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The UK's bestLED Torches2022 Review

We've reviewed the best LED Torches on the UK market.

Here are the products we believe are worth your consideration…

What To Look For in an LED Torch

Look for a torch with at least 450 lumens, this will be suitable for all standard applications like camping, maintenance and night-time walks. If you want a more powerful torch, choose an option that delivers at least 1000 lumens. These offer more of a ‘floodlight’ quality and can better light paths and roads into the distance.

However, more lumens doesn’t automatically equate to a longer range. Having more lumens will increase the overall spread of the light – including out to the sides. Look for torches with a maximum light beam distance of at least 400 m if you want a bright torch that will be useful for a lot of different outdoor activities.

Additionally, you should choose a torch with at least three power modes in order to have the option to save battery. This can be particularly useful if taking the torch on longer trips.

For convenience, you may want to look for a torch that can be charged via micro-USB, as well as use standard batteries.

The torch should be able to achieve at least 100 hours of running time, although many of the best LED torches achieve 300 – 400 hours run time when used on low-power settings.

If you intend to take your torch on hiking and camping trips, make sure it is water resistant. It should have a waterproof rating of at least IPX6, although IPX8 will mean it is also protected against shallow submersion. A strobe setting can also be useful for outdoor activities to attract attention in an emergency.

I’ve chosen the Ledlenser Professional LED Torch as my top choice. This bright torch has adjustable settings from 50 – 450 lumens, and a beam distance of 420 m. It’s a great choice for both domestic and outdoor use.

For more information about this LED torch, as well as other options, see the reviews below.

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  • Best For
  • Lumens
  • Max. Light Beam Distance
  • Battery Life
  • Weight
  • Modes
  • Material
  • Waterproof

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Best LED torch overall
Ledlenser Professional P17.2 LED Torch
Top Pick

Best LED torch overall

  • Where to buy
  • Our Scoring
    Battery Life
    Value for Money
    4 4.5
  • Lumens
    50 - 450 lm
  • Max. Light Beam Distance
  • Battery Life
    30 - 300 hours
  • Weight
  • Modes
  • Material
  • Waterproof
    Water resistant
  • Our Review

    The Ledlenser Professional P17.2 LED Torch is an extremely bright torch that also has the option of being hands free. It has a useful belt clip for those times when you can’t be holding the torch, as well as a belt pouch so you always know where to find it.

    Although this is the most expensive product featured here, it’s definitely the best torch overall, excelling in terms of quality, performance and versatility. It’s a large torch made from tough, aircraft-grade aluminium. The matt finish provides extra grip, and its sleek design looks very professional.

    Measuring 30.6 cm long with a 5.4 cm diameter, this is certainly not your standard pocket torch. It’s quite a big item that might require some thought when it comes to carrying it with you. Nevertheless, it’s a powerful and robust torch for both security guards and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

    It weighs approximately 778 g which could be considered one of the only potential downsides to this torch. Given that it weighs just under 800 g, it will be a noticeable weight to bring with you and may get tiring over the time. When connected to the belt clip, the weight on one side may be uncomfortable for some people as well.

    The Ledlenser Professional LED torch has a water resistance rating of IPX4, so it’s protected from splashing water but not from submersion. Naturally, this is a useful feature here in the UK as we never quite know when the rain is going to pour down!

    This torch features an extra-large power button that’s easy to activate even when wearing gloves. It has three light settings which can be ‘scrolled’ through to select the right one. There’s a boost option as well as low and high power. On the low mode, the batteries will last for approximately 300 hours.

    There are no strobe modes or flashing modes, which may be worth bearing in mind depending on how you hope to use your torch.

    It comes supplied with 3 x D Duracell batteries, whereas most LED torches require you to buy your own, so this helps improve convenience and value for money as well. Unfortunately, this Ledlenser P17.2 torch isn’t compatible with a rechargeable battery though; only their P5R.2 model seems to be designed for this.

    The beam provides a light output of 450 lumens, so on paper it’s not as powerful as the Maglite torch (also featured on this list). However, this Ledlenser LED torch incorporates an “Advanced Focus System” as well as “Smart Light Technology” which means it can still generate a powerful bright white light which can reach an impressive beam distance of up to 420 m.

    This is also an adjustable beam, so you can change the focus from a concentrated spot beam to a wider light by twisting the unit.

    Another great thing about Ledlenser torches is that they have replaceable parts. So, when a part fails, you do not have to replace the whole unit. This is definitely a sign of quality, as it shows these products have been built to last. This is something that particularly sets this torch apart from many others featured on this list.

    Additionally, this LED torch comes attractively boxed, in a sleek, modern case, so it would make a fantastic gift.


    • Well made, with a solid quality build
    • Offers hands-free access
    • Easy to use with gloves on so a great option for winter
    • The batteries come included
    • On low-power mode the batteries can last for up to 300 hours


    • The belt clip grips tightly to the torch and may scratch it
    • Need to flick through the light modes instead of just being able to select it straight away
    • The torch is fairly heavy so some users may struggle

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Best robust torch
Maglite ML300L LED Torch

Best robust torch

  • Where to buy
  • Our Scoring
    Battery Life
    Value for Money
    4 4.425
  • Lumens
    58 - 625 lm
  • Max. Light Beam Distance
  • Battery Life
    16 - 117 hours
  • Weight
  • Modes
  • Material
  • Waterproof
    Water resistant
  • Our Review

    If you’ve spent days camping in a remote area of the countryside, or you take your dog out on nightly forest walks, you’ll know how dark the wilderness can get.

    Lots of torches can assist you in these moments, but Maglite is well known for creating particularly robust and powerful torches, and the Maglite ML300L LED Torch is no different.

    This compact flashlight has all of the reliability and durability that you would expect from Maglite, plus the efficiency of LED technology. At full power it produces a brightness similar to that of a car’s headlights.

    The torch produces 625 lumens and has five light modes: momentary, low and high power, eco and strobe mode. You can adjust the settings by clicking through using the power button. Although this is a typical design, the multiple clicking mechanism could prove time consuming in a high stress scenario, so it’s a good idea to get to grips with how it works before taking it out. This is particularly true because the Maglite ML300L has a few more power settings than some other LED torches.

    In eco mode, this versatile torch will last for up to 117 hours whilst still producing 58 lumens. On full power, which is really bright, it runs for almost 16 hours on one set of Duracell batteries. The beam is also adjustable from spot to flood with a simple twist of the head.

    This torch requires 3 x D batteries which aren’t included. Also, worth bearing in mind that some customers have reported success when using it with a rechargeable battery.

    In terms of construction, it’s solid and well built. Perfect for camping trips, night walks, and any other night-time excursions that call for a bright light. It’s also classically stylish with a black aluminium body and a textured band for extra grip.

    It measures just under 30 cm, with a barrel diameter of 3.8 cm and a head diameter of 5.7 cm. With batteries included, it weighs around 742 g which makes it only marginally lighter than the Ledlenser Professional P17.2.

    In fact, it’s so powerful that it could easily dazzle other people if shone directly at them, so be mindful of that when you’re passing cyclists or other midnight walkers!

    Finally, be aware that this Maglite torch has a round case (not hexagonal/with angular corners like some LED flashlights). This means that it can easily roll off surfaces if you’re not careful. This is just something to keep an eye on, so as not to accidentally damage your investment!


    • Users are impressed by how bright this torch is, with many reporting that it's brighter than their car headlights
    • Adjusts from spot to flood focus with a twist of the torch's head
    • Very sturdy and robust build makes it great for outdoor activities
    • Batteries lasts up to 117 hours on eco mode


    • There is just a single button requiring multiple clicks to access each power setting
    • Batteries don’t come included
    • Some people found it hard to find the button to turn it on in the dark
    • Easily rolls off surfaces which could cause damage

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Best for brightness
ThorFire S70S Super Bright Torch
  • Where to buy
  • Our Scoring
    Battery Life
    Value for Money
    4 4.625
  • Lumens
    1 - 3960 lm
  • Max. Light Beam Distance
  • Battery Life
    55 mins - 480 hours
  • Weight
  • Modes
  • Material
  • Waterproof
  • Our Review

    The ThorFire S70S Super Bright Torch is fully waterproof and highly powerful. It’s the most powerful LED torch on this list with an outstanding light output of 3960 lumens,. If you’re after a brighter light, this is one of the best LED torches to go for. It has an impressive beam range of around 680 metres.

    There are six light modes: low, mid, high, turbo, moonlight and a strobe function. The moonlight mode uses just 1 lumen, subtly illuminating the area directly in front of you. The different modes not only change the brightness of the beam, but also how long the battery will last for.

    The low power mode still offers a decent amount of light, so if you’re camping or doing a similar outdoor activity you should be able to use it on low power and not worry about the battery dying during the trip.

    The light modes can be changed by a simple press of the power button, scrolling through the different settings. Also, very handily, the torch’s ‘memory’ will remember the last setting you used, remaining on that setting when you switch it back on.

    You won’t have to worry about using it in heavy rainfall either because it has a waterproof rating of IPX8. In fact, this should mean that it can even survive being submerged in up to 2 m of water.

    It’s a relatively small torch (compared to the other models on this page) with a hard-anodized aluminium casing, making it a very robust and durable option. In total, it measures 24.5 cm long with a body that’s 3.5 cm in diameter. The head of the torch is relatively large, measuring 7.4 cm in diameter. Although not exactly a pocket torch, it’s still a more compact flashlight than the other two models featured here.

    Of course, with additional power often come some caveats, and in this instance the compromise is battery run time. This battery powered ThorFire S70S doesn’t run for quite as long as the other two LED flashlights on this list; it will achieve approximately 72 hours on its low powered mode, and just under 4 hours on its highest setting.

    It requires 2 x 18650 batteries, or 2 x button-top 26650 batteries, which are not included but are a rechargeable battery type.

    This torch is highly powerful so you should be careful when you’re out walking so as not to dazzle dog walkers, drivers or cyclists. Also, it’s important to know that this torch can get quite hot when it’s left on full beam, so you might want to wear gloves or only use full beam when it’s absolutely necessary. Also, bear in mind that leaving it on standby mode may drain battery if you do so for long periods.

    Overall, this is one of  the best LED torches if you’re after something that’s exceptionally bright, but also want a relatively compact torch. It also comes with a handy carrying strap, which can be slung over your shoulder or carried which is useful for keeping hands free.


    • Most compact torch featured - better for fitting into smaller backpacks
    • Extremely bright - illuminating up to 680 metres
    • Largest lumen output of torches here
    • Compatible with rechargeable batteries
    • High-quality shoulder strap included for hands-free carrying


    • Batteries not included and must be purchased separately
    • Some users have reported this torch getting very hot if switched to full beam for too long
    • Leaving it in standby between uses may drain the battery quicker than expected

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LED Torches Price Comparison

Every day DIY Garden scans thousands of products to help you find the cheapest prices. Not only do we want to help you find the best products through our in-depth testing, but we also want to help you find the best places to buy them too. We’re working hard to expand our network of retailers, and will be continually adding in new options.

The Cheapest LED Torche Prices Found Today

Prices last updated: 9 August, 2022

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How to Choose The Best LED Torch

A reliable, durable torch is an essential tool, whether it’s kept at home in the case of a power cut or kept on hand for nightly dog walks. A bright LED torch can bring a big sense of security for some people, so it’s worth getting one you can trust.

These modern torches tend to be brighter than traditional models. Plus, as they’re more energy efficient, they’re a very popular choice. LED torches are available in a range of sizes and offer lots of features that might suit you.

So, if you’re considering purchasing an LED torch but you’re not sure what to look out for, here are some things to consider:

Torch Brightness and Lumens

A torch’s brightness is usually measured in lumens, and LED bulbs tend to be very bright. In general, the higher the lumens, the brighter the torch and the more impressive its beam strength.

That said, some of the best torches use specially developed technology, such as the Ledlenser Professional LED Torch. This model only produces 450 max lumens yet incorporates ‘Smart Light Technology’ so its beam range reaches up to 420 m.

As you can see, lumens can be a helpful indicator of a torch’s potential, but they may not tell the whole story. It also depends what filters and technologies are involved. Therefore, don’t feel pressured to spend lots of money on a torch with a high lumen count, as reviews on other products might indicate cheaper models that are just as effective.

For everyday use, such as camping or searching for things in the shed, 450 lumens should suffice. Higher lumen torches are helpful if you live rurally, and some of the torches recommended on this page can deliver around 4000 lumens!

Some torches come with blinking, strobe and SOS modes which are handy for attracting attention in an emergency.

The higher the lumens and power output of the torch, the quicker the battery will drain. This will be an important factor depending on your intended usage – torches for long hikes will be different to torches for home use.

Batteries and Battery Life

Torches either come with built-in rechargeable batteries, removable rechargeable batteries or disposable batteries.

A rechargeable torches with a built-in battery can be very handy. Often, these are USB rechargeable torches meaning they can even be charged from the USB port in your car. A rechargeable torch will get rid of the necessity of needing to keep spare batteries around; however, the downside is the time required to recharge. Plus, with a USB rechargeable battery you may need to replace the entire torch if the battery fails.

Torches that use disposable batteries are generally the cheapest to buy, and the output is relatively even, up to when the batteries run out of juice. They usually have a good run time (although there’s always the risk someone will remove the batteries to use for another device!).

Buying disposable batteries can be expensive, and it’s not as an environmentally-friendly choice as using a rechargeable torch. Standard batteries often release chemicals when they are disposed of.

A rechargeable model could prove cost-effective in the long run, when you think of all the batteries you’d need to buy otherwise.

Some torches have an eco-mode which can prolong battery running time. When manufacturers advertise the maximum run time of their torches, the figures shown usually refer to the torch being used on its eco or lowest-power setting. Regardless, it’s a good reference to have.

The Importance of Durability and Weatherproofing

If you’re going to use your torch on camping or hiking trips, durability and weather resistance are key. Even for nightly dog walkers, sometimes you’ll be caught out in the rain, and you’ll need your torch to be resilient.

Remember that ‘resistant’ and ‘waterproof’ mean different things:

A torch that is resistant to water can withstand splashes and a short amount of time in light rain.

A fully waterproof torch can withstand being submerged in between 1 and 2m of water. It can be used in heavier downpours. If you’re camping outside in the UK summer (a season not known for its reliably dry weather…) you might benefit from having a waterproof torch. These do come with a higher price tag though.

The torch’s IP rating will indicate how waterproof it is – it’s worth running the IP rating through Google before purchasing a torch, to check exactly what type of weatherproofing you’ll be getting.

Here’s a guide to IP ratings:

IP ratings often have two numbers after the ‘IP’ – the first number indicates the product’s protection from solids and the second from liquids. Here I’m just going to show you liquids, as this is most relevant to LED torches. Here are the most used IP ratings and what they mean…

0 – Not protected

1 – Protected from dripping water

4 – Protected from splashing water

5 – Protected from water jets

7 – Protected from immersion of up to 1m

8 – Protected from immersion beyond 1m

Your torch should also be able to withstand the odd knock and bump. The more durable models will have an aluminium body.

Finding the Best Size and Weight for You

LED torches are available in a range of sizes and weights.

If you’re going to be carrying your torch in a backpack, you will want a small torch under 25 cm. Even 25 cm might be too big for some bags, but it’s certainly more likely to fit. You also might want to specifically choose a lightweight model. Some torches actually come with belt clips which can be great for camping and hiking; they’ll attach to your belt to be used hands-free. This should eliminate worries about the torch being cumbersome to carry.

If you’re keeping your torch at home in the event of a power cut, a powerful and larger model is a great option – it’s less likely to get misplaced and will come to the rescue in a whole host of scenarios!

Practicality and Usability

If you’re going to be using your torch with gloves on, or in wet conditions, there are a couple of things to look out for.

A larger power button will make the torch much easier to use. This is true of general use, but especially if you’re wearing gloves.

A button that is relatively large and pronounced will make your life a lot easier. It will make it easier to turn the torch on in the dark (because you can feel the switch), and more convenient to click through the different brightness settings.

Even many of the best torches require you to ‘scroll’ through the different light modes by repeatedly clicking the power button. It can take a while to find the mode you want, so I’d recommend getting used to how it works before you take it outside to use in the wilderness. You don’t want to be caught in an emergency where you’re fumbling about with the buttons.

Checking the type of grip that the torch has is also worthwhile. If you’ll be using it in rainy conditions, a rubber or textured shaft will make the torch less slippery and easier to use. A textured torch will also be less likely to roll off a surface and break.

Hands Free Torches and Head Torches

There are several situations in which being hands free with a torch can be useful.

  • When using a torch in the great outdoors, it can be frustrating to have to hold onto it all the time. If you need your hands for something else, keeping hold of a torch can be very inconvenient. For this reason, you may want to consider either a head torch, or a torch with a belt or pocket clip.
  • When camping, it’s useful to have a torch with a hanging loop that can attach to the top of the tent. A torch with a magnetic base can also come in handy when cooking or washing up, and can be attached to most metal surfaces.
  • Even around the home, using a head torch can make many jobs easier. A head torch is often helpful when doing DIY, and it can also be useful when the power cuts out and you need to locate the candles in the under-stair cupboard!

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LED Torch FAQs

Do I need an LED torch with blinking, strobe and SOS modes?

These are useful features to have if you’ll be using your LED torch on outdoor adventures. A blinking or strobe light helps vehicles to see you easily if you are walking by the roadside. The SOS mode uses Morse code – three short flashes, three long flashes, three short flashes – to signal for help in the event that you get into trouble.

Even if your torch doesn’t have these modes, you can still recreate a blinking or SOS signal by flicking the torch on and off by yourself. This would obviously only be possible if you were able to work the torch, but it’s good to know that you could improvise if your budget is tight.

What is the brightest LED torch available?

The brightest LED torch available has 100,000 lumens – this certainly isn’t necessary for domestic use.

Lots of domestic torches have LED bulbs that are brighter than car headlights; these are pretty common to find. Their beam range will be in the region of 600 m.

However, for everyday use, a torch with around 400 lumens with provide enough light for jobs around the house.

Can LED torches damage eyes?

When using your LED torch outdoors, you’re much more likely to damage other people’s eyes than your own. If you pass another dog walker, cyclist or driver, you could dazzle them temporarily – much like a car with its full beam on. To avoid this, aim the beam towards the floor rather than eye level.

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