10 Garden Screening Ideas For Privacy in An Overlooked Garden

It’s a sunny Friday evening at the end of a long work week and you’re longing for a cold beer and some well-deserved respite in …

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Creative Front Garden Ideas

30 Creative Front Garden Ideas That’ll Inspire You

There are endless possibilities for your front garden! We’ve sourced 30 of the best front garden ideas to inspire you to get creative. 1. Source …

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66 Creative Garden Border & Lawn Edging Ideas

It’s the subtle touches in your garden that make all the difference. So I’ve sourced 66 of the most creative garden edging ideas that will …

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7 Fast Growing Trees For Ultimate Privacy In Your Garden

Tall, verdant branches swishing gently in the summer breeze. What better way to spend a lazy Saturday than relaxing in the shade of your favourite …

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77 Creative Garden Design Ideas You’ll Absolutely Love! (Sept 2020 Edition)

Take a journey of DIY discovery, and see exactly what’s possible in your garden with a bit of creative flair and elbow grease. We’ve sourced …

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Garden Bars & Shed Pubs: Bring Your Local Home!

Looking for a weekend retreat where you can sink a few beers and watch some footy in peace? Or has your holiday left you yearning for …

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diy back garden bowling alley 7

How to Build a Bowling Alley in Your Back Garden

Not everyone enjoys lazing on a recliner in sunny weather, and for those who prefer to be active, lawn games are the ideal compromise for …

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How to Make a Mud Kitchen – Plus Awesome Ideas For Your Kids!

Kids love to get down and dirty, it’s in their nature! And what better place for them to do it than in the great outdoors, …

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upcycling ideas

Personalise Your Garden With These Great Upcycling Ideas

About to throw out that old chest of drawers or rusting chandelier? Don’t! Upcycling ideas have exploded in popularity recently, and it’s not difficult to …

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Small Garden Ideas to Transform Your Garden into a Relaxing Haven

City living has its drawbacks, and one of the biggest sacrifices that people make when choosing to live in an urban area is outdoor space. …

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The 33 Best Trees For Small Gardens

There is something deeply spiritual about trees, standing silently as they watch generations passing by. Versatile and adaptable, the correct species will add huge dimension …

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Ultimate Beginners Guide to Starting an Allotment

Allotments conjure up visions of carrots, potatoes and cabbages rammed into sacks. There’s so much you’re barely able to get your produce home. On overcast …

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