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13 Ways to Transform Your Garden in a Weekend

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eBook Description

As the weather improves it’s time to spruce up your garden and start enjoying the warmth and fresh air.

Making your garden an attractive space is less work than you’d think and to help you, this eBook will take you through 13 projects that are doable in one weekend.

Work your way through them all or pick and choose which suits you best. A beautiful and practical garden is only one weekend away.

Weekend 1: The Big Clean Up

Weekend 2: How to Get The Perfect Lawn

Weekend 3: Solving Fence Troubles

Weekend 4: Making a Raised Bed

Weekend 5: Creating a Flower Border

Weekend 6: Plant Potting

Weekend 7: Introducing Wildlife to Your Garden

Weekend 8: Making Your Garden More Kid Friendly

Weekend 9: How to Refresh Your Decking

Weekend 10: How to Add Privacy to Your Garden

Weekend 11: Building a Rockery

Weekend 12: Spruce Up Your Dining Area

Weekend 13: How to Level an Uneven Garden


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