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Gallup Home & Garden Weed Control2022 Review

Gallup Home and Garden Weed Control is promoted as the strongest weedkiller available and on par with professional weedkillers.

It certainly looks industrial in the bottle. There’s no fancy packing or claims, just the statement: ‘Systematic weed killer for the control of annual and deep-rooted perennial weeds.’

It’s strong stuff and a single 2 litre bottle treats up to 3332 sq/m. I guess if you have a badly overgrown allotment or paddock this is a good choice. I don’t have any of those, so it got the same treatment as the other weedkillers such as SDK, Roundup and Job Done.

Gallup Home & Garden Weed Control Review

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Our Verdict of The Gallup Home & Garden Weed Control


Ease Of Application


Safety precautions? What safety precautions. I was stumped as to how this worked until my 11-year-old pointed out that the instructions were hidden beneath the top label.

To find them, you have to peel back the upper label. This is not obvious and it’s tricky because the paper tore through the instruction as I tried to remove it.

Once excavated I could see it has the same safety instructions as other weedkillers, e.g. wash away splashes, don’t contaminate drains, and keep away from children. It doesn’t tell you to wear gloves but I would say it’s imperative as this is strong stuff.

The liquid requires dilution at 24mls to a litre of water. There’s no measuring cap which is a real downside as this is a poison you won’t want to use your cake measuring jug with.

I ended up using a cap from another weedkiller bottle, which is certainly not ideal.

The diluted liquid had to be applied with a sprayer and covered 40m2. I used it on nettles, dock, and oxalis. The liquid sprayed on easily but smelled very strong to the point where I had to stop for a bit.


Overall, yes it worked. All the weeds I treated are dead and there’s no sign of life. Given this is touted as the strongest on the market I’m not surprised. The smell alone was enough to indicate this is powerful stuff. If you have breathing difficulties such as asthma, I’d avoid this weedkiller or use a mask.

The roots were totally gone after 2 weeks and that hasn’t happened with any other weedkillers I’ve tested.

However, I can’t help thinking it’s overkill. Yes, it works and is strong, but it’s a poison and glyphosate at that. I don’t think it’s really necessary to use such a strong weedkiller in a domestic garden. However, that’s my opinion and if you want a really strong weedkiller this is a good choice.

Speed Of Results

The weeds wilted within 24 hours and looked brown after 7 days. The difference with this weedkiller is that the weeds crumbled and just suddenly disappeared overnight at the end of week 2! Other weedkillers were still working their magic at that point.

I’d say this kills faster and more effectively than other weedkillers including the ones that claim results in 24 hours.


It is not eco-friendly for pollinators as the main ingredient is glyphosate which is toxic to ponds, bees and other beneficial pollinators plus insects in general. You can cultivate the soil 7 days after use though as it’s made inactive by soil and broken down by soil organisms.

I’d also say that because it killed all the weeds effectively in one application it was done and dusted for the year. There are no potential reapplication poisonings this year. I don’t know if that’s a plus point or not so I’ll just leave it there.

The treated area is safe for kids and pets after the liquid has dried and as my cat is still shouting for food at 6.30am it looks to be fine for pets.

The liquid took about 30 minutes to dry off and wasn’t visible afterwards. I could still smell it from lunchtime into the evening though.



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