How to Make Your Garden Spooky For Halloween

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Are you looking for spooky ways to decorate your garden this Halloween? With every year that passes, more and more people are raising their game when it comes to outdoor decorations. Besides having a pumpkin out front and cobwebs in the house (intentional or not!), decorating your back garden is a great way to creep out your guests.

If you’re looking for an easy DIY project to make your garden the scariest on the block, here are ten creepy outdoor decoration ideas for Halloween.

1. Make a Corpse Rising From the Dead

A quick and easy Halloween decoration idea for your garden is to create a corpse rising from the dead. It takes a few minutes to do and is sure to send the local kids running for the hills! 

Here’s what you’ll need to make this outdoor Halloween decoration:

  • A black cape or sheet
  • Two skeleton hands
  • A skull
  • Black stones or pins (optional)

If it’s a windy day, consider using the stones or pins to keep the cape in place. 

2. Create a Bat Infested Tree

Horrify your guests and make your trees infested with vampire bats this year! Using string or a cable tie and a set of cut-out bats, you can make your outside trees look like something straight out of a horror movie

Here’s what you’ll need to bring this spooky Halloween decorating idea to life:

  • Bats (either cut out from paper or plastic shop-bought)
  • String or cable ties
  • A tree with lots of branches
  • A ladder

3. Invite Ghosts

On Halloween, there’s no better way to make your house haunted than by inviting ghosts to visit! Using a few sticks and some thin sheets with eyeballs drawn on, you can create a garden full of floating ghouls ready to haunt anyone that dares to trick or treat!

To make this DIY Halloween decoration for your garden, you’ll need:

  • A stick (or set of sticks)
  • A thin, white sheet
  • Black pen or paint

4. Make a Graveyard

There’s nothing like a garden full of tombstones to petrify your neighbours! Using a few shop-bought tombstones (or making some yourself from cardboard) and some outdoor lights, you can create a spooky graveyard in your garden.

Here are the main things you’ll need to make your own graveyard with tombstones:

  • Tombstones (shop-bought or make your own from cardboard)
  • Outdoor solar lights
  • A shovel (to dig them into the ground)

5. Add Zombie Hands to Your Plant Pots

Ditch the plants from your pots and use them for spooky zombie hands instead! This easy DIY Halloween decoration will make great use of any empty pots you have in your front or back garden. 

To make this DIY Halloween decoration, you’ll need:

  • Empty plant pots
  • Soil
  • Shop-bought zombie hands

6. Make Your Trees a Bag of Bones

If you want to give your party guests heart palpitations, how about hiding skeletons in your trees? Simply break up a full-body skeleton and scatter its remains in a tree to create this spooky look in your garden.

Choosing to create this outdoor Halloween decoration means you’ll need to have:

  • A full-body plastic skeleton
  • A tree (conifers work great for this trick!)
  • String (to tie the skeleton in if needed)

7. Build a Grim Reaper

Nothing says Halloween like the lurking presence of a Grim Reaper! Take your outdoor decorations to new levels and build your own angel of death in the back garden. 

Making this decoration is more complex than the other ideas on this list. But it’ll be worth it for the scares!

Here are the main supplies you’ll need to build your own Grim Reaper in the garden:

  • A baseboard
  • PVC pipe
  • Chicken wire
  • Black cloth or a cape (if it’s due to rain on Halloween, you can use a black tarpaulin instead)
  • A scathe

8. Grow Scary Plants

For a Halloween-inspired garden all year round, how about growing scary plants? Plants like Black Delight Violas look like ghastly floating eyes with their black petals and yellow centre. Plus, they have a late Autumn bloom – making them the perfect garden plants for when trick or treaters come knocking on Halloween.

Some other scary Halloween plants you can plant in your garden include:

  • Doll’s Eye
  • Orange Marigolds
  • Japanese Blood Grass
  • Queen of the Night Tulips
  • Bat Flowers

9. Add Floating Eyeballs

There’s nothing like the feeling of being watched to send shivers down your spine! Keep your old toilet rolls and grab a pack of glow sticks to make floating eyeballs for your garden. This quick Halloween decoration idea will easily creep you and your guests out at nightfall!

To make this easy DIY Halloween decoration, you’ll need:

  • Empty toilet rolls
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glow sticks

10. Build Body Bags

Dead bodies hanging from your trees couldn’t be a scarier sight! These DIY body bags look very realistic and are great for making your garden look spooky on Halloween. If you don’t have a tree, just laying the body bags out on your lawn will be gruesome enough!

To create this Halloween craft idea for your garden, you’ll need:

  • Large black bin bags
  • Lots of newspaper or old clothing (for the filling)
  • String
  • Tape
  • A tree (optional)
  • A ladder (optional)


If you’re wondering how to make your garden spooky this Halloween, these top ten DIY ideas are sure to do the trick! Plus, building Grim Reapers and fake body bags are things that can be kept in the loft and used again next year. Just make sure you warn any unsuspecting guests that go up there!

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