Is It Worth Buying A Lawn Mower?

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Is It Worth Buying A Lawn Mower

If you have a lawn, it’s essential to mow it and keep the grass neat and tidy. However, to do this, you will need a lawn mower – but is it worth buying your own lawn mower? Are there alternative options open to you, and what are they?

Here, we are going to look at how much it costs to buy your own lawn mower and if the price is actually worth it.

Is It Worth Buying A Lawn Mower?

Whether or not buying a lawn mower is ‘worth it’ in your eyes can depend on different factors but after working out the costs, we think that it’s definitely worth it if you have a particularly large garden.

This is because hiring a grass-cutting service costs an average of £250 a year (although this price can fluctuate depending on your local hourly rates, how large your lawn is, discounts, etc).

This means that over the period of 10 years, you could save a minimum of £600 by owning and maintaining your own lawn mower.

That’s a massive difference in cost which definitely makes buying your own lawn mower worth it!

Although you will have to do the labour yourself, maintain your lawn mower, and pay for any repairs (or replace the model), you could save yourself a lot of money by doing so.

How Much Does It Cost To Own A Lawn Mower?

The cost of owning a lawn mower can be broken down into two categories of costs – the price of buying the lawn mower itself, and how much it costs to maintain it.

From our research, we estimate that the cost of owning a lawn mower over 10 years is between £900 to £1,800 – although this estimate can vary due to the cost of your lawn mower, how often you use it, and if you maintain it yourself.

Check out the breakdown below.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Lawn Mower?

The average cost for a lawn mower is between £250 and £350, although there are plenty of budget options you can find for under £100.

These budget options tend to have a shorter lifespan which means that over a decade, you still could end up spending £300 on multiple lawn mowers.

So, owning a lawn mower will end up costing the average person around £300 over the course of around 10 years – and that’s not to mention any maintenance costs.

How Much Does It Cost To Maintain A Lawn Mower?

It’s recommended that a full service should be done on a lawn mower every year, and these can cost around £100 per year if you go to a professional tradesman.

However, it is possible to service your own lawn mower. You can buy your own parts, sharpen your own blades, change your own oil – and you usually end up saving on labour alone if you do so.

This means that maintaining a lawn mower can cost everywhere from as little as £10 a year to over £100 if you have your lawn mower fully serviced by a professional.

As for running the lawn mower itself, you still need to pay for power. This factor can change wildly depending on how your lawn mower is powered and how much fuel or electricity it consumes.

Luckily, these costs are pretty minimal on average as most people only cut their lawns a few times a year – so let’s call it £50 for a year.

The Advantages Of Owning A Lawn Mower

To justify the cost of owning a lawn mower, we need to mention the benefits behind it.

Owning your own lawn mower means that you can maintain your lawn at any time so it stays neat and tidy.

You can be responsible for your own garden and make sure your grass is cut at the exact length you want it and do the job to your own standard.

If you don’t mow your lawn, the grass can grow and attract pests while the moisture trapped underneath allows fungi and diseases to grow.

This can make your garden an unsafe place to venture for both you and your pets.

How You Can Cut Your Lawn Without Owning A Lawn Mower

So, it’s clear that it’s vital that you mow your lawn but the cost of owning a lawn mower could be too much for some people. If you are looking for an alternative, then you have two options open to you.

Either you ask your neighbours very nicely to borrow theirs whenever your lawn is beginning to become overgrown, or you hire a lawn mowing service to come and do the task for you.

Grass-Cutting Services Costs

The average cost for a residential grass-cutting service is £25 an hour, or £20 per 100m².

As most people on average mow their lawns between 6 to 10 times a year, hiring a grass-cutting service each year will cost you an average of £250 per year.

There are factors that can increase this figure. The £25 per hour charge is an average from across the entire country and rates may be higher where you live.

Perhaps you have a particularly large lawn that may take more than an hour to completely mow, and so you could end up spending even more for a grass-cutting service instead.

On the other hand, some services offer discounts for customers who arrange long-term work over the year. This can help bring the annual cost of your grass-cutting service down – but you’ll have to do a bit of bargaining first.

Final Thoughts

So – is buying a lawn mower worth it?

Hiring a grass-cutting service has its advantages. For example, you don’t have to do the chore yourself and you don’t have to worry about maintaining or storing your own lawn mower.

However, it’s definitely the more expensive option – and for many people, that is enough reason to buy and maintain their own lawn mower.

We recommend you get some quotes from your local grass-cutting service first so you can get a better picture of how much that service will cost you per year – and then see if it matches the averages above. You never know, it may be cheaper for you to hire them instead!

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