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The UK's bestRat Bait Boxes & Stations2022 Review

What To Look For in a Rat Bait Boxes & Stations

Anyone who has been unlucky enough to experience a rat infestation in either their home or garden will know that there’s seemingly no limit to the damage they can cause.

Rats can breed at a phenomenal rate, so what starts with just a couple can soon develop into something much more sinister. An infestation of rats can contaminate food supplies, spread disease and damage your property. 

Fortunately, small-scale rat problems can be treated without calling in professional help. The best place to start is to simply make your home and garden less attractive to rats. Avoid leaving any food out, including nuts and crumbs from bird feeders. 

You may consider using a bait station which will poison rats and help stop the problem from escalating. The best rat bait station will be compatible with different types of bait, and also be secure and tamper-proof. Bait stations are required by law in the UK if you intend to leave bait out.

I’ve recommended the Big Cheese STV179 Rat and Mouse Bait Station as my top pick. This bait station has a lock and key feature to protect children and pets, and the compact design means it can be slotted into the smallest of spaces. For more details on this bait station, plus other useful alternatives, see the reviews below.

What Are The UK's Best Rat Bait Boxes?

best-rat-bait-boxes-stations The Big Cheese STV179 Rat and Mouse Bait Station
  • Best rat bait station
  • Purchase bait separately
  • Compact design
best-rat-bait-boxes-stations Roshield External Tamper Proof Rodent Bait Box
  • High strength bait included
  • Suitable for indoors and out
  • Tamper resistant and lockable
best-rat-bait-boxes-stations Pest Expert Professional Bait Boxes
  • High-strength bait included
  • Attractive bait to rats
  • Safe and lockable
best-rat-bait-boxes-stations Deadfast Poison Block Bait Station
  • No known resistance to ingredients
  • Weather and temperature resistant
  • Chew-through film around bait for safety
best-rat-bait-boxes-stations The Big Cheese STV566 Transparent Rat Killer Station
  • Fully transparent bait box
  • Lockable design
  • Single feed bait included

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Best rat bait station, Purchase bait separately, Compact design,

The Big Cheese STV179 Rat and Mouse Bait Station

best-rat-bait-boxes-stations The Big Cheese STV179 Rat and Mouse Bait Station
  • Best rat bait station
  • Purchase bait separately
  • Compact design
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The Big Cheese STV179 Rat and Mouse Bait Station Review

If you’ve got a rat or mouse infestation that needs to be tackled immediately, the Big Cheese STV179 Rat and Mouse Bait Station is my top recommendation. This station can be filled with bait, and allows rats and other rodents easy access.

One of the key complaints about bait stations is security; however, this particular bait station has a key and lock feature that protects children and pets from accidental contact with the rodent bait. Keeping the poisonous bait out of reach is the most important consideration when using a bait station.

With a compact 22.6 x 12 x 7.6 cm build, this bait station can be slotted into small areas with ease. Given that rats like to move along walls and hide in dark corners, the size of this station is perfect for tucking away in enclosed spaces.

The only downside with this station is that the bait doesn’t come included. This means you’ve got another expense to think about. However, some rats are now immune to certain poisons, so you’ll be able to choose the bait yourself based on previous results. This station is also compatible with all types of bait; including block, grain, pasta and natural grain. It can be washed out and reused over and over again.

Overall, this bait station represents great value for money thanks to its ease of use. Although it doesn’t come with bait included, this could also work to your benefit as it allows you to choose the best bait to suit you.


  • Lockable lid helps prevent children and pets from tampering with the box
  • Works effectively when perhaps other methods have failed
  • Small enough to position in small areas more likely to be frequented by mice
  • No need to interact with, or touch, rats/mice


  • Bait needs to be purchased separately
  • Doesn’t work straight away - some rats ignore them for a few days
  • May lead to increased rat activity to start with as they start to eat the bait
High strength bait included, Suitable for indoors and out, Tamper resistant and lockable,

Roshield External Tamper Proof Rodent Bait Box

best-rat-bait-boxes-stations Roshield External Tamper Proof Rodent Bait Box
  • High strength bait included
  • Suitable for indoors and out
  • Tamper resistant and lockable
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Roshield External Tamper Proof Rodent Bait Box Review

If you’re looking for a bait station with the bait included, the Roshield External Tamper Proof Rodent Bait Box is a good option. This station comes in a range of sizes. If you’ve got a small rat problem, the two-box set is perfect. For larger infestations, opt for the four-box set with 1.2 kg bait blocks.

The included wax bait blocks are easy to use, and contain high-strength bromadiolone as the active poison. The blocks are blended with chopped wheat, cereals and proteins that rats won’t be able to resist.

It’s recommended that you place 5-10 blocks in each bait station to ensure every rat has enough. Rats need to eat a fair amount of this bait for it to take effect and it’s unlikely that a single packet of bait will be sufficient to control a full infestation of rats.

In terms of safety features, they’re well thought through. Each box is tamper-resistant so can’t easily be opened by kids or pets and the lid is lockable. Additionally, there is a large metal rod that holds the wax blocks securely within the box – this means the rats are less likely to take the bait away with them and risk spreading it around your garden/house.

The bait used has been approved for use both inside and out, suitable for domestic homes as well as commercial environments. The blocks are tolerant to high temperatures and humidity thanks to their waxy construction.

The only downside to these bait boxes is that they’re fairly lightweight, so they may need to be weighed down with a couple of bricks, or placed somewhere that they won’t be accidentally knocked.

Overall, this is one of the best rat bait stations if you want an effective station with bait already included. It’s also good value for money, given that you get two stations and 600 g bait.


  • Boxes are sturdy and durable
  • Easy to use with sections inside for different types of bait
  • Key locked so can’t be tampered with by children or pets
  • Comes with bait included which most rats will eat
  • Wax-based bait is tolerant to high temperatures and humidity


  • Slightly small opening so large rats may be more wary of entering
  • Each box is very lightweight so needs to be placed somewhere where it won’t accidentally be knocked/needs weighting down
  • Rats need to eat a lot of the bait for it to take effect - need to ensure there’s no other food lying around which they might prefer
High-strength bait included, Attractive bait to rats, Safe and lockable,

Pest Expert Professional Bait Boxes

best-rat-bait-boxes-stations Pest Expert Professional Bait Boxes
  • High-strength bait included
  • Attractive bait to rats
  • Safe and lockable
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Pest Expert Professional Bait Boxes Review

If you’re looking for single-feed rat bait, the Pest Expert Professional Bait Boxes is a good option. This bait station comes with high-strength bait that kills rats after just one feed.

This set comes with 2 rat bait boxes, as well as 600g of bait. The bait contains an active concentration of Brodifacoum at 0.0029%. This is up to six times stronger than other rat poisons on the market, meaning rats don’t need to eat much. It’s also the maximum legal strength of bait poison, so it’s one of the best rat bait boxes if you’re looking for a set with strong bait.

The bait blocks are made from a unique blend designed to attract rats. They are highly palatable, and in many cases the rats still go for the bait even if there’s other food around.

Now onto the boxes themselves: this set comes with two heavy-duty, lockable rat bait boxes. With such a high strength poison being used, it is essential that these boxes are safe and tamper proof. Being lockable, they’re already relatively secure, but it’s also recommended that they are fixed to the ground as well in order to prevent other animals such as squirrels from lifting them up and upsetting the bait.

Overall, these boxes are some of the most effective bait stations primarily thanks to the ultra-strong bait. However, they should be treated with the utmost care, as secondary poisoning – from animals coming into contact with the poisoned rats – can be a real risk for pet owners.


  • Comes with high-strength bait blocks included
  • Bait is a strong concentration and more likely to kill rats after first contact
  • Locks securely so can’t be easily tampered with
  • Bait is secured in box so rats can’t drag it out and leave it lying around


  • Squirrels can easily lift and move the box so many people feel it’s necessary to secure box to the ground
  • Instructions are lacking so it may be a little confusing to anyone new to using bait stations
No known resistance to ingredients, Weather and temperature resistant, Chew-through film around bait for safety,

Deadfast Poison Block Bait Station

best-rat-bait-boxes-stations Deadfast Poison Block Bait Station
  • No known resistance to ingredients
  • Weather and temperature resistant
  • Chew-through film around bait for safety
Save 18% on Amazon

Deadfast Poison Block Bait Station Review

The Deadfast Poison Block Bait Station is another bait box with poison included.

Whilst many rats have developed resistance to certain types of poison, this bait contains difethialone as its active ingredient. This ingredient currently has no known resistance in rodents, so is a great option if you’ve tried other baits with little success.

It’s also effective in low concentrations, which makes it easy for rats to consume a lethal dose. Therefore, this is one of the best rat bait stations for large infestations. This bait and station can also be used both inside and out.

With a universal key, this box can be locked once loaded with bait, meaning children and pets can’t get into it. Each box is very easy to use, and can be cleaned and reused once empty. There are two position options for the bait – it can either be placed vertically or horizontally.

Designed with safety in mind, the bait comes wrapped in chew-through film. Rats will simply nibble through the covering to easily access the bait, but you will have less risk of coming into contact with it.

There are no real downsides to this bait station, other than the standard fact not all rats will like the bait. Although rats don’t have a resistance to it, they may simply not take to it. However, it’s well worth trying thanks to its high strength.


  • Bait doesn't need to be consumed in large quantities before it starts to take effect
  • Active poison ingredient is difethialone which rats have no known resistance to
  • Works quickly - most people have noticed good results within days
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Arrives pre-baited so there’s no need to make a separate purchase


  • No instructions included so not everyone will know how to use them
  • Not all rodents will eat the included bait - may need to experiment with different baits
Fully transparent bait box, Lockable design, Single feed bait included,

The Big Cheese STV566 Transparent Rat Killer Station

best-rat-bait-boxes-stations The Big Cheese STV566 Transparent Rat Killer Station
  • Fully transparent bait box
  • Lockable design
  • Single feed bait included
Check Price on Amazon

The Big Cheese STV566 Transparent Rat Killer Station Review

One of the issues with many bait stations is that it’s hard to see when all the bait has been eaten. Unlocking the station to assess the bait levels can be unhygienic and even dangerous if there’s residue poison nearby.

The Big Cheese STV566 Transparent Rat Killer Station is fully transparent, meaning you can see at a glance whether any of the bat has gone. If the bait is running low, the box can be unlocked and topped up. If no rats are taking it, you can see this at a glance and move the station to a different location. Also, there’s no need to handle the bait station in order to see how much bait is left. This makes it one of the best rat bait stations for contact-free use.

This station comes with just one box and three bait blocks included. The bait blocks contain benzisothiazolone and are designed to kill rats after just one feed. Although this does increase the risk of secondary poisoning – as the poison is strong – it does mean you can eliminate rats a lot faster.

With such a strong bait being used, it’s essential that the station itself is safe. This box has a lock and key access so the bait stays carefully enclosed. The box can be used both indoor and outdoor, and it’s compact enough to use in small spaces such as behind appliances or in darker corners.

As with most bait stations, there is a chance the rats won’t eat this bait, especially during the first couple of days. However, most users found this bait station very easy to use and effective at quickly eliminating small rat infestations.


  • Comes with three bait blocks included
  • Single feed bait - active ingredient of benzisothiazolone should kill the rat after just one feed
  • Translucent box so you can monitor how much the rats are eating without having to peer inside
  • Box is lockable to protect pets and children


  • Not all rodents like the included bait - may need to find something else

How to Choose the Best Rat Bait Box

A rat infestation needs immediate attention, and for those who have struggled using traps, a bait station is the next logical step. These are generally very effective, and are capable of eliminating larger rat infestations as well as small ones.

There are a number of rat bait stations on the market, and it’s essential that you choose the right one in order to keep your family and pets safe. These stations contain highly toxic substances, so need to be treated with respect. A poor quality bait box will put your family’s health at risk, and it may also be less effective.

The following advice will help you tackle rat infestations and choose the best rat bait box for your home.

Risks of a Rat Infestation

When rats are hard to get rid of, it can be tempting to try to ignore the problem. However, there are lots of reasons as to why you shouldn’t let rats hang around your property.

In terms of diseases, rats can carry salmonella and Weil’s disease, which is why it’s essential that you don’t touch any wild rats with your bare hands. They can contaminate food sources and pose a risk to health even if you don’t touch them.

Rat droppings and urine can also trigger allergies, as well as spread disease. You may come into contact with them anywhere in the home if you have an infestation of rats. Parasites, such as tapeworm, can also be carried by rats.

Along with health risks, rats can cause damage to property. If they’re in your garden, you may find they chew through hoses, steal food from bird feeders, eat your plants, or even harm your pets.

They may also chew through electrics, which can pose a huge fire risk, or nibble through water pipes. The entire building structure can be compromised.

Rats also reproduce at a fairly alarming rate. A female rat can birth 6 litters a year, with around 5 – 10 pups in each litter. After 9 weeks, the pups are at full maturity and can reproduce. This means that, without intervention, a rat population can grow exponentially – just 2 rats could lead to over 1000 in a year!

For this reason, if you’ve got a rat problem, it needs to be tackled quickly and effectively instead of just hoping it will take care of itself.

Preventing a Rat from Coming into your Property

Rats have three basic needs – food, water and shelter. As long as you are providing them with what they need, you will struggle to get rid of them.

To deter rats, you should first clean up any clutter, keep all rubbish in closed bins and clean up spills rapidly. If you notice any entrance points, these should be sealed. There are also a few natural deterrents that can be used, including peppermint oil, black pepper and cloves.

Rats dislike open spaces, so you should aim to keep your garden trimmed and clutter-free. Mow your lawn often and remove any large piles of wood or leaves. Clean up any fallen fruit, seeds or pet food.

Different Types of Rat Traps

There are a number of ways to tackle a rat problem, and bait stations are generally used either as a last resort, or for very large infestations.

Depending on whether you have rats in your home or garden, there’s different ways to tackle the problem. All these traps should be handled wearing gloves, especially once they have been touched by a rat.

Snap traps kill the rat by snapping the jaws of the trap closed around its head/body. It should, theoretically, kill the rat instantly, but in many cases the rat ends up injured. These can be very dangerous in households with children and pets.

Glue traps are controversial and arguably the least humane of all rat traps. These are made from either cardboard or fibreboard which is covered in a very strong glue. The rat runs across the glue and becomes stuck. They can cause a lot of suffering and the rat may injure itself trying to get free.

Catch and release traps are humane and are the only choice for those who aren’t comfortable with killing the invading rodent. They tend to work best if you have a very small infestation. The rat won’t suffer, and can be released a short distance away from your home to prevent it returning. These are most commonly used for mice, because the traps tend to be relatively small. If you use a catch and release trap, you should ensure that you are able to release the rat without putting your hand anywhere near its escape route.

Bait boxes. These are a good option for large infestations, and tend to be very effective. More on how these work below.

How does Rat Poison Work?

Poisoning rats isn’t a humane way to get rid of them; however, for those with a large rat infestation, this may be the only option. It’s important you understand how rat poison works in order to keep yourself and your pets safe.

Rodent poison uses rodenticides. This is sold as pellets, grains, seeds or blocks, and is eaten by the rat. These work best if there’s no other food source nearby so ensure there’s no bird seeds, pet food or crumbs that rats would prefer to feast on!

The rodenticide is bright and sweet tasting, disguised as a tasty treat for the rat. Once the rat has eaten the bait, it will become very ill and die. While rat bait is usually very effective, there’s a few downsides to using it over other traps.

The Danger with Rat Bait

Rat bait boxes need to be used carefully, as they pose a real risk if eaten by a person or other animal. Using toxic chemicals to eliminate rats, although effective, can cause nasty illnesses in dogs or cats.

The bait should be kept well away from children as it is often brightly coloured and sweet. This is why it’s essential that you purchase a box which is tamper-proof and good quality. You should also keep a close eye on your children and pets once the bait has been set.

Another downside to using rat bait is that the rats don’t die instantly. This means they can go about their lives before they become ill, so you may not know where the dead rats are. If your dog comes across a rat which has died from poisoning, they may get very ill themselves (and it can result in death). Similarly, poisoned rats can pose a risk to wildlife like owls – if an owl eats a poisoned rat, it may die.

So long as you are careful with your bait stations, keeping a close eye on children and pets and using secure, sealed stations, they are suitable for use around the home.

Features to Look For:

Amount / Strength of Poison

Bait stations usually come with bait included, although this is not always the case.

The most important thing to look at is how long it takes for the rats to die once they eat the poison. Multi-feed baits require the rats to eat the bait multiple times before it takes effect. This means the rat takes longer to die and more bait is required to steadily build up the level of toxin in the rat’s bloodstream.

Single feed baits are extremely toxic. These will kill the rat within just one feed. Whilst more effective, these are very dangerous to have around your house. A multi-feed bait is a safer option, especially if you have pets. The stronger the bait, the more harm could be caused to other wildlife or animals.

Safety / Tamper Proofing

Rat poison can be very dangerous so you should always wear rubber gloves when handling rat poison, and wash your hands thoroughly after handling the trap or bait. Dead rats will need to be removed and disposed of safely – they will also be poisonous.

Most of the rat stations on the market today are tamper-proof. We all know how nosy children and pets can be! The best rat bait box will have a locking mechanism to prevent children and pets from being able to access the bait. Many have a lock and key, which tends to be the most secure as you can keep the key out of reach.

However, just because your box is tamper-proof doesn’t mean it’s perfectly safe. You should choose the location of your rat bait box carefully, and remember that other wildlife may still be able to get into the box to consume it.

Indoor vs Outdoor Use

Some bait stations can be used both indoors and outdoors, while others are designed solely for outdoor use. Those for outdoor use should be fully waterproof and able to withstand all weather conditions.

Bait stations that are used indoors should be placed along walls or in corners where you’ve noticed chew marks or droppings. You could also put them underneath kitchen appliances, or along walls. Rats like to stick to sheltered areas and dislike open spaces, so put the bait stations against walls and areas where the rats feel safer.

Outside, you should place your bait stations around the perimeter of your home. This could be around sheds, entry doors and garage doors, as well as near wheelie bins and compost bins. You should never place your bait stations anywhere that children and pets have easy access to. You may also need to weigh down a bait station if it is lightweight enough to be moved by the wind or animals like squirrels.

Number of Stations Included

The more stations you have the better, and this is especially true for baits that require the rats to feed on them multiple times before they take effect.

Some of the bait stations I’ve recommended come with a few units included, whilst others have just one. If you’ve got a rat infestation, I recommend purchasing a few boxes and setting them a few metres apart. You should also ensure there is no other food available for the rats to eat – so that they have to choose the bait.

Recognising the Signs of Rats in the Home / Garden

Aside from the obvious of actually seeing a rat, there’s a number of tell-tale signs that you may have a rat taking up residence in your home.

  • Rat droppings in either your home or garden. These have a different shape and size to mouse droppings. Rat droppings are usually very shiny and measure up to 2 cm in length
  • Bite marks on garden hoses or pieces of furniture. Rats can bite through almost anything – including plastic, wood, brick, cement and aluminium
  • Nests. Rats will build nests to take care of their newborn, usually near a food source.
  • Rat footprints are very distinct, and you may also notice marks from their tails
  • Burrows in your soil look like little holes in the earth. These may be near a compost bin, garden shed, or under a garden decking
  • Rat odour is very distinct and unpleasant. If you smell ammonia in certain areas, you may have a rat infestation
  • Scratching noises – most commonly at night when the rats are most active

What to do once the Poison has Been Laid

One of the downsides to rat bait stations is that they don’t die straight away. Instead, the rats take the bait to their nests, and either die there or somewhere else in the vicinity. A poisoned rat found by a pet can be a real health hazard, so it’s important you are vigilant.

You should aim to remove dead rats from the vicinity as soon as possible, as dead rats will put others off from eating the bait. You should regularly check the surrounding area for dead rats.

Rat Bait Station FAQs

How do I get rid of rats permanently?

To get rid of rats permanently, you should first make your home as unappealing to rats as possible. Clear up any rubbish, crumbs, and empty bins on a regular basis. Set out bait stations and traps.

Next, you should seal the gaps that lead into your house. Rats can squeeze through any gap that you can fit two fingers through. Fill the holes, then check them on a regular basis.

Set up your bait stations, and ensure there’s no other food around that they will prefer to eat instead of the bait. Other traps can also be used at the same time.

What smells do rats dislike?

Despite the fact that they eat anything and everything, rats are fussy creatures when it comes to smells! Their powerful sense of smell means they dislike scents such as garlic, onion, peppermint, coffee grounds, white vinegar and citronella. These can be spread around your home to further deter rats.

How long does it take for rat poison to work?

This depends on the type of poison. Those that require multiple feeding sessions will take around 7 days to kill the rat depending on how often they feed on the bait. Poisons that require just one feed normally take effect in around 2 to 3 days.

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