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Hyundai HYM510SP 4-Stroke Petrol Lawn Mower 2022 Review

Although they may be better known for their cars than their garden machinery, Hyundai produces an impressive line of lawn mowers, with both electric and petrol models available for a wide range of budgets. At the higher end of the scale sits the Hyundai HYM510SP – it’s petrol-powered, self-propelled, and is designed for both domestic and commercial lawns.

Hyundai HYM510SP 4-Stroke Petrol Lawn Mower Review

Best petrol lawn mower for large gardens

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How I Tested The Hyundai HYM510SP 4-Stroke Petrol Lawn Mower

As a professional gardener, I spend a lot of time cutting grass, but have never used a Hyundai lawn mower before. I was eager to see how this machine would handle the different gardens that I work in. From damp grass on rough ground to flat, manicured lawns with ruler-straight lines and sharp corners, I gave the Hyundai HYM510SP a good workout in eight different locations. 

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Our Verdict of The Hyundai HYM510SP 4-Stroke Petrol Lawn Mower

It may cost a little more than what you were hoping to spend, but, in this case, you really do get what you pay for. Easy assembly, a powerful engine, and a long list of impressive features, plus a machine that you can rely on to give you a beautifully clean cut each and every time. If you have a large garden, or if, like me, you cut multiple gardens, this is a machine that won’t let you down. This may be the first time that I’ve used a Hyundai lawn mower, but it’ll definitely be a brand that I’ll return to again in the future. 

Best petrol lawn mower for large gardens

Assembly Ease


Hyundai promises a quick, easy, and tool-free assembly for the HYM510SP, and they’re telling the truth. Open the box and you’ll see that the mower is pretty much pre-assembled – all you need to do is use the four bolts provided to attach the handles to the mower unit. The cables are all already connected too – you just need to clip these to the handles once you’ve assembled them. 

Read the instructions (the instruction manual is great, with photos clearly depicting each step of the process) to make sure that you do this correctly. Clipping the cables on the wrong way around could cause them to snap. 

Unlike most of the other mowers that I tested, the grass collector bag was also almost fully assembled. It fits neatly into the mower unit and clicks into place. 

The Hyundai HYM510SP comes with a 600ml bottle of oil. It’s easy to pour the oil into the  machine too – unlike some of the other mowers that I’ve used, there aren’t any cables in the way that force your hand into awkward angles. 

All in all, including filling the machine with oil and priming it (press the red button on the front of the mower a couple of times), assembly took about ten minutes. 



The Hyundai HYM510SP definitely looks the part. It’s large but sleek, and its shiny blue finish gives it a very modern touch – a little like the cars themselves! 

While many of the lawn mowers on the market have been designed with plastic parts, the Hyundai HYM510SP boasts a steel deck. This does significantly add to the weight of the mower, but it also gives you a strong and sturdy machine that’s capable of so much more than its plastic counterparts. 

Just like the other lawn mowers I tested, the Hyundai comes with a polyester grass collector bag. When it comes to professional use, I’m not a great fan of the bags – they just don’t last as long as a hard box. However, on the plus side, this is the only collector bag I’ve seen with a hard top, which makes it much more robust. It’s also 70l in size, which is in-line with many of the professional lawn mowers out there, and has a level indicator that will tell you when the bag is full. 

On a side note, I did a bit of research into whether or not it was possible to buy a hard box to fit into this mower. Unfortunately, it’s not, but replacement bags are easy to find. A new one will set you back about £30.  

Unlike the other petrol lawn mowers I tested, this one has been designed with a hose connector in its deck. This allows you to insert a garden hose to give the machine a clean, something that’ll go a long way towards extending its lifespan. 

Surprisingly, I couldn’t find a single design flaw with this lawn mower. Everything, including the side chute and the rear flap, locks into place. The handles can be folded down, making the mower easy to store and transport. The fact that they’re padded is a nice added touch, although, in my experience, it won’t be long before that padding tears and comes off! 

While the design of this mower works perfectly for me, it’s worth noting that those with smaller hands found the design of the handles a little cumbersome. Unlike most other mowers with their rounded handles, the Hyundai handles are flat and relatively far apart. For people with large hands, this makes no difference – the mower can still be used with one hand. However, if your hands are on the smaller side, you’ll need to use both. The straight edges of the handles aren’t very comfortable either – they start to dig into your hands after about 20 minutes of use. 



With a 196cc, four-stroke petrol-powered engine, the Hyundai HYM510SP is a powerful machine. It’s more than capable of managing hilly ground. Although Hyundai says that the mower shouldn’t be used on inclines greater than 15%, some of the banks that I used this mower on were probably a little steeper than that. 

While powerful, the Hyundai HYM510SP is also relatively quiet, which is impressive considering its large engine. Some of the less-powerful machines that I tested were considerably louder than the Hyundai. 



The Hyundai HYM510SP performs brilliantly. I tested it out in a variety of gardens to try to find something that it struggled to do well, but it did everything that I asked it to without any problems.  

I started off with something easy – short, dry, and regularly-cut grass. It cut this cleanly and evenly, which is exactly what you would expect. Since the cutting deck and the edge of the wheels are closely-aligned, this mower is great for super straight lines. 

I then tried it on long and damp grass that hadn’t been cut for several months. Again, no issues, and no choking either, even in areas that were wet rather than just damp. 

Finally, I tested the mower on rough and uneven ground. This is where its weight comes in handy – the machine is sturdy enough to stay relatively steady, even when going over bumps, and it doesn’t bounce or rattle about. 

Whether you’re cutting dry or damp grass, the machine fully packs the grass collector bag before the level indicator starts to flap. 

All in all, I was very impressed with how the Hyundai HYM510SP performed. I’ve now used it in a variety of gardens for about ten hours in total, and it hasn’t let me down yet. 



At 38kg, the Hyundai HYM510SP is a heavy machine. Yes, it’s self-propelled (at a fast but comfortable walking speed), but if you need a mower that you can easily lift or carry, say in and out of a vehicle or up and down stairs, then this isn’t the right machine for you. 

However, personally, I didn’t find its weight to be an issue at all. In fact, as mentioned, it’s something that I appreciated as it gave the mower a good sturdiness. 

I found the mower to be easy to manoeuvre, even around corners. The only issue could be with gardens that have very tight angles – you may struggle to access the point of those angles due to the size of the machine. 

If you regularly mow underneath trees with low branches, you’ll know how frustrating it is to not be able to reach certain patches of grass. This is where the Hyundai’s adjustable height really shines – you can lower the height of the handles in just a few seconds (no tools needed), so that you can easily get underneath those low branches. This also means that the mower can be comfortably used by both tall people (like myself!), as well as by those that are more petite.



The Hyundai HYM510SP prides itself on being a 4-in-1 lawn mower – it can collect, mulch, and release, from either a side or a rear chute. It does all of these things well, and it’s easy to switch between the different modes when needed. 

It’s six height settings (25mm-75mm) is pretty standard among lawn mowers of this calibre, but I do appreciate the fact that one lever adjusts all of the wheels. With some of the other mowers I tested, the height of each wheel needed to be adjusted individually, which can be really time-consuming when you’re cutting ten different gardens in a day. 

The cutting width of the Hyundai HYM510SP is 20 inches, which is the widest of the lawn mowers I tested. Most domestic lawn mowers are between 16-18 inches, so this extra width helps to push this model into the professional sphere. 

The Hyundai HYM510SP comes with a recoil start. The cable is a little stiffer than some of the other lawn mowers I tested, so you do need to pull a little harder, but, so far at least, it has always started first time. Hyundai does offer a similar lawn mower model with a push button start feature. However, while convenient, it’s not worth the higher price tag, especially when this machine’s recoil start works so well. 

It’s also worth noting the primer button at the front of this mower. This pushes the petrol through the machine, allowing you to start it faster. While some of the machines that I tested started first time without needing to be primed, this mower required the primer button to be pressed twice before it would start. This only takes a couple of seconds, so it’s not a major inconvenience! 



When it comes to safety, the Hyundai HYM510SP has all of the standard safety features that you would expect from a lawn mower. It’s fitted with a dead man handle – a lever that needs to be held down in order for the lawn mower to continue running, and it won’t turn on unless all of its parts are correctly locked into place. 

There are also several safety stickers placed around the machine to warn you of potential dangers. 

Value for Money

The Hyundai HYM510SP costs noticeably more than some of the other lawn mowers out there. If you have a small garden, then you’d probably be better off with a smaller and cheaper machine. 

However, if you have a large garden, or cut multiple lawns, then the Hyundai HYM510SP offers great value for money. It gets the job done quickly and neatly, and holds up to professional standards. 

Although petrol will be a regular expense, this model promises low fuel consumption, and this look to be true so far. 


8 4.875

It may cost a little more than what you were hoping to spend, but, in this case, you really do get what you pay for. Easy assembly, a powerful engine, and a long list of impressive features, plus a machine that you can rely on to give you a beautifully clean cut each and every time. If you have a large garden, or if, like me, you cut multiple gardens, this is a machine that won’t let you down. This may be the first time that I’ve used a Hyundai lawn mower, but it’ll definitely be a brand that I’ll return to again in the future. 

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