6 Best Fox Deterrents of 2024

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The Best Fox Deterrents

The Best Fox Deterrents & Repellents
  1. Pestbye® Motion Activated Fox Repellent

  2. Defenders STV415 Jet-Spray Pond & Garden Protector

  3. The Cactus Fox Deterrent Wall Fence Spikes

  4. YurDoca Ultrasonic Fox Repellent

  5. Solar Predator Control Lights Fox Deterrent

Fox Deterrent Reviews

Editors Choice
  • Can effectively deter foxes, cats and rodents
  • Long battery life of around 4 - 6 months
  • Seems to reduce the amount of time foxes spend in the garden
  • Easy to insert stake into the ground
  • Blue light when activated lets you know that it’s working

  • Small screws on the battery cover can make changing batteries fiddly
  • Animals can get used to the noise so these are best moved around your garden on a regular basis
  • No indication in instructions of what frequencies to use to deter different species
  • PIR sensor may occasionally be set off by moving leaves, etc.
Overall Score 4.7
Ease of Setup
Value for Money

Ultrasonic deterrents are a humane way to deter foxes from your garden. The Pestbye® Motion Activated Fox Repellent emits a high frequency sound that’ll irritate foxes but is inaudible to most humans.

Available as a set of 2, each with a range of 10 m and covering an arc of 110°, this is a great option for large gardens. Each unit has a PIR motion sensor which detects the movement and body heat of unwanted intruders.

The deterrents come with a zinc-coated ground stake as well as a hanger. They can be pushed into the ground or fitted to a wall or fence. The units are weatherproof and can be left outside year-round. They require 4 x AA batteries each, with the batteries generally lasting up to 6 months.

With a range of adjustable settings, these ultrasonic repellers are suitable for most gardens. The sensor is adjustable to help prevent false detections and there’s also a dial to adjust the frequency. Whether you’re trying to deter foxes, cats or rodents, the frequency can be altered accordingly.

Therefore, these are some of the best fox deterrents if you want ultrasonic units with adjustable frequencies. They have increased versatility as they can be set to deter different animals.

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Runner Up
  • PIR sensor is sensitive and has a good range of around 10 m
  • Works very well at deterring foxes as well as other animals such as cats
  • Very easy to set up with an adjustable water pressure and angle
  • Takes just 2 AA batteries which last a very long time

  • Too sensitive at times - on sunny days and in windy conditions the PIR sensor may be triggered accidentally
  • Ground stake is made from plastic so care is needed when inserting it into hard ground
  • Made from all plastic so frost can freeze the water pipes and damage it
Overall Score 4.7
Ease of Setup
Value for Money

When it comes to deterring the most stubborn foxes, ultrasonic frequencies or LED lights may not be enough. The Defenders STV415 Jet-Spray Pond & Garden Protector uses water to actively scare foxes away, as opposed to just deterring them.

This jet-spray is motion activated, using a reliable PIR sensor with a range of up to 10 m that covers a 120° arc. For smaller gardens, the detection range can be reduced, so it won’t be accidentally activated by movement in your neighbour’s garden, for example!

It’s worth noting however, that the motion sensor is very sensitive and can be triggered in windy conditions by the movements of trees and bushes. To turn off the deterrent (for instance if you are using the garden and don’t want to get soaked!), simply turn the water off at the mains.

Once the PIR sensor is triggered, this fox repeller shoots a jet of water out to scare the unwelcome visitor. It makes a relatively loud noise in the process, which also surprises the animal. The water pressure and angle is adjustable, and you should find after just a couple scares, foxes stop returning to your garden.

This deterrent is very easy to set up, although it requires a little more work than solar-powered models. You’ll need to attach a hose (the deterrent has a standard hose fitting that will connect to most garden hoses) and insert 2 x AA batteries. It’s best installed away from direct sunlight (as this may trigger the motion sensor), and it should also be taken inside if temperatures are expected to drop below-freezing.

This deterrent doesn’t require mains power which makes it very easy to use, and it’s a step up from ultrasonic deterrents when it comes to effectiveness. While animals can get used to ultrasonic frequencies, a rapid jet of water has an added element of surprise. It’s one of the best fox deterrents if you want something truly effective and surprising, though it requires a bit more effort to set up than others.

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Also Good
  • Very effective, stopping animals including foxes and cats from getting up on fences
  • Add an extra layer of security to your home from human intruders as well
  • Available in different colours to blend in better with fences/walls
  • Strips can be cut if necessary to fit thinner fences

  • Gloves recommended when installing as spikes can be sharp
  • Only protect the tops of fences, so foxes may find another way into your garden
  • Most effective when combined with other deterrents
Overall Score 4.2
Ease of Setup
Value for Money

These Cactus Fox Deterrent Wall Fence Spikes are a great choice if you know exactly where foxes are gaining access to your garden. These spikes can be used to make your garden difficult to access and to put animals off from visiting. They work best when combined with other deterrents.

This deterrent consists of plastic spikes which can be laid across the tops of fences to prevent foxes, cats and other intruders from accessing your garden in this way. They also add an extra layer of security to your home, helping to deter opportunistic thieves as well.

While these spikes cause discomfort, they aren’t intended to physically harm foxes or cats – the intention is that they are uncomfortable to walk on.

These fence spikes come in a pack of 20 strips, measuring 45 cm long and 4.5 cm wide. They can be placed on even very narrow fences, or grouped together for wider areas. They can also be cut to size, reducing the width further. Each spike measures 1.5 cm across. They are amongst the sharpest on the market so, although they are made from plastic, a lot of care needs to be taken when installing.

These spikes are relatively easy to install although screws will need to be purchased separately. They are very low maintenance – once they’re in place, that’s your job done. They are fully weather resistant, made from hard UV resistant plastic which won’t weaken if exposed to rain, frost or icy conditions.

Overall, these fence spikes are most effective when combined with additional deterrents. However, these fence spikes are one of the best fox deterrents if you know that foxes are climbing into your garden; they can be used to block off certain routes and make it harder for foxes to gain access.

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  • Can effectively deter foxes from sticking around in the garden at night
  • Uses solar power so doesn’t require batteries or maintenance
  • Easy to move around whenever necessary
  • Can either be pushed into ground or hung on a fence etc.
  • Possible to turn off manually using a switch to stop it being set up unnecessarily when you’re in the garden

  • Needs to be installed in a sunny area for solar charging to work in the winter
  • Foxes may get used to the noise over time
  • Ultrasonic sound is audible to some humans
Overall Score 4.5
Ease of Setup
Value for Money

If you’re after an ultrasonic fox deterrent on a budget, the YurDoca Ultrasonic Fox Repellent is a good option to consider. It’s inexpensive, yet boasts many of the same features as pricier models. Overall, it’s an effective repeller that can humanely drive away unwelcome visitors, including both foxes and cats.

It works using a reliable motion sensor. Once a fox or other animal has been detected, the repellent will emit an ultrasonic frequency that deters the animal from sticking around. As an additional deterrent, there’s also an LED flashing light.

Covering an angle of 110° horizontally and a 50° arc from top to bottom, this repeller covers a reasonably small area so needs to be placed near paths frequented by foxes. The range is 8 m, and it can detect both small and large animals.

In terms of adjustability, this fox repellent isn’t quite as advanced as others on the market. There’s no option to alter the frequency, but, nevertheless, the set frequency does a good job of deterring foxes (and cats!).

To install this unit, simply push it into the ground or hang it on a fence. It’s best installed in direct sunlight (or moved into the sun during daytime) in order to charge effectively, As this is the only way to power the unit, you may find it slightly less effective in the winter months. The unit is, however, fully weatherproof – able to withstand snow, ice, rain and wind.

Considering the price and capabilities of this unit, it’s one of the best fox deterrents to buy on a budget. Even though the ultrasonic frequency isn’t adjustable, it still seems effective against foxes nonetheless.

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  • Uses no ultrasonic frequencies so good for anyone who is sensitive to them
  • Solar powered so no batteries required
  • Battery lasts the whole night
  • Turns on automatically when dark, and off when the sun comes up
  • Set of 4 so can be placed in several different areas of the garden

  • Animals can quickly get used to the lights and realise they are not the eyes of a predator
  • No on/off switch so permanently on once darkness falls
  • Lights will only help deter animals at night - not during the day
Overall Score 4.3
Ease of Setup
Value for Money

The Solar Predator Control Lights Fox Deterrent offers a safe and humane way to help deter foxes from your garden. These lights spook animals into thinking they’re being watched and are ideal for gardens that are visited by a lot of different wildlife.

This set consists of four units, each containing 2 LED lights. At night, the lights turn on automatically and blink in order to startle animals. They require very little maintenance as they run off solar power meaning there are no batteries to charge. Generally speaking, they hold enough power to last throughout the night and can be seen by intruders up to 243 m away.

These lights are very easy to use and install. Simply push each light into the ground or hang the units on a wall or fence. They can be spread around your garden to cover the entire area, or placed in a specific area that you know foxes like to visit. These lights are safe, eco-friendly and contain nothing that will harm either humans or animals.

Providing they are placed in a relatively sunny area, you should find these lights require little attention. They are waterproof, and can be used in the rain, with a rating of IP44.

While it may take some trial and error to work out which is the best fox repellent for your garden, these lights are worth considering if you don’t want to use ultrasonic frequencies or water jets. They work purely on the element of surprise, unnerving foxes and making them think they are being watched.

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Clive's Smart Buying Tips

  1. For deterring foxes, there are two main types of deterrent. Mechanical deterrents are physical barriers. These are best if you want to block foxes from specific areas of your garden. One example of a mechanical deterrent would be wall spikes; these put off foxes from entering your garden over the fence.
  2. Machine deterrents use a variety of automated-scare tactics like noise, lights and water jets to deter foxes. Machines that emit a high-frequency sound are some of the best fox deterrents – they can’t be heard by humans but are uncomfortable for animals.
  3. Look for models with adjustable frequency settings between 19.5 and 60 kHz, as these can be use to spook a variety of pests, not just foxes.
  4. For high-frequency/water-jet deterrents, it’s also necessary to consider the deterrent’s range. I recommend choosing a model with a 10m range for a large garden. An 8m range should suffice for small and medium gardens. Alternatively, look for a multi-pack; this will allow you to position deterrents in various areas around the garden.
  5. The power source is also important. Solar-powered deterrents are low-maintenance if placed in sunny spots, so they are better if you don’t want to faff with batteries.
  6. However, battery-powered options are cheaper and offer good value, so they are better if you’re on a budget. The downside is that you will need to keep an eye on the batteries and change them when they run low.  

When it comes to the best fox deterrent, I’ve chosen the Pestbye® Motion Activated Fox Repellent as my top choice. This emits a high frequency noise over a 10m range. Its adjustable frequency settings make it effective against various animals.

How to Choose the Best Fox Deterrent

How to Deter Foxes and Other Pests

Don’t Leave Food Outside

Foxes are drawn to food and rubbish, so it’s important not to leave anything out that might attract them. This includes rubbish bags in bins that might be easily knocked over. Clear your garden of rubbish and keep it tidy. If you have a BBQ or picnic out, ensure that you clear up any traces of leftover food. While this isn’t a guaranteed way to deter foxes, it will certainly help.

Protect Your Bins

If animals find it easy to get into your bins, they’ll have a constant supply of food and scraps. Consider using a wheelie bin storage solution to protect your rubbish from unwanted dumpster divers.

Build a Fence 

In order to keep foxes out, the fence needs to be buried low enough to stop them digging underneath, and tall enough to stop them from jumping over. Your fence should be at least 1.8 m high and buried at least 45 cm into the ground. Chicken netting is the most effective, but make sure that it’s high quality so the foxes cannot easily break through.

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Set Up Night Cameras in Your Garden

This can help you monitor the activity of foxes, so you know exactly when and how they are getting into your garden in the first place. Once you’ve investigated the activity of the foxes, block off their usual entrance and raise the height of any fence they’ve managed to climb over.

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Use a Deterrent with Lights

Motion activated security lights are a great way to keep foxes away. A bright light that turns on when it senses movement will almost certainly scare them off. While these are inexpensive and very easy to get set up, they can disturb your neighbours, so check any regulations in your area before you purchase the brightest light you can find!

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Use a Deterrent with High-Frequency Sound

These deterrents will discourage foxes, cats, or even dogs from going where you don’t want them to. The frequency can be adjusted so that only the animals you want to deter will be affected, and they won’t disturb humans.

Choosing the Right Type of Deterrent

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Fox deterrents come in several forms. Our focus here is on humane, chemical-free deterrents.

The most popular deterrents are mechanical deterrents, which physically block foxes from getting into certain areas, and machine deterrents, which perform processes that put foxes off hanging around. Some gardeners choose to use a combination of deterrents in order to cover more bases.

Mechanical Deterrents

Mechanical deterrents are a relatively effective way to deter pests if you don’t want to deal with any kind of electronic device. They are practical solutions that will solve specific problems. They often consist of spiky plastic strips or mesh. These can be placed around the garden to deter animals from digging in certain areas, or attached on top of fences to stop animals from climbing over them.

Mechanical deterrents will help solve specific issues, but they won’t necessarily stop unwanted animals from entering your garden completely. They’re often good to use alongside other deterrents. Also, on the plus side, these deterrents don’t really require any maintenance and they don’t have any batteries that will require changing.

Machine Deterrents

There are a few different options when it comes to electronic machine deterrents. Here’s a run down of each one:

  • Machines with Lights

A machine with lights will flash when it detects the movement of an animal. In general, this flash uses bright LEDs and startles the animal, scaring it away. These can act as quite good deterrents, although they are normally more effective when accompanied by high-frequency sounds for pests such as foxes. One of the primary benefits of using a light-up deterrent over other types is that they are silent.

  • High-Frequency Sound Waves

These deterrents emit a high-frequency sound wave which is audible to animals but (for the most part) not to humans. It is generally accepted that humans can detect frequencies of up to 20 kHz (with some variation between people, of course!). Deterrents can reach much higher frequencies. For example, some units can go up to 45.5 kHz – a frequency that can even deter bats!

A deterrent that uses high-frequency sound waves may put an animal off from returning because they associate the garden with the uncomfortable sound that they heard on a previous visit. Be aware that your own pet may also be affected by the noise.

  • Machines that Spray Water

When an animal is detected, a water-spray deterrent will shoot out a jet of water. This tends to work in three ways: firstly, if the water makes physical contact with the animal, it will be startled; secondly, the sound of the water burst will surprise unwanted animals; thirdly, the sound of the machine whirring and jumping into life can also alarm foxes and cats.

The arc of water can be adjusted so that it lands where you want it to, and these deterrents are likely to be memorable to animals and put them off returning. However, they do need to be connected to your hose, so there is more set up required.

Adjust the Frequency Depending on the Pest

Different animals can hear different frequencies, and are put off more by frequencies which are higher in their hearing range. Here are the frequencies needed to deter each type of animal:

Cats and dogs: 22 – 25 kHz

Foxes: 19.5 – 22 kHz

Rodents: 25 – 60 kHz

If you have a deterrent that works using high-frequency sound waves, you may want to check what frequency it works on to ensure that it will be effective against the animals you wish to deter. Some high-frequency deterrents will allow you to adjust the frequency, which can be useful. However, it may take some trial and error to get the settings right, because the frequency may not be marked in kHz.

Type of Power Source

The fox deterrents featured on this page use different types of power sources. This is something you may want to consider when buying a deterrent.

Solar Powered

With solar-powered deterrents you don’t have to worry about changing the batteries; however, it does mean that you will have to place the unit somewhere that gets enough sun, so this may be limiting.

Battery Powered

In general, the batteries inside battery-powered deterrents will last for a couple of months. This means that they are not too costly to run, even though the price of batteries can add up over time.

You will need to keep an eye on the device and pay attention to when the batteries run out.

No Power Source Required

Finally, as mentioned above, there are the no-power-required mechanical options. These are generally good at solving specific problems (like stopping pests from digging or climbing fences), but aren’t as effective as an overall deterrent.

However, seeing as they use no power, and generally require no maintenance, they are the easiest deterrent to put down and not have to think about.

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