10 Best Frame Garden Swimming Pools of 2024

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The Best Frame Garden Swimming Pools

best frame swimming pool
  1. Intex 28272 Metal Frame Rectangular Pool 300 x 200 x 75cm

  2. Bestway MAX Steel Pro Round Frame Swimming Pool

  3. Intex 28271 Small Family Frame Pool 260 x 160 x 65cm

  4. Intex Round Metal Frame Pool 366 x 76cm

  5. BESTWAY 56985 Safari Frame Swimming Pool 304 x 66cm

  6. Bestway 56403 Steel Pro Frame Pool 259 x 170 x 61cm

  7. Bestway 56404 Steel Pro Frame Swimming Pool 277 x 201 x 66cm

  8. Bestway 56405 Steel Pro Frame Pool 400 x 211 x 81cm

  9. Intex Mini Frame Pool 122 x 122 x 30 cm

  10. Intex 28202 Metal Frame Swimming Pool 304 x 76cm

Frame Garden Swimming Pool Reviews

Editors Choice
  • Easy to put frame together in around 40 minutes thanks to the clear instructions
  • Very sturdy once filled with water
  • Deep enough for adults to swim
  • Two outlets along the side to add pump/filter if desired
  • Does not have to be packed away during winter (though should be covered and drained)

  • Extra accessories such as a pump/filter don’t come included
  • Drain hole isn’t right at the bottom so there will always be a few inches of water left in the bottom that need to be drained using a different method

The Intex 28272 Metal Frame Rectangular Pool is easy to set up and ready for water in just 40 – 60 minutes – perfect for last minute heat waves! It also comes with an instructional DVD included, so no ambiguous drawings!.

Measuring 300 x 200 x 75 cm, this pool is deep enough to allow both children and adults to swim. It’s great for younger kids who want to learn to swim from end to end, and adults could use a bungee for tethered swimming in order to build strength and cardio fitness.

It holds 3843 L of water and is still suitable for some younger kids (with supervision) thanks to its 75 cm depth. The frame is made from treated steel and is sturdy, especially once water is added, and the pool itself is made from triple layered PVC. There are two outlets on the side which allow a pump to be fitted, as well as a drainage plug as well.

Although there’s no filter pump included, this still remains one of the best frame swimming pools on the market. It’s a great size for the price as well, offering excellent value for money. Plus, there are even spare parts available online if anything ever needs replacing.

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Runner Up
  • Comes with a filter pump included to keep water clean
  • Good value for money considering size and included water filter
  • Can be assembled in around 1 hour and filled in 8 hours
  • Good quality and sturdy once filled
  • Modern grey colour - a bit more subtle in appearance than traditional blue pools

  • Filter pump is a little small for the size of pool
  • No cover included to help keep the water clean

If you’ve got more space to work with in the garden, the Bestway 56416 Steel Pro Frame Swimming Pool is one of my top choices. Measuring 10ft in diameter, there’s ample space for multiple adults. The good depth allows you to sit and relax or swim.

This swimming pool comes with a filter pump included which can be used to keep the water clean. This is pretty unusual, given that most pools require you to buy a pump separately, so it’s a useful addition. Also, the pool is still very reasonably priced despite this, so it’s one of the best frame swimming pools in terms of value for money.

Having a filter pump is extremely useful because it will stop you having to constantly clean, empty and refill the pool – something that can take up to 8 hours with this pool due its 4,678 L capacity.

The drain valve allows you to drain the pool easily to put the pool away in the winter months.

Made from strong tri-tech material, this pool should last season after season. The metal frame is corrosion resistant and it fits tightly together with a seal and lock system. This prevents water from getting in the joints which helps stop rust from forming. Once filled with water, this pool feels incredibly sturdy. It needs to be positioned on a completely level surface, like all frame pools, which may rule it out for some gardens due to its size.

In case of any accidental punctures, there’s a repair patch included to put a stop to leaks.

With a stylish grey design, this pool has a modern aesthetic that sets it apart from the classic ‘blue plastic pool’. It’s a bit more understated, and might therefore be a winning choice for anyone who prefers subtle, muted colours in the garden.

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Also Good
  • Set up is very easy thanks to the clear instructions and labelled poles
  • Feels sturdy once full thanks to the thick lining
  • Comfortable underfoot

  • Difficult to disassemble and put back into its box
  • Not as deep as others on the market so swimming is harder
  • Cover should be purchased separately to keep the water clean
  • No steps included so getting in and out may be difficult for children or those with less mobility

If you’re after a small, family friendly pool, the Intex 28271 Small Family Frame Pool is one of my top recommendations.

Measuring 260 x 160 x 65 cm, this rectangular pool is perfect for both kids and adults. Younger children can learn to swim from end to end, whilst the 65 cm depth is shallow enough to allow adults to sit and relax with a cold drink! It’s not quite deep enough for adults to do front crawl, but if you’re looking to burn some calories you can use a swim bungee to practise breaststroke.

This pool is very easy to set up in around 30 minutes thanks to the clear instructions. The poles are well labelled clearly making it simple to work out what goes where.

Although it may not look like much straight out of the box, once filled, this pool is surprisingly sturdy. The PVC fabric is thick and good quality, and it’s comfortable underfoot as well. Like most frame swimming pools, it should be set up on a completely flat surface to prevent wear on the sides.

One downside of this pool is the position of the drainage plug. It’s positioned approximately ⅓ of the way up the pool’s side, which means emptying the last section of water can be difficult. You have to tilt the pool, or turn it upside down, in order to get the water out completely.

Given the size of this pool, it’s one of the best frame swimming pools for families. The depth is suitable for a range of ages, and it’s long enough for adults to lie in comfortably with room to spare. It’s big enough for one adult and two children to be in the pool comfortably.

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  • Round size suitable for both swimming and socialising
  • Durable and quality material that stiffens at the pool is filled
  • Relatively easy to assemble in around an hour

  • Needs to be set up on a completely flat surface or pressure will be placed on the sides
  • Takes a long time to fill - around 6-8 hours
  • Although easy to assemble, connecting the last pole can be tricky

Perfect for relaxing and socialising, this Intex Round Metal Frame Pool has a large circumference, offering plenty of space for family and friends to relax around the edge on a hot day.

This pool has a diameter of 366 cm and a depth of 76 cm. Despite its larger size, it can be assembled in just 30 minutes, with no tools required. Weighing just over 21 kg, it’s relatively easy to move around. The frame simply locks into place and there are high-strength pins supplied that snap into position.

With a capacity of 6,503 L, this pool does take a while to fill. In fact, it can take up to 8 hours. However, the large size means it’s perfect for entertaining the whole family on sunny days. The super tough laminated sidewalls are reinforced to keep the legs firmly in place, allowing you to lounge comfortably against the side.

Thanks to its 76 cm depth, it should be suitable for most family members. Children will be able to swim around the edge, and it’s deep enough to allow adults enough space for tethered swimming.

The only problem with a round pool is that it can take up the same space in the garden as a rectangular pool, without making use of the corners. However, they offer a good layout for socialising.

If you’re specifically after a round pool, this is one of the best frame swimming pools to allow for a combination of swimming and socialising. It’s sufficiently deep to allow for actual swimming, but it’s not as deep as some of the other round pools featured here.

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  • Vibrant and colourful safari design is particularly engaging for kids
  • Once set up and filled with water it’s strong and sturdy
  • Very easy to assemble single handedly in around 20 minutes
  • Good for children of different ages - relatively shallow (66 cm) although large (304 cm diameter)

  • Not deep enough for adults to swim - best for kids
  • Pump and cover would need to be purchased separately

Frame swimming pools aren’t generally known for their unique, colourful designs. Nine times out of ten, they tend to be blue. However, the BESTWAY 56985 Safari Frame Swimming Pool is a little different and features a bright, fun animal print that the kids are sure to love.

Its vibrant colours depict a tropical Safari theme which is a lot more playful than most plain frame swimming pools. The size is medium/large and it has a depth of 66 cm with a diameter of 304 cm (10 ft). Overall, it can hold around 4062 L of water.

Made using a triple layered DuraPlus material, this pool is sturdy and strong once filled with water. It comes with self-adhesive repair patches included in case any small tears or leaks develop in its lifetime. In terms of assembly, it goes together pretty quickly, taking around 20 minutes in total.

Weighing a manageable 14 kg (unfilled!), it can be moved to the right spot in the garden with relative ease.

The only real downsides of this pool is that a pump and cover will need to be purchased separately, if you want to use them.

It’s not a particularly deep pool, considering its diameter, so it’s quite a good choice if you’ve got younger children but still want a large pool area. Also, thanks to its colourful design, this is one of the best frame swimming pools for adding a bit of fun to the garden. With all this in mind, it comes out as a good, versatile choice for children of different ages.

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  • Comes with a hosepipe adaptor for the drainage valve so draining the water is easy
  • Relatively easy to assemble
  • Compact size makes it a good choice for small/medium gardens
  • Large enough to accommodate several adults at once
  • Structure feels very stable once water is inside the pool

  • No cover included
  • Not deep enough to allow most adults to swim
  • Emptying valve not quite at bottom of pool, will need to tip to empty fully

Measuring 259 x 170 x 61 cm, the Bestway 56403 Steel Pro Frame Pool is one of the shallower pools on my list. This makes it perfect for younger kids learning to swim, or adults wanting to sit and relax! The capacity is 2300 L, which means it fills faster than others on the market too.

Even though it’s relatively shallow, you can still float around atop a rubber ring (which is a fantastic way to enjoy a cold drink in the summer months!) so it’s by no means just for children. If you’ve been looking for a pool that doesn’t take up too much space, that isn’t just a paddling pool either, this is one of the best frame swimming pools to consider.

This pool is relatively easy to assemble, with no tools required. Once filled with water, it feels very stable. As with all frame pools, it should be filled on a totally flat surface to prevent pressure on the sides. Before being filled, this pool weighs a very manageable 14 kg, so it’s easy to move around the garden. This also makes it easy to put back into storage in the winter months.

The smaller capacity means draining this pool doesn’t take quite as long as larger pools either. There’s an emptying valve on the side, as well as a valve where a pump can be attached (although no filter pump comes included). The emptying valve isn’t quite at the bottom of the pool, so you may need to tip the pool (or remove the legs at one end) to fully drain it.

It does also come with a hosepipe adapter which can be attached to the valve to help with drainage.

Made from durable materials, this pool has heavy-duty PVC three-ply sidewalls. The PVC also covers the frame’s T-connectors and lock pins to prevent rust and injury.

Overall, this is one of the best frame swimming pools if you’re after a shallower option. With sides that measure 259 x 170 cm, it doesn’t take up too much space, yet it’s still a pool that can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike.

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  • Rectangular design is better for swimming than round pools
  • Although shallow, offers enough space for children to swim
  • Easy to set up in under an hour
  • Fabric is triple layered and seems very robust, especially once filled with water

  • Pool cover and filter need to be purchased separately
  • Very important to place on a level surface otherwise the sides may weaken with the excess pressure
  • Although easy to assemble, the instructions are very brief and in very small print

If you’ve got space to work with in the garden, a rectangular pool is a great option. The Bestway 56404 Steel Pro Frame Swimming Pool measures 277 cm across and has a depth of 66 cm. It’s perfect for adults to sit and relax in, whilst younger children can learn to swim from end to end. 

Due to its relatively shallow depth, most adults won’t find this pool deep enough to swim in. If you’re hoping to use the pool for tethered swimming, you might be able to manage breaststroke, but it’ll be too shallow for any crawl.

In terms of installation, this pool is easy to set up in less than an hour; however, the instructions could be clearer as the text is relatively brief and small. Once set up, it will take around four to five hours to fill with water – which is a lot quicker than some larger pools. If you get it out around midday on a hot summer’s day, you’ll still be able to get some use out of the pool even on the same day.  

It’s fairly sturdy thanks to the heavy-duty three layer TriTech material. The steel frame is coated with anti-corrosion paint for durability and the built-in drain valve can be attached to a garden hose (using the adapter provided) to allow water to drain easily. 

Like several pools on this page, there’s no pump or cover included, so just be aware that you might need buy these accessories separately.

Nevertheless, it’s one of the best frame swimming pools if you want something reasonably large that won’t take too long to fill up. The water will come up to thigh/hip height on most adults, and children will be able to swim.

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  • One of the largest rectangular pools featured - can comfortably accommodate 2 adults and 4 children
  • 81 cm depth allows adults to swim
  • Simple to put together with the help of two people
  • Thick fabric does not feel like it will puncture easily - customers report allowing their dogs to swim!

  • Extra accessories such as a pump/cover not included
  • Takes at least four hours to fill with water
  • Two people required for assembly - pool is heavy at 30 kg

The Bestway 56405 Steel Pro Frame Pool 400 x 211 x 81cm is one of the deepest rectangular pools featured here. Given its size and depth, it’s one of the biggest pools overall and needs to be installed in a large garden.

For larger families and bigger gardens, this 400 x 211 x 81 cm pool is one of the best frame swimming pools to consider. It has a capacity of 5,700 L.

The 81 cm depth will allow adults and older children to swim comfortably, but it will be too deep for younger kids. Adults who want to build fitness will find this pool deep enough for tethered swimming.

Constructed with a strong steel frame, this pool is very easy to put together but you’ll need two people simply due to its size. This pool is a lot heavier than smaller models; it weighs 30 kg. Also, unfortunately, there’s no cover included which is something that will need to be purchased separately if you want to keep the water free from debris and leaves overnight.

If you have enough space for a large pool, this is one of the best frame swimming pools to buy. It’ll provide older kids and adults with loads of space in the water, and is a great depth for swimming.

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  • Perfect size for young children
  • 30 cm depth means children can sit in it
  • Foam covered edges are comfortable to hold and reduce knocks
  • Adults under 6 ft tall should be able to sit in the pool diagonally (but that’s the limit!)
  • Small size is suitable for small gardens

  • Too small for more than one adult
  • Better suited to being a kids’ paddling pool than a swimming pool
  • Some users have found the plug difficult to remove from the plug hole, making drainage difficult

If you don’t have the space for a larger pool, or you want something appropriate for young children, the Intex Mini Frame Pool is a good option to consider. This shallow pool measures 122 x 122 x 30 cm which makes it the perfect size for smaller outdoor spaces.

The interior measurements of the pool are 115 x 115 cm. When young young kids are using it, you’ll be able to easily reach them from the outside edge, and it’s also shallow enough for them to stand and sit in.

Despite its smaller size, this pool is still robust and sturdy. It has a durable galvanised steel frame and secure, stable legs. The edges have been foam covered to provide additional protection against any bumps or knocks, which is great news for younger children.

In terms of assembly, the frame itself can be built in just a couple of minutes, all you need is a flat surface. As an added bonus, the 340 L capacity means it doesn’t take nearly as long to fill as larger swimming pools. Of course, it’s only really suitable for kids – so you’ll need to choose something else if you want a proper swimming pool over a paddling pool.

If you are an adult under 6 ft tall, you should be able to sit diagonally in it – but you certainly won’t be doing any swimming unfortunately. Overall, it’s the best frame swimming pool for kids, and is a good choice if you’re after a good value, sturdy paddling pool.

When you’re finished with this pool at the end of the summer, it can be taken down easily and stored. Weighing just over 3 kg, it’s easy to move in and out of storage.

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  • Assembly is easy thanks to the included instructions and instructional DVD
  • Good quality and very well made
  • Filter pump included
  • 366 cm (10 ft) size is perfect for average gardens
  • Large enough for multiple adults and children to use at once

  • Slightly tricky to empty as the drain holes are too high
  • Filter pump comes fitted with an EU plug and requires an adapter
  • May need to purchase a ladder separately to help children get in and out

The Intex 28202 Metal Frame Swimming Pool is great for relaxing. This spacious pool has a 304 cm diameter and a 76 cm depth. The octagonal shape ensures it’s perfect for socialising, and it has a 4485 L capacity.

This pool is made from two layers of high-quality PVC-coated nylon. Once filled with water, it’s very sturdy, although it does need to be set up on fully level ground. The material is puncture-resistant, designed to offer years of fun in the garden for young and old family members alike.

This pool is very easy to set up, and it comes with both an instructional booklet and DVD included. It’s one of the quickest large frames to put together and can be assembled in as little as 10 minutes. If you’re looking for the best frame swimming pool in terms of easy set up, this is a great option to consider.
A filter pump comes included, which automatically increases this pool’s value for money; however, it comes with an EU plug fitted. As a result, you will need an adapter to get the filter to work – something to be aware of!

Overall, as a medium-size pool, this is a great option for the average garden. Whilst 366 cm (12 ft) pools can take up a lot of space, this 304 cm (10 ft) pool is a little more manageable. It’s a great choice if you want something that can accommodate multiple people, but are concerned about the space required for a larger 366 cm (12 ft) pool.

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Clive's Smart Buying Tips

  1. Many of us dream of having a pool in the back garden, but we don’t all have the space or budget to make it a reality – or do we? A frame swimming pool is a more affordable option compared to a permanent pool. Frame pools can be stored away, then assembled and filled with water when the hot weather arrives.
  2. For most families, a pool with a depth of 60 cm will allow younger children to swim, and adults to sit and relax. If you want to use the pool for tethered swimming, it’ll need to be at least 75 cm deep to manage a front crawl. The longer your arms, the deeper the pool will need to be.
  3. You’ll also find that the pool’s capacity makes a big difference to how long it takes to fill up. A 6000 L pool takes around 6 – 8 hours to fill with water. Some larger pools have twice this capacity, and therefore take twice the time.
  4. Although frame swimming pools are reasonably low maintenance, you’ll need to take additional steps if you want to avoid filling it more than once per season. Therefore, you’ll also need to consider investing in a pump (if one doesn’t come included) to filter the water. Treating the pool with chlorine is recommended as well, and ‘start up kits’ exist for anyone new to using chlorine in a pool.  

I’ve selected the Bestway 56404 Steel Pro Frame Swimming Pool 277 x 201 x 66 cm as my top recommendation. Perfect for families, this pool is 277 cm long and has a 66 cm depth. It’s deep enough for children to swim in, and the water level will be thigh/hip height on most adults.

How to Choose the Best Frame Garden Swimming Pool

A frame swimming pool is a fantastic option if you lack space in your garden but still crave a dip on hot days. Frame pools are far less expensive than traditional swimming pools, while the shallower depth makes them the perfect spot to sit and relax with friends and family.

There are a lot of frame pools on the market, with different models suitable for different situations. If you want to make sure you’re buying the best frame swimming pool, check out the following advice.

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Choosing the Right Depth

Not all frame swimming pools are the same depth. On this page I’ve recommended frame swimming pools with depth ranging from 30 cm to 122 cm.

Shallower pools with a depth of just 30 cm are less like a swimming pool, and more of a paddling pool. These are suitable for younger kids to sit and play in and have a splash around. If an adults sits in a pool that’s 30 cm deep, the water will just cover your thighs.

Pools with a depth of 45 – 65 cm are a good option for families, especially if you have younger children with a range of ages. These tend to be better for sitting and relaxing but, again, are difficult for adults to swim in. In a pool that’s 65 cm deep, younger children will be able to swim. Adults will find that the water is shoulder/chin level on them.

Pools with a depth of 75 cm will allow most adults to swim. In these pools, adults will be able to use a swimming bungee for tethered swimming. The ideal depth for swimming will depend on the lengths of your arms – ideally the pool will be deeper than your arm length, to allow for front crawl. This depth is also good for older kids who want to swim from end to end.

Deeper frame pools will have a depth of around 122 cm. When standing, this water will come up to chest height on most adults. This depth is only suitable for adults and older children who are confident swimmers. Younger children won’t be able to stand in the water.

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Keeping the Water Clean

Bacteria can quickly form in standing water, so either your pool will need regular draining and refilling, or you’re going to need to invest in a pump and some chemicals.

Some swimming pools come with a filter pump included, but many don’t. A filter pump will be your first line of defence for keeping the water clean. Most frame swimming pools will have a valve on the side where a pump can be fitted, even if they don’t come with a pump included.

If you don’t want to keep changing the water in the pool over summer, you will also need to use purifying chemicals like chlorine. Chlorine tablets will rapidly kill the bacteria in the water. Chlorine can be used alone, or used with bromine or ionisers.

It’s possible to purchase a ‘start up’ kit for your frame swimming pool, which is a good option if you don’t really know where to start when it comes to chemical cleaning. This set usually comes with a ‘shock’, which will kill algae, chloramines and bacteria, plus pH test strips and a pool treatment guide.

You should also aim to balance the pH between 7.4 and 7.6. Adding sodium carbonate will raise the pH, whilst sodium bisulfate will lower the pH.

The amount and type of chemicals to use in your pool will depend on the size and brand. You should only ever add chemicals according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and add them one after another – never at the same time.

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Frame Swimming Pool Shape

Frame swimming pools are usually round, oval or rectangular.

Rectangular pools can make the most out of available space, fitting better into corners of the garden but capitalising on the area available.

Round pools are great for socialising, as everyone can sit/stand around the edge and face inwards, but you may find that you don’t end up with as much ‘surface area’ of water as you might with a rectangular pool.

Some of the deeper pools are round, so you may need to make a choice between depth and water surface area.

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Frame Garden Swimming Pool FAQs

Choosing the right location and surface for your pool will 1) extend the lifespan of your pool, 2) make it safer to use, and 3) prevent damage to your garden.

It is absolutely crucial that a frame swimming pool is positioned on level ground. If the ground is uneven, water will flow more towards one side than the other. This will create uneven pressure that will put unnecessary strain on side seams.

If you put the pool on grass, it can be positioned directly on the grass itself. As is often the way when putting anything on grass (pools, sandpits etc.), there will likely be discoloration of the grass when you move the pool. Make sure there are no sharp stones sticking up from the grass.

Concrete will be a good surface for frame swimming pools because it is usually completely level. However, you should place a protective layer between the pool and any hard surface. Otherwise, it may snag and puncture.

Many people choose to put a material underneath their frame swimming pool in order to extend its lifespan and make it more comfortable underfoot. The material should be breathable, puncture resistant and comfortable. A ground sheet, carpet or interlocking foam tiles are all good options, offering protection to the bottom of your pool.

Their lifespan depends on how well the frame pool is looked after, including the quality of the pool.

The better quality frame swimming pools, with the right maintenance, can last over 10 years. It’s best if they are taken down in the winter. If you’ve got a pump, ladder and filter, this may need replacing sooner.

The main reason your pool may not last as long as you like is down to rust. Look for an anti-rust frame, and some metal parts may need to be treated on a regular basis to prevent rust from forming.

To keep the frame strong, you shouldn’t sit or jump off the rails. Whilst strong, these aren’t designed to handle the weight of a swimmer and may bend and weaken.

Finally, ensure you keep your pool on a completely flat surface. If your garden is even slightly sloped, pressure will be put on one side of the pool. If you’re going to be putting your pool on grass, ensure it is fully levelled before filling the pool with water.

You should consider purchasing a pump, filter and a cover for your swimming pool. Many people also choose to use chlorine tablets, or a combination of chlorine with bromine or ionizers in order to stop bacteria growing. The amount to use will depend on the size of your pool.

If your pool is properly filtered and the right chemicals added, you should only need to change the water every few weeks, or even less frequently. A cover can help prevent leaves and debris from getting into the pool, while chlorine and a filter can prevent bacteria from forming.

If your pool doesn’t have any sanitation, you should drain and refill it every 2-4 days. Bacteria can grow in the water, which can be a health hazard if accidentally ingested. Stagnant water without chlorine can become harmful in just a couple of days.

Although many people find that they can leave their frame swimming pool assembled over winter (emptied and covered) it will be more protected from the elements if it is packed away over winter.

Freezing temperatures can take their toll on the materials used to make temporary swimming pools. Both the liner and the frame have the potential to be damaged by extreme weather conditions.

One of the primary benefits of a frame swimming pool is that it’s easy to set up, and therefore also easy to take down. Try to store your pool in a garden shed or garage over the colder months.

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