In the UK and worldwide, money is on many people’s minds as living costs keep climbing. Let’s look at the most recent UK household spending statistics to see what’s happening.

UK Household Spending Statistics

  1. UK household spend an estimated £671 per week to cover living expenses, food and transport. (NimbleFins)
  2. The average UK household budget per month is £2,907 in 2022. (NimbleFins)
  3. Expenditures went up 11% compared from September 2021 to September 2022. (NimbleFins)
  4. The poorest fifth of UK households spends 47% of their budget on housing, energy, food and clothing. (JRF)
  5. The wealthiest households spend 32% of their budget on housing, energy, food and clothing. (JRF)
  6. Those with children spend more on housing, energy, food and clothing; 55% of the total budget for lone parents and 51% for couples with children. (JRF)
  7. In the year leading to 2021, UK households reduced average weekly spending by £34.20 (10%) for the poorest fifth of households, whereas the richest fifth reduced spending by £204.30 (22%). (ONS)
  8. The typical UK household saves around £180 per month. (NimbleFins)
  9. 89% of people in the UK reported in August 2022 that their living costs have increased, compared to 62% of people a year earlier. (The Money Charity)
  10. 18% of people in deprived areas report using credit, compared to 8% in the least deprived areas and 13% on average for all of England. (Money Statistics)

UK Household Spending: Transport & Housing

  1. 15% of household budgets go to transportation. (NimbleFins)
  2. Transport costs increased from £387 in September 2021 to £428 in September 2022. (NimbleFins)
  3. UK households spend around £3,500 a year on car running costs. (NimbleFins)
  4. The average amount spent on public transport is around £1,300 a year. (NimbleFins)
  5. Up to 32% of the budget is spent on rent or mortgage interest payments. (NimbleFins)
  6. Monthly budget average changes by household type, with outright homeowners spending £2,907 a month compared to £3,637 for those with a mortgage. (NimbleFins)
  7. The average monthly rent in the UK is around £895 for private renters and £461 for social renters. (NimbleFins)
  8. The average mortgage payment is approximately £902 a month. (NimbleFins)

UK Household Spending: Food & Utilities

  1. British households allocate around 11% of their budget to food. (NimbleFins)
  2. The average UK household spends £3,800 a year on groceries and non-alcoholic drinks. (NimbleFins)
  3. Brits fork out another £513 on alcohol for consumption at home. (NimbleFins)
  4. Eating and drinking out costs approximately £2,437. (NimbleFins)
  5. The average UK household spends £8,400 on utilities, communications and TV services, and other operational and maintenance household expenses. (NimbleFins)
  6. It’s estimated that 1 in 4 adults may be unable to pay their energy bills, which could increase to 1 in 3 following the January 2023 review. (Citizen’s Advice)
  7. Domestic gas prices increased by 129% and domestic electricity prices by 66% from October 2021 to October 2022. (ONS)