21 Awesome Benefits of Having Artificial Grass in Your Garden

If you’re considering a move to artificial grass here are 21 good reasons why it’s beneficial to fake it!

1. No More Mowing


Perhaps the biggest benefit to artificial grass is that it doesn’t need mowing – so you can spend Sunday afternoons doing something interesting instead.

And speaking of mowing, your lawnmower won’t need any more ongoing repairs, sharpening, or oiling and it’ll create more room in the shed once you’ve sold it on. A life free from the boredom of mowing the lawn is worth its weight in gold.

2. No Watering the Lawn


During summer natural grass struggles with the lack of rain. It tends to go brown or it develops bare patches and looks a mess once the hosepipe ban kicks off.

Artificial grass doesn’t need watering so it cuts down on effort and minimises your water bill too.

3. No Feeding The Lawn


Feeding the lawn is time-consuming and expensive. If you’re someone who loves a neat lawn then feeding the grass at least once a year is important.

Grass is a plant after all and it needs nutrients to look its best. Artificial grass needs none of this treatment.

4. Easy Maintenance


There’s no mowing, watering or feeding the lawn but let’s not forget all those other lawn jobs like scarifying (the dreaded job where you need to pull out dead grass, weeds and moss each year) or aerating. These lawn maintenance tasks are hard work and endlessly thankless jobs.

Artificial grass needs some attention, but this is simply brushing off the debris and hosing it down with a specialist cleaner if necessary. It’s a bit like patio care and there’s nothing as onerous as scarifying and feeding.

5. It’s Allergy Free


Grass is one of the main triggers of hayfever.

Hayfever from airborne grass seed occurs from spring to late autumn and hayfever is triggered when the lawn is mown too.

If you or your kids have hayfever related to grass pollen then artificial grass can save a lot of discomfort and reduce the number of medications you need to take.

6. It’s Kid Friendly


Artificial grass creates a warm, clean, and attractive play area for kids. Children can run and crawl on it without stones or ants hurting them.

We all want our kids to go outside more and abandon that Nintendo – artificial grass is a big step forward in that department simply because it makes the garden an attractive place to spend time.

7. It’s Elderly and Disabled Friendly


Elderly folk or people with disabilities benefit from artificial grass for several reasons.

There’s the no-mow aspect we’ve covered which helps people take pride in their garden when they can’t handle a mower, but it’s also less slippery, and when it’s laid on a flat surface doesn’t develop holes and dips that can cause falls.

8. It’s Safe For Your Pets


If you’ve wondered how artificial grass copes with dog poo and whether it’s safe for Rover to run on then don’t worry. Artificial grass is perfectly safe for pets. Plus you don’t have to worry about your dog eating your grass!

It’s durable enough to withstand repeated trampling by four paws and wee is absorbed through the mesh. Solids such as poo or vomit just need to be picked up the same way you would on natural lawns. Just hose it down with some detergent after.

9. No More Mud


Mud tracks from kids and pets are a real pain, especially in the winter.

You let the dog out for a late-night toilet break or the kids (plus friends) run back into the house without first removing their shoes to create a carpet VS mud nightmare scenario.

Artificial grass means there’s no mud to track through your house and there won’t be any mud patches in the garden to look at either. Basically – there’s no more mud.

10. It’s A Money Saver


Artificial grass can cost a bit to set up but in the long run it’ll save cash.

Lawnmower running costs are finished and there’s no need to buy grass seed, turf, moss killer, or grass food. If you pay a gardener to cut the lawn that’s out too.

These running costs are finished for around 15 years – that’s the average lifetime of good quality artificial grass.

11. Perfect for Holiday Homes And Rentals


If you have a rental home occupied by a tenant, or a holiday home you don’t spend a lot of time at, then artificial grass can save headaches.

Artificial grass is a great option for rental homes as its low maintenance for your tenant and always looks smart. Holiday homes that require a weekly cut by a professional gardener can save a good amount of money through the summer months.

12. It’s Always Green


Artificial grass always looks bright and cheerful even in the dreary winter months. A pop of colour in the garden during freezing February can cheer you up no end.

13. It Doesn’t Look Fake


Artificial grass has moved on from the AstroTurf lawns of 50 years ago. These days artificial grass looks real and there are lots of different types, lengths, and colours to suit your preference.

14. It’s Long Lasting


Artificial grass can last for years without any investment or issues. From the day it’s installed and for the next 15 years it’ll look great. Just make sure you buy good quality materials and install them correctly.

15. Use Small Amounts in High Traffic Areas


If you like a real lawn but have certain areas that always look a mess then artificial grass is your saviour.

Use it in small areas such as a kid’s play area or in high traffic areas such as the pathway to a washing line that always let your garden down.

You don’t have to go for the huge artificial lawn – just pick and choose the areas that need the most improvement.

16. North Facing Garden? No Problem


Real grass is a plant and therefore needs suitable growing conditions of moist but well-drained soil and sunshine. No-one’s garden has these things in every single space!

North facing gardens in particular struggle to grow a lush lawn and areas under trees are sucked dry 24/7 by roots. Pop some artificial grass there and it’ll look gorgeous all year round.

17. Tackle The Slopes


Slopes are notoriously difficult for gardeners. It’s difficult and dangerous to push a mower up a slope and if you need to reseed it just gets washed to the bottom of the slope. Turf will suffer too because rain drains away leaving the top area brown and dying.

Artificial grass can be fixed to a slope and will stay green all year round – no more back-breaking and disappointing lawn work for you.

18. It Can Be Recycled


Worn out artificial grass can be recycled and some brands are made from recycled materials.

It’ll be a long time before this needs to happen, but if you’re eco-friendly the use of plastic can grate. Don’t worry, just recycle it and your artificial grass won’t see a landfill.

19. Easy Installation


Artificial grass companies offer installation which saves hassle but you can install it yourself if you’re reasonably handy with a spirit level and can follow instructions.

Smaller areas such as under a swing can easily be DIY installed at home.

20. It Fixes the Tricky Front Garden


Front gardens can be difficult to manage. They’re often small and it’s a pain getting the mower to the front without running a cable through the house.

Installing artificial grass to your front garden cuts out all the hard work and makes your property look smart. It’s a welcoming sight when you return home and makes passers-by think you’re a top-notch gardener.

21. It Increases Property Value


There’s no denying that a house looks better with a smart garden.

Even if you love spending time outside working with a scarifier artificial turf will make your property more attractive by sheer force of its greenness.

A green lawn makes people imagine those long, hot summer BBQs – and once they’re imagining that they may as well book the removal vans.

A move to artificial grass is a good decision if you don’t have time or the inclination to spend on lawn care but still want an attractive and useable garden.

To ensure a good experience buy good quality artificial turf and install it correctly so you’ll have years, if not decades, of simple fuss-free garden time.

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