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The UK's bestCat Scarers2022 Review

We've reviewed the best Cat Scarers on the UK market.

Here are the products we believe are worth your consideration…

In this guide we’ll look at the best cat scarers for the UK market.
I’ve compared design, effectiveness, safety and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Are The UK's Best Cat Scarers?

best-cat-scarer Pest XT Jet Spray Motion Sensor Activated Cat and Fox Scarer
  • Motion-activated
  • Wireless
  • Wide range
best-cat-scarer Nrpfell Large Falcon Decoy Bird Deterrent
  • Inexpensive
  • Looks good
  • Deters animals

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Motion-activated, Wireless, Wide range,

Pest XT Jet Spray Motion Sensor Activated Cat and Fox Scarer

best-cat-scarer Pest XT Jet Spray Motion Sensor Activated Cat and Fox Scarer
  • Motion-activated
  • Wireless
  • Wide range
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Pest XT Jet Spray Motion Sensor Activated Cat and Fox Scarer Review

The Pest XT Jet Spray Motion Sensor Activated Cat and Fox Scarer is the best cat scarer because it is motion-activated, is wireless and has a wide detection range.

This cat scarer uses a motion sensor to detect when a fox or cat is in your garden. It then turns on a jet of water to scare them off. This is the best water cat scarer as it creates a good jet of water that will scare off any cats or foxes and deter them from returning. The motion sensor has a range of 10 metres and the pack includes two scarers allowing you to cover a large area.

The cat scarer doesn’t require mains power making it very convenient and easy to use. It does, however, require a garden hose connection.

This is the best option if you want to cover a wide area and want a cat scarcer that actively scares cats away rather than just a deterrent.

Inexpensive, Looks good, Deters animals,

Nrpfell Large Falcon Decoy Bird Deterrent

best-cat-scarer Nrpfell Large Falcon Decoy Bird Deterrent
  • Inexpensive
  • Looks good
  • Deters animals
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Nrpfell Large Falcon Decoy Bird Deterrent Review

The Nrpfell Large Falcon Decoy Bird Deterrent is a good passive option because it’s inexpensive, looks good and it deters animals rather than scaring them.

This is a good inexpensive option that works out much cheaper than the fancier and more technology-based animal scarers. This option looks nice and can make a nice garden ornament. This option deters animals rather than scaring them making it a good choice if you don’t like the idea of scaring animals.

This option is good if you want a nice-looking inexpensive option and you don’t like the idea of actively scaring animals and just want to deter them from visiting your garden.

Price Comparison

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How to Choose The Best Cat Scarer

Any gardener will know that there’s few visitors to their garden more unwelcome than the next door neighbour’s cat! From digging up flower beds, to using your perfectly manicured lawn as a toilet, to scratching up your garden furniture, it often seems there’s no limit to the destruction a strange cat can cause. 

With their incredible ability to contort themselves into any size or shape, making your garden fully cat-proof can be a little tricky. Gardeners are having to be a little more creative when it comes to sending unwanted feline visitors packing. 

Cat scarers offer a humane way to rid your garden of unwelcome felines. They can help deter cats from your garden for good – keeping your plants, lawn and wildlife safe. 

If you’re looking to purchase a cat scarer but you’re quite sure where to start, the following tips will help you to make the right decision. 

Benefits of a Cat Scarer

Cat scarers can help deter cats from your garden, and if you’ve got first hand experience of how destructive an unwelcome feline can be, you’ll understand why so many people are interested in buying one! 

Cats are often drawn to flower beds and vegetable patches, and many gardeners have found their favourite flowers dug up the morning following a feline visit. They may defecate on your flower beds, lawn or pathways, which can be very bad for your garden. Not only that, cat faeces can smell very unpleasant! 

You may also find there’s damage to the bark of your trees or shrubs, caused by cats scratching and marking their territory. 

Finally, those who are into wildlife will also see the benefits of a cat scarer. Cats hunt garden birds and small mammals, including bats. Many gardeners pride themselves on the different wildlife that comes to their garden, so it can be very disheartening to see them scared off, or killed, by a cat. 

Type of Scarer

The first thing you’ll need to decide is what type of scarer to purchase, and there’s a few on the market to choose from. 

A jet scarer is one of the most effective, and this can also help to deter other unwanted wildlife. These have a motion detector and release a jet of water to scare off felines and foxes. Of course, the downside with these is that your lawn can get very wet. 

Ultrasonic scarers are another good option. These often have a range of settings that allow them to target different animals. They emit an ultrasonic sound that cats find unpleasant. The sound is usually at such a high frequency that humans are unable to hear it. Some ultrasonic scarers have built in LED lights which can also help deter cats. 

The final option is a simple deterrent in the form of a statue that looks like a predator. The upside to these is that they are affordable and very simple, but the downside is that they tend to be the least effective. 

Ability to Scare other Species

It’s not just cats who can wreak havoc in your garden. Foxes and badgers can dig holes, eat ripening fruit, leave droppings and deter wildlife. 

Some cat scarers are also capable of deterring badgers and foxes. Ultrasonic cat scarers often have different settings so you can scare specific animals. The Chasehill Ultrasonic Outdoor Cat Scarer is one such example. This model has a range of settings and is able to deter cats, badgers, mice, birds, rats and dogs depending on the frequency used. 

Disruption to your Garden

Us gardeners take a lot of pride in our gardens, and the last thing we want is a loud cat scarer ruining the atmosphere!

Luckily, most cat scarers are designed to be relatively unobtrusive. They are often wireless so there’s no need to run cabling through your garden, and once installed they will be practically unnoticeable

The water jet scarers are a little more high maintenance as they will need to be connected to a garden hose or water supply. This can cause issues in the winter if the water supply freezes. 

Ultrasonic scarers usually operate at a frequency that humans can’t hear which means they’re not particularly disruptive. However, those that operate at a lower frequency may disturb you or your neighbours. 

Motion Detection Range

Water or ultrasonic cat scarers will usually come with motion sensors. When the scarer is activated, the motion sensor will detect when a fox or cat is in your garden and scare them off – either with a jet of water or a high pitched sound. 

The effectiveness of your cat scarer may come down to the motion detection range and angle. Those with a wider range are best for large gardens, while smaller gardens won’t require such a wide detection range. 

You’ll want an accurate motion sensor, capable of picking up movement from small cats as well as large ones. If the range doesn’t cover your entire garden, ensure you position your scarer near your flowerbeds or whatever it is you are wishing to protect the most!

Batteries & Charging Method

Most animal scarers are wireless, so there’s no need to run cables throughout your garden. Solar powered scarers are the most low maintenance, as there’s no need to change the batteries. On sunny days, the batteries will charge up, which means the scarer can still be used on cloudy days. 

Others use simple disposable or rechargeable batteries. These will need to be replaced or recharged on a regular basis.

Cat Scarer FAQs

Are cat scarers legal? 

Sonic cat scarers which emit a high pitched noise are legal, but those with a lower noise may disturb your neighbours. It’s important to purchase a model that is inaudible to humans. 

All cat scarers I’ve recommended are humane. They simply deter or scare cats, as opposed to harming them. 

How do you deter cats from your garden?

As well as purchasing a cat scarer, there’s a few other ways you can deter cats from your garden. 

A good way to deter cats is to use scents they dislike. Cats dislike scents like lavender, rosemary and citrus. Some gardeners sprinkle brewed coffee grounds over their soil, which cats also find unpleasant. 

Another option is to make your soil less inviting for cats to walk on. You may wish to cover the soil in twigs temporarily, or push pine cones into the soil. 

If possible, remove cat droppings from your garden as quickly as possible, and clean any areas that they have urinated. Cats tend to urinate in the same place over and over, marking their territory. Removing the odour when you can will prevent this behaviour reoccurring. 

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