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Webb Classic WER410SP Self Propelled Petrol Mower2022 Review

Webb is a British brand that specialises in garden machinery and tools, with more than 20 different lawn mowers to their name. From their budget electric hand-push mowers to their high-end ride-on mowers, the brand offers plenty of choice. Somewhere in the middle of the scale sits the Webb WER410SP – a self-propelled lawn mower designed for small to medium-sized gardens. How does it hold up to regular heavy usage, and how does it compare to its competition? That’s exactly what I was tasked with finding out…

Webb Classic WER410SP Self Propelled Petrol Mower Review

Best all-round petrol lawn mower

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How I Tested The Webb Classic WER410SP Self Propelled Petrol Mower

Being a professional gardener means that I have access to several different lawns, including my own. From long and narrow to spacious with wide curves, I wanted to test this Webb mower in a variety of different settings. Since Webb advertises that this mower copes well with rough grass and slopes, I also took it to gardens that are on inclines, and tested it on a large patch of rough grass at my own farm.

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Our Verdict of The Webb Classic WER410SP Self Propelled Petrol Mower

Although marketed towards small and medium gardens, I would most definitely recommend the Webb WER410SP to those with larger lawns too. It’s powerful yet lightweight, and performs just as well as other lawn mowers that cost double the price. It’s a machine that you’ll be able to rely on for heavy, long-term use – its quality ensures that it’ll withstand the test of time.

Best all-round petrol lawn mower

Ease of Assembly


Assembling the Webb WER410SP is easy. All you need to do is attach the handles with the four screws provided, and then place a couple of clips to hold the cables tight – you don’t need any tools to assemble this mower. 

While putting the actual mower together was quick and easy, the grass collection bag also needs to be assembled. This is a simple process (you’ll need to fit the bag over the provided frame), but it does take a wee minute. 

The Webb WER410SP comes with a 0.6l bottle of oil, which needs to be added to the mower before the machine will turn on. This was actually pretty fiddly, requiring the machine to be tilted on its side. If you don’t have steady hands, I would recommend using a funnel to prevent oil from splashing around. 



The Webb WER410SP looks like a solid and well-designed machine. Thanks to its steel deck, it feels high quality too. 

One of the design features that I first paused to appreciate was the height of the mower. Being 6’1 means that I sometimes need to stoop to use certain models. That wasn’t the case with this Webb mower, and I could instantly tell that this was going to be a comfortable machine to use. 

I was also a fan of the cutting height handle – just one lever will adjust the height of all four wheels at once. Many lower-end models have wheels that each need to be adjusted individually, which can take time if you’re cutting multiple gardens at different heights. 

That said, the cutting height handle is located quite awkwardly, making it easy to trap your fingers when adjusting it. I’ll be making a couple of minor adjustments to the plastic bolts used to ensure that this doesn’t happen, but this isn’t something that a customer should have to do. 

Now on to my least favourite part about the design of this machine – its grass collection bag. For starters, I personally prefer hard boxes over bag – they last much longer than the mesh that this bag is made from. However, on the other hand, a bag is more lightweight, which is handy for when you’re emptying a full load of damp grass. 

I have to say that I was disappointed with the size of the grass collection bag. At 45 litres, it’s almost half the size of the collection bags/boxes in the other mowers that I use. But, again, that may be a good thing for people who want something light and easy to carry. 

Other than that, I was impressed with the overall design of the Webb WER410SP. Its foldable handles make storage easy and it looked like a very capable machine. 



Fuelled by 4-stroke petrol, this 132cc engine is pretty powerful. Again, this makes the small grass collection bag a shame – this mower definitely has the power to fill a bigger bag. 

Although the Webb WER410SP is designed for small/medium gardens, it’s powerful enough to deal with larger lawns too. It copes well with heavy, professional use, and has so far showed no signs of slowing down.



Unlike many other petrol lawn mowers, where you have to yank at the cord a few times before the machine kicks into action, the Webb WER410SP starts first time, every time, with a cord that’s easy to pull. 

I started by testing the Webb WER410SP on short and dry grass. Just as I expected, there weren’t any issues – it provided a clean cut. One thing I did notice was that the grass collector bag didn’t fill completely before the machine started to choke. This meant that I was emptying it more often than I should have been. However, strangely enough, when using it on a lawn covered with leaves, it managed to completely fill the bag. 

Next up, I tested the mower on damp grass. To be honest, the grass was more than damp – closer to soaking wet. I usually dread cutting wet grass because of how much my other mowers choke, but the Webb WER410SP didn’t have any problems with this – it handles wet grass just as well as it does dry. 

Finally, I gave the mower a try on a sloped lawn. The incline was pretty steep, probably around 20%. However, the machine coped well without any issues, even when cutting uphill with an almost-full bag. It’s also worth saying that the grass on much of this lawn was very rough and uneven, but it looked beautifully neat once the Webb had been over it. 

Another interesting point is that this self-propelled mower moves very quickly. For me, it was a fast walking speed, but others may find that they have to almost run to keep up. I have to say that this was one of the fastest self-propelled mowers that I have ever used, which made me curious as to how its speed compared to some of the other petrol lawn mowers that I tested

So, I decided that a little lawn mower race was needed (us landscapers know how to have fun!). The Webb’s contender was the Hyundai HYM510SP – a model that has a more powerful engine and also costs significantly more. The race took us across a lawn and back – two strips each. The results? By the time the Hyundai was halfway across its first strip, the Webb had been there and back. This really is a fast machine – if you’re able to keep up with it, it could save you a lot of time. 



Compared to some of the other lawn mowers I tested, the Webb is quite a lightweight machine. It comes in at 28kg, making it easy to manoeuvre up steps and awkward places. 

As mentioned, the self-propelled speed is fast – at full whack, it’s much too fast for going around corners or curves. Luckily, you can slow it down by slightly releasing the throttle, which gives you better control.



You’d think that the first feature you’d need to use on a new lawn mower would be the primer button, but I’ve used the Webb WER410SP several times now and haven’t needed to press it even once. So, while it doesn’t seem to be needed, it’s still a useful feature to have – just in case! 

This lawn mower comes with a good variation in cutting heights – 25mm to 75mm, with seven different height settings. Its 41cm (16”) cutting width is definitely designed for small to medium gardens. However, don’t forget to keep its speed (and my lawn mower race) in mind – it can get the job done faster than a lawn mower that has a wider width. 

What could slow you down is the fact that this mower’s grass collection bag doesn’t have a feature that tells you when it’s full. This means that you could end up wasting time emptying half-loads or dealing with the mower choking because you didn’t empty the bag in time. However, the rear discharge on the machine means that you may not even end up using the grass collection bag at all. This is easy to set up and works well.



I couldn’t find any safety issues with the Webb WER410SP. It comes with a dead man lever – a handle that needs to be held down for the engine to run, but that’s pretty standard with all mowers. 

There are good safety stickers around the machine that indicate potential hazards. These are definitely useful for those who aren’t very familiar with lawn mowers.

Value for Money

In my opinion, the Webb WER410SP offers great value for money. There may be cheaper machines out there, but if you plan on using your lawn mower long-term, this well-made model is worth the price. 

It performs just as well as higher-end models, with the main difference being that it doesn’t have quite as many features. However, if all you’re looking for is a neatly cut lawn (plus some extra time in your life since this mower cuts so quickly), you won’t go wrong with this machine. 

Webb advertises that this lawn mower has been designed with low fuel consumption, which is always worth considering if you plan on using it frequently. This isn’t an easy claim to test, but I definitely did notice that I didn’t have to refill this machine quite as often as I do my others.


8 4.625

Although marketed towards small and medium gardens, I would most definitely recommend the Webb WER410SP to those with larger lawns too. It’s powerful yet lightweight, and performs just as well as other lawn mowers that cost double the price. It’s a machine that you’ll be able to rely on for heavy, long-term use – its quality ensures that it’ll withstand the test of time.

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