35 Shed Bedroom Ideas (Incredible Conversion Inspiration!)

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The Best Shed Bedroom Ideas

Gone are the days of sheds solely being used as storage space. Now, they’re so much more. If you’re thinking about creating your own he-, she-, or we-shed, you’ll need lots of ideas to get started. 

In this article, you’ll find 35 ideas; some quirky and cool, others calming and contemporary. One thing’s for sure – whether you’re making the most of a small space, creating your own slice of luxury, or doing something else entirely, there are ideas here for you. 

1. Add Tapestries to Your Shed Bedroom for a Boho Feel 

If you live an alternative lifestyle (or wish you did!), then a boho-style shed may be just what you’re looking for to get away from everyday life. You can do so many things to add a bit of boho style to your space – try layer upon layer of funky patterns using tapestries and bed sheets.  

2. Give Exposed Shed Walls a Lick of Paint

More often than not, shed walls aren’t pretty. To zhuzh them up a little, add a lick of paint. This could be a clean, crisp white shade like they’ve gone for here. Or, you could opt for a pop of colour with a brighter hue. Using leftover paint from other projects is the perfect solution if you’re working on a tight budget. 

3. Build a Pallet Wood Bed for Your Shed Bedroom

Pallet wood costs next to nothing, allowing you to create a stylish new look at a low price. You can either break down the pallets and use the individual boards to make a bedframe or simply do what they did here and lay a mattress over a bed of pallets.

4. Give Your Shed Bedroom Artistic Flair

An artistic shed bedroom is all about freedom from structure and predictability – it could include mirrors, eccentric artwork, feathers, and even a knock-out central chandelier. Let your artistic juices flow – the designer of this captivating space certainly has! 

5. Add Stylish Soft Furnishing for the Perfect She Shed

What separates a shed from a home? Soft furnishings! Add comfort and style with various soft furnishings, including cushions, blankets, and soft rugs. This will make the space feel less like a shed and more like a happy home. 

6. Modernize Your Shed Bedroom 

Just because it’s a shed doesn’t mean the space has to be shabby. Create a modern style with muted white, grey, and black tones, simple wooden furniture, and a stone fireplace. Then, add modern blinds to complete the look. 

7. Create a Timeless Shed Bedroom With a Crisp Colour Palette

Create a space completely tailored to a simplistic life, with clean lines, no fuss, and interiors that will stand the test of time. If you need inspiration, take a look at this design! It has a crisp colour palette and functional design that anyone can enjoy. 

8. Shed Bedroom With Bathroom

No one wants to trundle outside first thing in the morning to shower. But building an ensuite with all the bells and whistles can be pricey. You can get the best of both worlds with a makeshift shower, as they’ve done here. Get yourself a shower tray, basic plumbing, and a shower curtain, and you’re away!

9. Add Lighting to Your Shed Bedroom to Suit the Mood

There’s no better way to complete a look than with lighting. However, you have to make a choice – do you want ambient lighting to brighten up the whole place, task lighting for functional spaces, or accent lighting to draw your attention to specific areas? 

10. Open Up Your Shed Bedroom Conversion

This one is for nature lovers. Immerse yourself in bird song or the pitter-patter of rain by opening up your shed and exposing yourself to the outside world. This is the prime choice if you live in a warmer climate or only envision yourself using your shed during summer. Alternatively, you could create a similar feel with a greenhouse-style shed walled with glass. 

11. Compartmentalize Bedroom Shed Spaces

If you’re not a fan of open-plan living, there’s a simple solution – install a partition wall! This allows you to separate your bedroom area from the bathroom or living space. While this may not be necessary if your shed is for single-person use, it’ll definitely benefit anyone transforming their shed into a shared room. 

12. Create the Best Garden Shed Bedroom

For all you keen green thumbs out there, there’s no need to separate your shed from your garden. Bring the outside in with trailing plants hanging from the ceiling and freestanding potted plants. In this design, they’ve paired Ivy with plant-themed wall art. 

13. Install a Platform Bed in Your Shed Bedroom

Platform beds can separate the sleeping and living areas, giving your shed multi-level usage. This is a great space-saving option, as you can incorporate storage underneath your mattress, just like this design.  

14. Make Your Shed Bedroom a Mezzanine

Mezzanines almost double your usable space, making them the perfect solution if you’re working with a small shed. All this extra space and no expensive construction work – it’s a win-win! And if you’re smart about it, you can include storage in your staircase! 

15. Add a Pull-Out Bed to Your Shed Bedroom Conversion

Pull-out beds are another great space-saving option; it’s a bed by day and a comfy sofa by night! Lots of pull-out beds also have in-built storage, allowing you to keep your quilts and pillows out of sight during the daytime.

16. Create a Cozy Guest Shed Bedroom With Bathroom

It’s always nice for guests to have a bit of privacy when they come to stay. For this reason, sheds make the perfect guest room! You can make the space super cozy with a large, king or queen-sized bed and quaint cottage decor like. 

17. Add Privacy to Your Shed Bedroom With Curtains

Curtains are the perfect privacy screen if you don’t plan to create a multi-level space with a mezzanine and decide against installing partition walls. You can close the curtains at night to shield light and onlookers’ eyes or close it off during the day to achieve a sense of separation in your space. 

18. Celebrate Natural Materials in Your Shed Bedroom Conversion

You’re already in your yard, so why not celebrate natural materials? Add hardwood flooring to make the space feel synonymous with the outdoors and nature-related decor like this tree sign made of logs. 

19. Relax to the Max With a Calming She Shed

Stick to a calming colour palette if you want your space to be all about relaxation. The saturation of neutral colours makes them perfect for a calming shed space, as they tend to be more pleasing to the eye and flow seamlessly from one to the other. The best neutral shades include taupe, gray, brown, black, cream, white, and beige. 

20. Make the Most of Multi-Functionality 

You can easily create a multi-functional space, including a workstation, living area, and bedroom, if you prioritize feng shui. This means cleverly dividing up the room. Choose a daybed or pull-out bed to save space, and place your desk in a cubby (if you have one!).  

21. Create the Perfect Reading Garden Shed Bedroom

All of us book lovers have fantasized about the perfect reading hideout. Turn that dream into a reality by adding shelf upon shelf of books to your shed bedroom. You’ll feel right at home surrounded by your favorite characters. And if organization equals calm to you, colour code your books!

22. Incorporate Netted Flooring in Your Shed Bedroom Conversion

If you’re looking for decor like no other and you fancy having some fun with your space, this idea is ideal for you. You can either make this into a comfy, super cozy seat or use it to connect your loft bedroom with the lower floor. 

23. Add Multiple Beds to Your Shed Loft Bedroom

One bed isn’t always enough, especially if you’re transforming your shed into a guest house. Here, they’ve maximized their available space using a mezzanine. Alternatively, you could add twin beds or install a partition wall to divide your space. 

24. Add an Archway to Your Shed Bedroom

There’s nothing quite as whimsical as a playful archway bedroom entrance. This adds a cute decorative element to a shed design and serves a super functional purpose, providing privacy and structural support for an upper floor. 

25. Make Your Shed Bedroom Self-Contained

Transforming your shed into a living space doesn’t mean compromising on your main amenities. Like this design here, you can fit a kitchen, desk, and bedroom into even the smallest spaces. You can get the warmth and comfort of your home by adding more refined touches like wooden flooring and painting your internal walls. 

26. Keep Warm by Adding a Fire to Your Cold Shed Bedroom

Create your own hygge-inspired retreat by installing a fire in your shed. Fires serve the functional purpose of keeping you warm in the winter and fending off moisture and mold. It also creates a warm and homely feel, which can counteract the coldness of an exposed shed interior. 

27. Get Creative With Shed Bedroom Shelving 

Storage is a must in any bedroom, but particularly in a shed because you may not have enough space for a set of drawers or wardrobe. Storage space doesn’t have to be dull or expensive – repurposing old wood can be an excellent, low-cost way to add shelving to your shed bedroom. 

29. Hang a Hammock in Your Garden Shed Bedroom

A worthy opponent to standard shed seating is the hammock. A hammock will add an element of fun to your shed space, encourage an active lifestyle, and help with relaxation. It’s also portable, making it ideal if you prioritize versatility. 

29. Give Your Shed Bedroom a Rustic Chic Setup

Rustic chic gives you the best of both worlds – it celebrates natural materials while adding the cozy luxuries of soft furnishings and mood lighting. They’ve complemented exposed rafters with a stunning chandelier in this design, giving the perfect rustic chic style. 

30. Save Space in a Small Shed Bedroom With a Day Bed

Daybeds provide comfort, whatever the time of day. They’re space-saving and incredibly versatile, easily styled in various ways to suit your preferences. And despite popular belief, daybeds aren’t just for small spaces – you can also get double-bed-sized daybeds. These provide optimal comfort for watching movies and just hanging out. 

31. Sway to Sleep in Your Shed Bedroom

Moving furniture doesn’t stop at hammocks. Try a teepee-style floating bed if a swaying motion sends you to sleep. This is an excellent addition if you’re not set on sleeping in a bed and want to try something alternative. You can get these in all different sizes, making them perfect for any shed. 

32. Inject a Little Country into Your Shed Bedroom

If you’re out in the sticks, honor the country feel in your shed design with appropriate decor. This cow-shed conversion is brimming with country-style decoration, from the exposed corrugated metal ceiling to the collected approach they’ve gone for in the furnishings. 

33. Bunk Up in Small Shed Bedrooms 

Kids like their own space, and we adults love some peace and quiet from time to time. Converting your shed into a bunkhouse is the ideal solution – it gives your kids a place to go wild and you some time to yourself. 

34. Give Your Shed Bedroom a Vintage Feel

Vintage interior is like no other – it has its own charm, championing raw beauty and furniture reminiscent of times that have been and gone. If you love a bit of antiquing and are looking for a space to appreciate these beautiful pieces, go vintage with your shed bedroom design. 

35. Let Macrame Steal the Show in Your Shed Bedroom Conversion

Macrame is a fabulous addition to Bohemian-style shed decor. The designer has featured a stand-out macrame chandelier lampshade in this design, but you could also incorporate this earthy, natural material through hanging planters and wall hangings.  

A Shed-Load of Ideas

Who knew there were so many shed bedroom ideas for your backyard? There are ideas everywhere you turn – from rustic chic to stylishly simple. Create a space that’s your safe haven, that provides comfort and style in equal measures. If you don’t transform your shed now, you’ll regret it later. 

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