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Neudorff WeedFree Plus Concentrated Weed Killer2022 Review

Neudorff WeedFree Plus Concentrated Weed Killer looks user friendly on arrival. It’s a medium-sized bottle much like a container of floor cleaner with a large ‘glyphosate free’ red label indicating that it’s safer for pollinators. If you want a weed killer that won’t poison bees this is a good bet.

It’s concentrated and its 1021 mls is enough to treat 60 m2. Out of all the weedkillers I’m testing the packaging just seemed familiar and made me less anxious about using it around my garden.

Neudorff WeedFree Plus Concentrated Weed Killer Review

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Our Verdict of The Neudorff WeedFree Plus Concentrated Weed Killer


Ease Of Application


This bottle is concentrated as I’ve said. It has a handy integral measuring section which meant I didn’t spill weedkiller trying to mix it up. To use it I turned the bottle upside down and squeezed 85 mls into the measuring chamber.

Next, I unscrewed the cap and squirted the sectioned off 85mls into 500 mls of water. It was easy to do and meant I didn’t accidentally add too little weedkiller, or worse, too much!

I think this measuring cap is a great idea for those of us who need glasses to see close up and for people who struggle to hold things steadily.

I put the liquid in a sprayer, gave it a shake, then got to work on the creeping buttercup and oxalis that plagues my driveway and border edges. I also soaked a section of dock leaves at the back of my large raised bed.

This weedkiller was easy to use with a sprayer. It didn’t clog and the scent was barely detectable. The liquid sprayed out well on my sprayer’s jet and mist settings and coated the weeds evenly without clogging the sprayer head.


When this weedkiller lands on foliage it turns it a white chalky colour. This was the first weedkiller to do so and was very handy indeed. It helped me see what I’d covered and how much I’d applied. Applying too much weedkiller isn’t good for the environment and costs more so I was pleased to see this.

This is a ‘non-selective herbicide’, according to the label, that kills the green parts of plants including meadow grass, chamomile, buttercup, and creeping thistle.

Its main ingredient is pelargonic acid maleic hydrazide and it can be used on paths, around trees and ornamental plants with care not to allow it to drift onto cultivated plants.

Also, this is the only weedkiller that tells me what it won’t kill and I appreciate that honesty. For the record, it’s horsetail – a really invasive hard to get rid of weed. Multiple applications will be needed to control horsetail.

I don’t have any horsetail thank goodness, but this weedkiller crisped up all the weeds I applied it to and didn’t kill the rhododendron I was working near.

Speed Of Results

After 24 hours I could see wilting on the creeping buttercup but it was a good 7 days before I could see the weeds were dying. This is comparable with the more expensive 24 hour ready to use sprays and it’s considerably better value.

After 14 days I checked the root area of sprayed weeds and they were very sick indeed. It was 3-4 weeks before the weeds could be brushed away and the roots were totally gone.

I was pleased with how well this worked considering its lower price, however, if you don’t have a sprayer, you’ll need to buy one because this can’t be applied with a watering can. The instructions recommend a sprayer with a spray shield to prevent drift, though I didn’t use one.


There’s no glyphosate so it’s a safer bet for pollinators which is good news in gardens that welcome bees and butterflies. I snapped off weed flowerheads first though, just to be sure.

The instructions say you need to keep the storage bottle away from pets and children and animal food, but once the product has dried it’s safe for pets and children to be around.

The liquid took quite a while to dry compared to the ready to go mixes. I’d say it was a good hour before the liquid couldn’t be wiped away.



4 3.875

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