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The UK's bestWellington Boots for Women2022 Review

In this guide we’ll take a look at the best wellington boots for women.
I’ve compared comfort, style, protection and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

Everything I Recommend

best-wellington-boots-for-women Joules Women's Wellyprint Wellington Boots
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Natural rubber construction
  • Good grip
best-wellington-boots-for-women Unisex Dunlop Blizzard Fleece Lined Wellington Boots
  • Warm and cosy lined wellies
  • Durable design
  • Accessibly priced
best-wellington-boots-for-women Hunter Original Womens Wellington Boots
  • Stylish and durable wellies
  • Comfortable, classic design
  • High-quality rubber construction
best-wellington-boots-for-women Muck Boots Unisex Wellington Boots
  • Practical and stylish
  • Excellent build quality
  • Lightweight yet durable

More Detailed Wellington Boots Reviews

Stylish and comfortable, Natural rubber construction, Good grip,

Joules Women's Wellyprint Wellington Boots

best-wellington-boots-for-women Joules Women's Wellyprint Wellington Boots
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Natural rubber construction
  • Good grip
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Joules Women's Wellyprint Wellington Boots Review

Joules is a great brand for making outdoor wear quirky, colourful and fun. Who said wellies had to be boring just because they’re a practical item?

The Joules Women’s Wellyprint Wellington Boots come in a range of stylish and fun prints that will brighten up rainy days.

They are made from hardwearing natural rubber which makes them comfortable to wear and long lasting. These lightweight and stylish wellies are ideal for festivals and holidays as well as wandering round the park.

One thing to mention is these wellies are quite tight around the calves, so be wary of that if you are worried about them not being comfortable around your legs.

Again, Joules is an excellent and reputable brand, so if you love fun prints and designs, you can’t go wrong with these quirky wellington boots.

Warm and cosy lined wellies, Durable design, Accessibly priced,

Unisex Dunlop Blizzard Fleece Lined Wellington Boots

best-wellington-boots-for-women Unisex Dunlop Blizzard Fleece Lined Wellington Boots
  • Warm and cosy lined wellies
  • Durable design
  • Accessibly priced
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Unisex Dunlop Blizzard Fleece Lined Wellington Boots Review

These Unisex Dunlop Blizzard Fleece Lined Wellington Boots are extremely warm and comfortable to wear, perfect for wintery conditions.

They keep your feet warm and dry even when it’s icy and snowy out – working well in temperatures down to -15°C. Thanks to their fleeced lining and adjustable drawstring top, they’re both comfortable and cosy.

The fit is good, with room to tuck trousers in if you wish, and they’re not too tight over the calf.

The lining is thick, but there is still plenty of room for a warm sock which can be a struggle with some warm boots. Plus, the heel and sole are very grippy, too, ready to tackle any ice or snow!

That said, these aren’t only wintertime boots! Due to their comfortable design, they’re great to wear in the garden or on walks all year round. They’ll keep mud and water out, no problem!

What I really like about these boots is that they come from a reputable brand but they have a very reasonable price tag. They’re the best wellington boots to buy on a budget and still be sure you’re making a quality purchase.

Stylish and durable wellies, Comfortable, classic design, High-quality rubber construction,

Hunter Original Womens Wellington Boots

best-wellington-boots-for-women Hunter Original Womens Wellington Boots
  • Stylish and durable wellies
  • Comfortable, classic design
  • High-quality rubber construction
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Hunter Original Womens Wellington Boots Review

These Hunter Original Womens Wellington Boots are a classic staple when it comes to wellies, and for good reason.

Hunter is an extremely well-known brand, recognised for their high-quality and stylish boots.

They are durable, comfortable and look great. This particular pair of black wellies has a smooth finish that looks almost like leather, with none of the drawbacks.

They’re totally waterproof, even without being treated, and easy to clean.

They have been orthopaedically designed for comfort, and are a delight to wear. The knitted nylon lining stops them from rubbing and dries quickly. It also makes them easy to put on and take off.

The vulcanised rubber upper, renowned for being a long-lasting material, adds extra strength and durability. You’ll be able to wear them comfortably, even on long walks, for years to come.

And you won’t have to worry about your feet getting sore either because these boots feature a multi-layered cushioned sponge insole. A far cry from the basic, traditional wellie of the past.

The soles and heels are quite grippy and help you feel secure even on slippery surfaces.

Whether you’re looking for outdoor boots, dog walking attire, festival wear or even country/town chic – these are the best wellington boots for looking stylish and being prepared, no matter where you are!

Practical and stylish, Excellent build quality, Lightweight yet durable,

Muck Boots Unisex Wellington Boots

best-wellington-boots-for-women Muck Boots Unisex Wellington Boots
  • Practical and stylish
  • Excellent build quality
  • Lightweight yet durable
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Muck Boots Unisex Wellington Boots Review

These Muck Boots Unisex Wellington Boots are designed for doing grubby chores in, such as mucking out stables.

They are super comfortable and keep your feet perfectly, dry no matter the task at hand or the weather.

The sides are made of neoprene which is comfortable and flexible to wear, but also totally waterproof. Plus, they are really easy to clean.

The lower part of the boot is rubber, with reinforced heels and toe for durability. Plus, the arch support is made from steel making these robust and sturdy.

The chunky heels and soles also provide excellent grip in mud and around ice.

I particularly like that these boots keep your feet cool as well as warm, perfect if you are tackling mucky jobs in the warm weather and don’t want to end up with sweaty legs and feet.

Thanks to the stretchy nature of the neoprene, these are the best wellington boots to go for if you have bigger calves. They fit snugly without being too tight, and are more malleable than 100% rubber boots.

They also fit well if you have slightly wider than average feet.

Overall, these boots look great, are extremely practical, and offer slightly more flexibility than other models

Things to Know Before Buying Wellington Boots

Wellington boots are a wardrobe essential for anyone who loves the outdoors but hates getting their feet wet.

They’re made from rubber or synthetic materials making them waterproof, durable and easy to clean. Wellies are ideal during wet weather (of course!) and for muddy walks, but they can also be made warm and cosy for cold weather.

With such a variety of wellies to choose from, what’s the best way to go about finding the best wellington boot? Well, ultimately, it depends what you want them for, and there are a few other things to consider as well:

This is the primary question to ask yourself when buying wellington boots. The answer will likely dictate what sort of wellies you should consider buying:

Dog Walking 

You’ll want a pair of boots that are comfortable to walk in over longer distances. Generally, boots made from neoprene will be more flexible and more comfortable – especially if you have larger calves. Full-length boots will be better than half-length ones; otherwise, you’ll no doubt end up with mud splashed up the back of your trousers.

The Great Outdoors

Similarly to dog walking, if you want wellington boots which are suitable for a range of outdoor activities, you’ll probably want a higher-quality, more comfortable pair. Look for reinforced uppers, cushioned soles, and boots with lining. These will make sure that you can keep exploring without your feet getting tired or sore. If you want to wear your boots a lot for winter activities make sure to get some with a fleeced lining.

Music Festivals

When it comes to festivals, you want a comfortable pair of boots, but you probably don’t want to spend as much on them as you might for other activities. If you only really want your wellies for festivals, you don’t need to branch into the higher price bracket (unless having the trendiest boots is of upmost importance to you!). A classic pair of full-length boots should do the job!

A Combination of Town and Outdoorsy Activities

If you want a pair of boots which you can just as easily wear through the high street as at the yard, you might want to fork out on a pair of more stylish, branded boots. These tend to look just as at home with a pair of jeans as they do in the fields.

Measuring Yourself

One of the biggest difficulties with buying wellies can be making sure that they fit around the calf.

You should measure your calf before buying wellington boots. Take a flexible tape measure and measure the widest part of your calf whilst sitting down.

Measure both legs in case you have some differentiation between the two, and use the larger measurement (if the measurements were different) when buying your boots.

Remember that you will want some extra room in this area if you are planning on tucking trousers in or wearing long, thick socks.

Check the specifications of the boots before buying them to make sure that they will accommodate your size.

If you struggle with finding boots that fit, you could consider half-length wellington boots which are easier to wear as they don’t go up as high. They’re also easier to put on and take off.

Alternatively, some brands offer a wide fit or extra-wide fit. This will solve the problem if you are keen to have full-length boots but struggle getting them over your calves.

Should You Buy a Size Up?

The general consensus is to buy wellington boots true to size and not size up.

However, if your primary intention is to wear the wellies in winter with a lot of thick socks, you might consider buying a larger size.

Always try to layer up with several warm pairs of socks instead of one extremely thick pair. Extremely thick socks can be uncomfortable in wellington boots and can restrict mobility and circulation.

As previously mentioned, there are different styles of wellington boot which are more suited to certain uses than others. However, there are also aesthetic design differences which you might like to consider when buying wellies:

  • Fun prints – certain brands, like Joules, offer wellies with quirky patterns and designs. If you’re often put off by the seriousness of wellies, and want something a little more exciting, there are brands out there which will cater to you! These can be great for brightening up a rainy day, or just adding a bit of character to an outfit.
  • Full length/half length – the length of your wellies is not only a practical consideration, but also an aesthetic one. Some people prefer an ankle boot and will be much more likely to wear a half-length wellington than a full-length one. Full-length boots will protect more of your leg from rain and mud, but if you’re going to get more wear out or shorter boots you shouldn’t discount them out!

To make sure your boots last as long as possible, and stay looking good (so that you can wear them in any situation!), you should clean them regularly.

After wearing your boots on a muddy walk, the best thing to do is immediately hose them down. This will stop mud from sticking and should mean you can easily get all of the mud off.

If you get some water inside the boot, be sure to dry it well. Wellies are best left to air dry naturally.

If a hose won’t do:

  1. Use a damp cloth and warm water to remove mud on the surface.
  2. If there is still stubborn mud, use a soapy solution. Mix 1 tsp. of washing up liquid in 1 L of water and gently rub the cloth, with this solution, over the boot.
  3. To remove dirt from the sole of the boot use a soft-bristled brush and the same soapy water.
  4. Wipe the boot over with a clean cloth to remove any soap which may still be present.

To remove odours from your wellington boots, try the following:

  • Mix some water and a small amount of non-bio detergent. Using a damp cloth, wipe the insides of the boots. Use another damp cloth with plain water to wipe away any of the detergent solution.
  • Alternatively, put a small amount of baking soda in the boots overnight, it’s great at soaking up smells.
  • Or, mix one part water with one part vinegar and spray this solution inside the boots. Leave to dry.

Wellington Boots FAQs

It is not usually necessary to buy a larger size in wellingtons. However, if you have wide feet or a high instep, you may find that going up a half or a whole size will make them more comfortable. You might also like to choose a larger size if the boots are not insulated as this will mean you can wear a couple of pairs of nice thick socks to keep your feet warm.

You can buy special cleaning kits for wellingtons from companies such as Hunter, Aigle or Joules. However, you can maintain your wellies without these kits:

  • Wash any mud or dirt off your boots with a mild solution of washing up liquid and warm water and a damp cloth. You can use an old toothbrush to get into any grooves.
  • If the insides of your wellies get dirty or smelly you can use the same mild washing liquid solution to scrub the inside of the boots and then rinse with plain water. You can also get rid of odours by spraying the inside of your boots with a mixture of half vinegar and half water.
  • You can remove scuff marks on your boots with a soft pencil eraser or by rubbing the scuff with a non-gel toothpaste.

Always dry your wellies after cleaning them or getting them wet. However, do not place them near a heat source or in direct sunlight as this can cause the rubber to crack and fade. You can speed up the drying process by stuffing the boots with balled up newspaper, replacing it every couple of hours with fresh until the boots are dry.

Measure the largest part of your calves with a flexible tape measure whilst sitting down. Look for wellies which are suitably large enough to accommodate this measurement. Remember, you may want to leave extra room to tuck your trousers in or wear thick socks.

If you like to wear wellies with a lot of warm socks, you should consider choosing a size up.

If you can’t find wellies which suit your calf measurement, look for wide or extra-wide wellies. These have been designed for people who struggle to wear standard wellies comfortably. Alternatively, you might consider half-length wellies which don’t go as far up the leg.


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