In this guide we’ll take a look at the best unusual garden ornaments for the UK market.
I’ve compared design, materials, build quality and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

Unique & Unusual Garden Ornaments

  • Features
  • Two garden sculptures
  • Bronze effect
  • Lightweight yet robust
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Two pair garden sculptures
  • Heavy cast stone
  • Lots of attractive detail
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Creates a large focal point
  • Made from cast UK limestone
  • Plinth and ornament fit together
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Heavy cast stone
  • UK made
  • Comfortable, ornamental seating
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Ultra-realistic detailing
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Sturdy weatherproof resin build
  • Cost
  • Features
  • LED solar power lights
  • Weatherproof copper effect metal
  • Wind damage prevention stick
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Ultra-realistic detailing
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Sturdy weatherproof resin
  • Cost

Unusual Garden Ornament Reviews

Large Deer Sculptures

Just wow. These large deer sculptures are a pair of unusual garden ornaments that would fit into any modern or traditional garden scheme.

If you’re a lover of naturalistic sculpture this bronze effect stag and doe are going to hit the spot. They are so lifelike your visitors will do a double take every time they look out the window.

These are handmade from high-quality aluminium by craftsmen using traditional methods, they’re not your standard cheap resin import by any stretch of the imagination.

The finish on both garden sculptures is aged bronze, a classy finish that suits the naturalistic style, and they are mid-sized for all environments. The large deer measures 85cms and the smaller one is 41cms tall.

These spectacular, unusual garden ornaments are lightweight enough at 10.4kgs to carry around the garden to a different spot if you fancy a change. Because they are lightweight you may have to tie them down to prevent the wind blowing them over in exposed gardens, but that’s not difficult with a piece of wire around a foot.

Aluminium is one of the best materials for garden ornaments because it doesn’t rust and it’s light enough to make large statement pieces without weighing tons.

It’s also is tough enough to withstand the UK’s weather conditions. Aluminium garden sculptures are an investment that will last for years.

These unusual garden ornaments are my top pick because they are beautiful, weather resistant and fit any garden scheme!

Stone Pair of Sitting Lions

If you’re looking for unusual garden ornaments with an exciting twist how about this pair of stone bronzed lions?

These large garden ornaments are made from reinforced cast stone taken from UK quarries. They are created and finished in the UK by leading craftsmen that really know how to make a garden ornament look good. There’s nothing tacky about this proud pair.

The great thing about stone is that it wears over time and just looks better. Lichens and algae add to the antique effect in my opinion, but if you prefer them clean and clear just scrub them over once a year with the hose.

I love how these lion garden sculptures are such heavy ornaments. They weigh in at approximately 55kgs each, so you won’t find them blown over when the wind gets up, and they would be very difficult to take from a front garden.

You could use these unusual garden ornaments as bookends on the patio, set them guarding your driveway, or overseeing the vegetable garden.

Overall, the garden sculptures measure 60cms tall, 22cms wide and 35cms deep. That’s quite a large garden ornament and well worth the money because they are frost proof, sun proof, rain proof – all weatherproof in fact.

These unusual garden ornaments would suit a traditional style garden or create an iconic focal point in a modern garden.

Stone Owl Statue and Plinth

This four-foot-tall stone owl is an understated natural ornament for a garden with style.

I love this stone owl garden ornament because it blends a traditionally carved plinth with a modern sleek owl figure. If it’s unusual to blend these two opposites then this owl takes the biscuit. I love how the opposing styles work together.

If you’re not into plastic resin and you have a pathological hatred of gnomes then this is an elegant garden ornament just for you!

It’s made in the UK by trained craftsmen using cast limestone from UK quarries, who doesn’t love to support the home side? It’s fully frost-proof and easy to clean should the pigeons take aim.

Overall the quirky garden ornament measures four feet, or just under 122cms in new money. The owl is 31 inches and the plinth 17 inches. Both are finished with extra colour – the owl is aged bronze and the plinth is jet black – it’s another contrast that just adds something extra.

This is one of the best unusual garden ornaments that looks even better in real life than on screen. It will suit all styles of garden, so grab yourself something gorgeous that doesn’t need water!

Ornate Stone Bench

You can never have too much seating in the garden and this ornate stone bench looks beautiful in any situation. In a sunny spot, under a shady arbour, next to the house, or beside the garden path – it’ll instantly upgrade your outside space.

The bench is made from cast stone that’s mined from UK quarries and created by trained craftsmen who have reinforced it with steel bars. Feel safe when you sit down!

This bench measures 45 inches long and 14 inches wide. It’ll comfortably seat one, or two if you don’t mind squeezing up. When no-one is basking in the sun you can admire the intricate Greek-style carving on its legs and seat edges.

Cast stone ages and weathers well over time to create a beautiful patina with moss and algae, but if you prefer a clean look simply scrub it over with soapy water.

This unique garden ornament will suit a cottage garden, next to a pond, under a tree, or in any area with an old-time feel. It looks especially good paired up with another of the same style.

Vivid Arts Real Life Prowling Fox

If you like realism and bright colours look no further than this incredibly lifelike Vivid Arts garden fox ornament.

I love this quirky garden ornament. It’s so realistic that you will fool guests into thinking a real fox is visiting. I think it’s the eyes that make him so realistic – they follow you as you walk past.

The hand-finished colouring and textures are true to nature as well. This fox is a ruddy red shade with a bushy white tail and black facial features that won’t fade in the sun.

He measures 67x34x32cms and is made from durable resin. Resin is another great garden ornament material because it’s lightweight but sturdy enough to tackle our bad-tempered weather.

You could use this foxy fellow to scare cats and other foxes from your urban garden. Just place him beneath a tree or emerging from the bushes for a shot of realism.

This is one of the best unusual garden ornaments that makes a great gift for a fox lover and fills a garden in need of a focal point. If you love wildlife but don’t see enough of it, this unique garden ornament will keep you happy!

Garden Mile Light Up Peacock

Garden ornaments are lovely to look at in the day but what about night-time? Step forward this amazing light up peacock – you’ll never feel bored looking out on your twilight garden again.

This unusual garden ornament measures 60x120x43cms and weighs barely anything as it’s made from weatherproof copper effect metal.

Because it’s so light you’ll need to tie it down, but that’s made easy with the extension stick provided. Simply push it into the soil and you’re good to go.

Now, you’ll want to know about the lighting situation.

It’s an LED solar powered set up that requires no plug or batteries whatsoever – this peacock is powered by the sun and reviews say it doesn’t need much to shine brightly. Even our weak winter sunshine makes this guy light up like Blackpool Illuminations.

The lights follow the peacock’s silhouette so in the dark you’ll still see his shape– that’s a pretty important detail for those of us disappointed by a concoction of various lights hung on other garden ornaments.

This peacock is finished in classic bronze and certainly brings the quirky feels to your garden. It would suit a modern landscape in need of a feature, or light up the far end of a long garden. Safety first, as if you needed an excuse!

Large Elephant Garden Ornament

Have you ever been on safari?

Now there’s no need, just bring exotic wildlife right to your door with this Vivid Arts elephant garden ornament.

This guy measures 45x25x37cms and has the most realistic eyes I’ve seen on a resin statue. Lovers of elephants will find it hard to put this guy outside so you may need to buy two! It’s one of my favourite smaller garden ornaments for any outdoor living space.

The well-made resin body is weatherproof enough to withstand UK winter frosts, and it’s light enough at 4.5kgs to move around the garden when you fancy a change of scenery.

Why not pop him in the bushes to surprise visitors as they stroll around, or sit him loud and proud on the patio. He suits all areas and creates a cheerful feature in that area beneath a fence where nothing but weeds will grow.

This funny garden ornament is perfect for people who love realism and bright, cheerful accents. Kids will love his twinkly eyes and realistic textures – who doesn’t love an elephant?

Unusual Garden Ornaments Buying Guide

If you’re fed up returning from holiday to dead flowers and brown stalks, or you need a dramatic focal point, then unique garden ornaments are the way forward!

Gone are the days of dodgy plastic gnomes that give children nightmares. It’s time to make way for the new wave of modern, sleek and quirky garden ornaments that cut out the need for lots of dependent plants.

Garden sculptures create a focal point in your garden during the winter when there’s not much to see, and in the summertime they accentuate your planting schemes.

A realistic fox poking his head from a swathe of foxgloves is picture perfect, and a solar-powered decorative ornament will brighten your day and night.

We all like to look at lovely things, and garden ornaments give us the chance to express an artistic side without huge expense.

Quality unusual garden ornaments last for years and they never die off, unlike some of the more demanding plants that cost just as much – yes, I’m looking at you Mr Acer and Mrs Camelia.

We need to keep our gardens flowering for the sake of our bees and wildlife, but a few unusual garden ornaments here and there keep outside spaces looking fresh and adds interest throughout the year.

Unusual garden ornaments make the perfect gift for the person who has everything and they’re a great way to celebrate a life event such as an anniversary, a milestone birthday, or a wedding.

Whether you like quirky or natural you can’t beat a quality garden ornament, so say goodbye to Sherlock the Gnome and welcome in fresh, new and unusual garden sculptures that really pack a punch.