25 Latest Central Heating Statistics for the UK (2024)

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As the weather gets cooler, it’s time to start thinking about turning the heating on. Here are some fascinating UK central heating statistics to prepare you for winter!

UK Central Heating Statistics

  1. As of 2018, only around 5% of UK dwellings don’t use a central heating system. (Statista)
  2. Whereas in 1970, only 30% of British homes had central heating. (Statista)
  3. There are four main types of central heating systems: wet, warm air, storage heater and district heating, with 89% of UK homes having a wet central heating system. (Boiler Guide)
  4. Only 2% of homes in the UK use district heating systems. (Boiler Guide)
  5. Central heating fuelled by gas is the most common way to heat a property in the UK, with 78% of dwellings using this method. (Statista)
  6. While gas is the most common way to fuel central heating systems, electricity (5%) and oil are also used (5%). (ONS)
  7. Among homes with gas central heating, 99% had a timer to control heating. (Department for Communities and Local Government)
  8. Most people start heating their homes on a daily basis in October and finish sometime in March or April. (The Department of Energy and Climate Change)
  9. The average temperature of British homes is 22C compared to 18C in the 1950s. (BBC)
  10. 2% of respondents in 2013 said they heat their homes every day. (The Department of Energy and Climate Change)
  11. 85% of homes with central heating had at least one room with a thermostat, and 76% had thermostatic radiator valves. (Department for Communities and Local Government)
  12. 23% of those with a timed central heating system don’t use it to control the system. (The Department of Energy and Climate Change)
  13. 70% of people with central heating say they turn the heating on twice a day, and 21% only once a day. (The Department of Energy and Climate Change)
  14. The share of homes using a central heating system climbed steadily until 2005, after which it remained steady or declined. (Statista)

The cost of central heating

  1. The estimated cost of central heating installation is £2,300 to £2,500 for a one-bed bungalow and £3,500 to £4,000 for a three-bed house. (Household Quotes)
  2. Combi boilers cost around £1,260 to £1,625, and conventional or regular boilers anything between £1,750 to £3,000. (Household Quotes)
  3. Using an electric heater costs about twice as much as using central heating, depending slightly on how much of the house you’re heating. (Bionic)
  4. Figures from April 2022 suggest that an average electric heater would cost £1.12 to run for two hours, with gas central heating costing around 4.64p per hour and electric central heating costing 16p per hour. (Uswitch)
  5. For a three-bedroom home, a gas boiler will cost you £12,880 over 10 years. (Eco Experts)
  6. 40% of the energy bill for Brits is spent on electricity and gas to heat homes. (Boiler Guide)

The future of central heating

  1. The UK has pledged to produce net zero carbon emissions by 2050. (Energy Saving Trust)
  2. In 2025, all new-build homes will have renewable heating systems instead of gas boilers to achieve net-zero carbon emissions. (Electric Radiators Direct)
  3. Air source heat pumps are one way to replace current gas central heating systems, and they can achieve a 200-600% efficiency rate. (Boiler Guide)
  4. Gas boilers hit, at most, 95% efficiency, while electric boilers can achieve a 100% efficiency rating. (iHeat)
  5. Boilers older than 10 years might lose up to 30% of their efficiency. (Boiler Guide)

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