When to Plant a Laurel Hedge

Laurel hedges are an ideal choice if you’re looking for a low-maintenance natural barrier. Laurel is an evergreen plant that doesn’t mind shade and can even handle chilly weather. 

Cherry Laurel is the most popular Laurel variety, quickly followed by the Portugal and Bay Laurels. We’ll take a look at when to plant Laurel hedges, how to plant it and how quickly it grows.  

When Is the Best Time to Plant a Laurel Hedge?


Planting your Laurel in mid-autumn will bring the best results. The hedge can use the moisture in the soil to build extensive root networks. But Laurel isn’t fussy; you can transfer it from a pot at any time of year. 

Frequent watering will help this plant to get settled into its new home. It’ll need additional watering if planted in the summer and during its primary growth period, from March to October. 

How Do You Plant Laurel Hedges?


Think About Spacing

When planting Laurel hedges, consider the distance between your plants. You need to allow 2-3 feet between each plant; otherwise, they won’t have space to grow. 

For privacy quicker, choose a 2ft gap. If you’re not bothered about a long wait, plant them 3ft apart. And if you can’t decide – choose somewhere between the two!

Planting Laurel Hedges

Using a trowel or fork, remove any unwanted plants from the area. It pays to check the site several weeks before you plan to plant your hedge. That way, if the area needs some weedkiller, it won’t put you weeks behind schedule.

Dig a hole that’s double the width of the plant’s base. Breaking up the soil at the bottom of the hole will make it easier for the plant’s roots to bury down. Throw in some loam-based compost if your soil is overly sandy or tough to break up. 

Then, chuck in some controlled-release feed to give your Laurel plant an extra boost. Pop the plant out of its container and stick it smack-bang in the middle of the hole. Check the roots are no more than two inches below the soil’s surface. 

Then tuck your Laurel in! Carefully fill the hole back up, pressing the soil down lightly once the hole is full.  

How Quickly Do Laurel Hedges Grow?


Cherry Laurel is the fastest growing variety, so if you’ve got nosey neighbours or just like your privacy, this variety is the perfect solution.

Your Laurel hedge will thrive if planted in nutrient-rich soil and positioned in a sheltered, sunny spot. And don’t forget water! Laurel hedging needs a consistent supply of water for optimal growth. 

Cherry Laurel grows up to 60cm annually. This is significantly more than the Portugal Laurel’s 45cm and the Bay Laurel’s 40cm. 


You can plant Laurel hedging whatever the season, but mid-autumn provides the best planting conditions. Give your hedge frequent waterings, particularly in the hot season and when the plant grows most. 

When planting, ensure you’ve cleared the area and keep your plants at least 2ft away from each other. After planting your hedge, sit back and watch it grow! You can expect speedy growth from Cherry Laurel hedges and slower progress from Portugal and Bay Laurels. 

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