How to Disguise a Garden Shed

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how to disguise a garden shed

Are sheds useful? Yes. Are they pleasing to look at? No. We Brits love a garden shed; they’re a statement garden piece. Not all garden sheds are drab and dreary looking, but most are. 

This article showcases 5 ways to turn your garden shed from an eyesore into a striking spectacle. It’ll draw attention for all the right reasons! 

You’ll also learn all sorts of trickery in steering the eye away from the mundane monstrosity you call your garden shed. 

How to Hide a Garden Shed

1. Just Add Plants!

What better way to hide your garden shed than to cover it with gorgeous greenery. You can screen your shed with trees and shrubs or create a captivating display of climbing plants. 

While jasmine and clematis are sure to provide magnificent coverage, sweet peas and roses will nourish the nostrils with their glorious scent. 

Alternatively, try a green roof. Your shed roof is currently a complete waste of space and an ugly addition too. Choose between a big, bolshy plant such as wisteria or grasses and wildflower seeds for a more delicate display.


2. Embellish With Bird Boxes

Wondering how to make a shed look pretty? Bird boxes are the answer! There are endless ways to decorate bird boxes; your shed could be covered in vibrant pops of colour in no time! 

And we gardeners are always looking for a way to help wildlife out. Bird boxes don’t just solve our problems; they provide a home for our feathery friends too!

3. Apply a Lick of Paint

If you’re still stumped for ideas to hide a garden shed, add a touch of paint to provide a powerful punch or harmonise the tones with your fence to help it blend into the background. 

Flaking paint is hard to disguise, so a fresh coat could be precisely what your shed needs.


4. Add Sophisticated Storage

If your shed lacks storage, use it as an opportunity to disguise. Purchase a hardy outdoor storage system that you can place in front of your shed. This will draw the eye to the storage, not the shed. 

A galvanised metal frame is preferable if you want it to weather the elements. 

5. Give Your Shed Some Privacy

Setting up a privacy screen in front of your shed can disguise it completely. If done well, you may even forget it’s there! You can make a simple privacy screen out of old pallet wood, giving the illusion that the garden ends there. 

Or stick up a trellis adorned with climbers if you’d prefer to pick a greener option.


Averting the Eyes Away

The location of your shed makes all the difference. Just dropping it at the end of your garden will ruin the whole aesthetic. I understand your thinking; if it’s far away, it’ll fade into the background.

Unfortunately, sheds are way too big and clunky to hide. Plus, the path usually leads right to them! Your eyes are drawn to the lines created by the path, and where do they take you? Straight to your shed! 

So position your shed away from your path if possible, and fill every space with something eye-catching. Landscaping around sheds works wonders. Think dainty plants that will blow around in the breeze. The movement will draw the eye, and your shed won’t stick out like a sore thumb. 

The Masked Shed

So conjure up your best disguise, and extinguish the eyesore. Brighten up your shed with greenery, or provide a helpful house for the local wildlife. Create a statement with a bright shade of paint, or add fascinating features elsewhere for an eye-averting effect. For trickery at its best, add a privacy screen and think about positioning. 

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