How To Make A Valentine’s Day Flower Gift

We all like to send and receive lashings of love on Valentine’s Day, so make a loved one’s day extra special this year with our sumptuous rose flower gift.

A bespoke flower gift looks twice as nice as a bunch of roses from the florist or supermarket and best of all, you can customise your arrangement using almost any kind of flower.

In under 45 minutes you can create our gorgeous flower box or tin of roses for the love of your life and best of all, no floristry experience is needed.

Can you feel the love?

Roses heart gift box
Roses heart gift box | Photograph by Lucy Summers

This Valentine heart-shaped rose gift used approximately 25 deep red rosebuds, so be mindful the bigger the container, the more flowers you’ll need. 

If you’re a bit short of cash, use a smaller box or tin.

Old tea caddies, clean, empty baked bean tins, biscuit, sweet or cake tins are all perfect to spread the love. 

Alternatively, buy a bespoke waterproofed gift box from local craft shops or online florist suppliers.

Roses are a traditional Valentine’s favourite, but you can use any colour roses you like or use multi-colour blooms.

For a professional finishing touch, use ribbon to personalise your gift.

What you’ll need


  • A tin or box
  • Roses – any colour you like
  • Strong plastic if you don’t have a waterproof container
  • Florist foam
  • A large non-serrated kitchen knife
  • Secateurs
  • Ribbons of your choice

How to do it


  1. Stand your roses in a jug or bucket of clean water.
  2. Now prepare your gift container. If you’re not using a waterproof container, first line your tin or box with reasonably thick plastic. 
  3. A bin-liner will work too: but don’t use cling-film, which is too thin and flimsy.
  4. Take enough florist foam to fill your container. Flower foam can be bought from craft shops or online florist suppliers. 
  5. Soak the flower foam in a bucket of water for at least 15 minutes to ensure it fully absorbs the water.
  6. Remove the flower foam from the bucket, let it drain for 5 minutes.
  7. Cut the florist foam with a sharp non-serrated kitchen knife to fit your container.
  8. Reduce the depth of the foam, leaving a good 2” clear from the top rim of the container to the top surface of the foam.
  9. Wedge the foam in the container tightly. 
  10. Make sure the foam fits snugly, leaving no gaps either in between the foam or dges of the container.
  11.  If you have a large container you might need two or more pieces of flower foam.

Prepare your roses


Strip away all side shoots, flowers and leaves so you’re left with just the flowerbud at the top, using a pair of garden gloves to protect your hands. 

You can leave the green sepals under the flower bud if you’d like a little greenery peeping through.

Alternatively, you can buy stem and thorn strippers from as little as £2.00.

Cut all the rose stems to a standard length with clean secateurs leaving approximately a 2” stem. 

You’ll be using the short, stubby stem to anchor the roses into the container.  

Word of warning: Don’t cut them too short or they won’t fix in the foam securely. Better to leave stems slightly longer if you’re not sure and cut them to size as you go.

Working from the centre outwards, gently but firmly place your rosebud stems in the foam, packing rosebuds tightly together.

Keep placing them evenly  until you’ve reached the outer edge and filled the tin.

Be gentle, since the petals are delicate and bruise easily

Decorate your container

Valentine roses in tin
Valentine roses in tin | Photograph by Lucy Summers

Use coloured ribbon wound about your container and secure it with double-sided sticky tape to avoid it slipping.

Use a separate length of ribbon to make a gift bow and again, fix it to the lid or side of the container with double-sided tape.

Add a gift card and  spread the love!



Pour a half cup of clean water over the arrangement to prolong the life of your flowers to prevent flower foam from drying out.

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