Is your dream of an outdoor sanctuary hindered by dense, scrubby bushes and weeds? Does the thought of back-breaking digging prevent you from transforming your overgrown jungle into a relaxing haven?

Look no further than the Root Assassin Shovel!root assassin shovel

Large holes and strong roots are no match for this extreme spade, meaning you can clear the undergrowth in no time without any hard labour.

It was a friend who first introduced me to the wonders of the Root Assassin. Having just moved into a new house, life was hectic and I simply didn’t have the time to spend tidying the neglected wilderness of my back garden. Desperate for a quick fix, I called a few landscaping companies but was shocked by the extortionate prices quoted to me. I was moaning about the predicament to my green fingered friend when she suggested I borrow her Root Assassin.

Initially, I was a little sceptical. The Root Assassin sounded like it would be more at home in a Tarantino movie than a garden. The serrated teeth added to its fearsome image, giving it the appearance of a halved shark’s head. It certainly looked fierce, but would it really make my garden woes a thing of the past?

The first thing I tackled was a large untamed Burning Bush that was swamping a large chunk of my yard. Anyone familiar with these hardy shrubs will know that the intense root system makes them a nightmare to remove. Not with the Root Assassin though. The unique structure of the toothed edge swiftly chomped its way through the roots.

Impressed and spurred on by my success, I moved on to the large section of privet hedge that fenced off an old vegetable patch. Again, no contest. The Root Assassin slid into the earth and sliced through the roots with one easy push. No straining or sweating involved.

I soldiered on and managed to clear the whole garden in one enjoyable afternoon. It was an absolute breeze! I went out the next day and bought a Root Assassin shovel for myself, knowing it would come in handy for future projects. And I haven’t been disappointed. I excavated a 14-foot-long trench to make a raised flower bed with minimal hassle, and when I realised what a cinch it was, I went ahead and dug out the foundation for a 12×6 foot patio too.

At just 4lbs, the shovel is so lightweight that it’s a pleasure to work with, and the carbon steel frame guarantees that it will withstand the elements. Along with removing unwanted shrubs and digging out earth, I have also used my Root Assassin to saw off stray branches on my birch tree without difficulty. The long handle gives access to higher limbs without the need for a ladder. Sawing with the shovel will dull the serrated teeth over time, but they can be sharpened using a wheel or grinder.

It’s almost a month since I bought my Root Assassin shovel, and it has rapidly become my favourite tool for a multitude of garden tasks. Saving time, effort and money across the board, it really is the jack of all spades!

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