Glass Panel Heater Review

If you want to have control over how much energy your heater is using, the Netta 2000 W Slimline Glass Panel Heater has a choice of two power settings: 2000 W and 1000 W.

There’s also an adjustable thermostat dial, which keeps rooms at a desired temperature without wasting unnecessary energy or money.

The slimline heater measures 92 x 43 cm and can either be wall mounted or assembled as a free-standing unit. Sturdy detachable feet come included, and they’re easy to fix in place.

In terms of heating, the Netta 2000 W can raise the temperature of a large room, such as a conservatory or kitchen, by a few degrees using only the eco mode. The higher heat setting is capable of dramatically improving room temperature within 20 minutes, at which point it can often maintain warmth on eco mode only.

This heater’s appearance makes it one of the most modern-looking models featured on this page. It’s available in either white or black, and has a chrome edge meaning it will fit in better with modern kitchen and bathroom fittings. It also has built-in overheat protection and an aluminium heating element to help get the room warmer quicker.

With a 1.5 m power cable, it should be easy to connect in most rooms; however, you will need enough wall space available in close proximity to the plug. If this isn’t possible, it’s more versatile to use as a free-standing heater.

The Netta 2000 W heater is one of the best wall mounted electric panel heaters if you want better control over how much energy is being used, given that it not only has a choice of power settings, but an adjustable thermostat as well. As an added bonus, it doesn’t make any noise, so it’s a great choice for use in bedrooms too.


  • Eco setting is capable of raising room temperature by a few degrees whilst keeping running costs down
  • Heater is very quiet so can be installed in bedrooms without disturbing sleep
  • Available in either white or black and has a slimline contemporary design
  • Can be either wall mounted or free standing
  • High power mode can give a noticeable boost to temperature in roughly 20 minutes


  • Wall brackets aren’t the best quality and may need replacing down the line - not particularly strong metal
Stunning contemporary design, Very easy to use, Low running cost,

Wärme Designer Electric Wall Mounted Panel Heater

best-wall-mounted-electric-panel-heaters Wärme Designer Electric Wall Mounted Panel Heater
  • Stunning contemporary design
  • Very easy to use
  • Low running cost
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Wärme Designer Electric Wall Mounted Panel Heater Review

As the only heater on this list with a touchscreen panel, the Wärme Designer Electric Wall Heater is one of the most contemporary models featured here.

With its sleek black finish and slim panel design, it’s closer in appearance to a widescreen TV than a traditional electric heater. If your home follows a modern, contemporary style, this is one of the best wall mounted electric panel heaters to go for; not only will it make a lot more stylistic sense than a traditional bulky white unit, but it’s a very efficient model as well.

Measuring 82 cm wide, 47 cm high and 8 cm deep, this 2000 W heater heats rooms up to 22 m². There’s a digital thermostat included, and the heater can be set between 15 – 35°C. Unlike some other heaters on this list, it doesn’t have a lower temperature range that can be used for frost protection only, but it’s effective at warming medium-size spaces.

A regular-size lounge, for example, will have a noticeable increase in temperature in approximately 15 minutes.

The Wärme wall heater also has a seven-day timer function, so if you want to set the heater to come on at different times each day – depending on when you get up or get in from work – this can be programmed using the touch panel on the front.

Like many of the heaters featured here, the timer function is not very intuitive to programme. Once the system has been cracked, it works very well, but it takes a while to achieve. The instructions are quite lacking as well. This is perhaps one of its biggest shortcomings. The other smaller design flaw is the fact that the clock resets if the heater is turned off at the mains, so it needs to be kept on standby to avoid this.

Even so, it’s a good choice to consider, as a fast-acting, contemporary heater that can either be wall mounted, or moved around as a free-standing unit (detachable feet come included).


  • Programmable timer and thermostat ensure you’ll only use as much electricity as you need
  • Lock on the settings means children can’t accidentally tamper with this heater
  • Front of the heater stays cool which is much safer than those which get hot all over
  • Slimline, contemporary design looks good in most rooms


  • Instructions aren’t particularly clear which makes using this heater harder than it should be
  • More expensive to run than others on the market
  • Doesn’t remember temperature settings when disconnected from the mains

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How to Choose the Best Wall Mounted Electric Panel Heater

Wall mounted electric panel heaters offer a great space-saving way to heat the home. They’re also a very energy efficient method of warming the house.

They look a lot sleeker than the chunky electric heaters of times gone by, and can dramatically increase room temperature. Either working to supplement central heating, or acting as the primary heat source.

Mounting a heater on the wall, as opposed to having one on the floor, frees up floor space and also makes it possible to place the heated unit out of reach of children or pets.

There are a lot of different designs on the market, so choosing the best wall mounted panel heater will depend how big an area you want to heat, how much space you have, and what additional features you’ll find useful. The following information will help you make a more informed choice.

Electric wall mounted heaters are very energy efficient. They are 100% energy efficient because they convert all of the inputted energy into heat.

The cost of running an electric heater depends on its wattage. If we use the Netta Electric Panel Heater as an example we can compare the cost of running it on both its 1000 W ‘eco’ setting, and standard 2000 W setting.

The cost of running a 1000 W heater for 1 hour is approximately £0.19 (this is based on an average rate of £0.19 per kWh- your energy provider’s rate may be slightly different). For a 2000 W heater, this running cost is doubled – £0.38 for one hour. Therefore, running an electric heater can be quite cost effective, as long as you keep an eye on how long you’re running it for.

Thermostats, timers and heating schedules are all useful features on electric wall mounted heaters because they can make sure that the heater is not on for longer than necessary.

Thermostats stop the heater from being on constantly for the whole hour, shaving pennies off the hourly running costs.

Timers allow help you to stay in charge of usage – you can calculate how many hours you can afford to have the heater on for, and programme it to be on accordingly.

Wall mounted heaters are generally slimmer than traditional heaters. However, it is still worth checking the specifications of the heater to make sure that it will be suitable for your home.

First, you want to make sure that the heater does not have too much depth. If it’s too deep, you will find that it intrudes too much into the room and makes a negative impact on the space. It can also become a hazard if people walk into it.

Consider where you are going to put your wall mounted heater before purchasing it. You’ll need to make sure you have enough space to mount it on the wall in the first place. Check its dimensions carefully. There’s nothing more annoying than buying something new, opening up the box, and then realising that it won’t fit!

You’ll also want to make sure the heater is large enough to make an impact in the space you’re trying to heat. Many heaters give a guide, in m², of how much area they can heat.

As a rough guide, a 1000 W heater should be sufficient for an 11 m² room; however, other factors come into play as well. It also depends on how well insulated the room is, and if any of the room’s exterior walls are north facing. There are a range of tools that can be found online to help with calculating how powerful a heater is required.

Not all wall mounted heaters are created equal when it comes to the extra functions they have on offer.

There are certain features you may wish to look out for, depending on how you intend to use your heater:

  • 7-day programmable timer

These timers allow you to programme when you want the heater to come on, depending on what day it is. For example, if you know that you’ll come back home at 5 pm on Tuesday and Thursday, you can set the heater to come on just before you get back.

They can be quite difficult to programme in the first instance because the process is often quite complicated with a lot of steps. Before buying a heater with a timer, it may help to see if there are any instructional videos online of anyone setting up the timer.

  • Frost protection

Some heaters will come on automatically if frosty temperature are noted. This can be useful, especially in sheds, bathrooms and conservatories, to stop pipes, tools and liquids from freezing.

There are heaters that have a specific frost setting, and others that will always come on in low temperatures. If you don’t want the heater to come on automatically, make sure the frost protection is optional.

  • Thermostat

A heater with a thermostat will make it easier to control how much energy the heater is using. Thermostats are a good way to keep the costs of running a heater down. When the desired temperature is reached, the thermostat will turn the heater off until the temperature drops slightly again. This helps maintain a relatively consistent temperature without using more power than necessary.

  • Open-window detection

If a heater has open-window detection, it will automatically switch off when it senses that a window is open. This avoids inadvertently leaving the heater on and wasting electricity.

  • An eco mode

Whilst some electric wall mounted heaters only have one power setting (for example, 2000 or 3000 W), others have the option of a lower power option too (1000 or 1500 W). These are usually powerful enough to make a noticeable difference to the temperature of a room in slightly milder weather. You may choose to use the high power setting for an initial burst of heat, and then drop down to the eco mode to keep the room warm. Less powerful settings will be less expensive to run.

Whilst you can position your wall mounted heater wherever you like, and you may be somewhat limited owing to the layout of your rooms, there are some tips to bear in mind:

  • Heaters are well suited to being placed under windows. In this way they can warm any draughty, cooler air that may flow in from the window. Furthermore, the space under windows is often not particularly useful for anything else, so it’s ideal to place a radiator there.
  • If your windows are well insulated, it won’t be as important to place the radiator under them to ‘catch’ and heat up the cold air. You may wish to place your wall mounted heater in another area that you think is cooler or could do with some more warmth!

Wall Mounted Electric Panel Heater FAQs

It’s never a good idea to leave heating devices on whilst you are sleeping. Purely as a matter of safety, they should be turned off overnight. All heaters contain hot heating elements and would have the capacity to start a fire if they overheated. Better to be safe and turn heaters off when sleeping.

If the heater has a timer mode, you can programme it to stay on whilst you are drifting off, but shut down after 30 minutes or so.

If your heater runs on 2000 W, and your kWh cost (determined by your energy provider) is £0.19, it will cost you £3.04 to have your heater on for 8 hours.

To work out the rough running cost of your heater electric heater, multiply the kW power by your kWh cost, and then multiply by the number of hours.

2000 W equated to 2 kW of power. To find out your cost per kWh, you’ll need to check your energy bill or ask your energy provider. If we presume the kWh cost to be £0.19, then running a 2000 W heater for one hour will cost £0.38.

A radiator should generally be fitted at least 10 cm above the floor. You should also be wary of fitting a heater too near overhead obstacles such as worktops in the kitchen. Leave at least 30 cm clearance, or more, depending on what the manufacturer advises.

Your wall mounted panel heater will most likely come with a wall mount and at least four screws. Check the manufacturer’s instructions and follow them to fit the heater correctly. These are some general steps:

  1. Make sure the heater will be in reach of a mains socket.
  2. Measure how far above the floor you wish the bottom of your heater to be. Make a mark with a pencil.
  3. Use the wall mount as a guide, held up onto the wall roughly where it will be positioned, and mark the screw holes.
  4. Use a spirit level to check the screw holes that you have marked, and adjust them if necessary to make sure they are all level and that the radiator will be positioned level.
  5. Once you are happy with the position of your pencil marks, attach your wall mount to the wall.
  6. Place the heater in the lower hooks of the wall mount, and then tilt it into the higher ones.
  7. Plug in the heater.

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