Amy Reed

I always remember how my interest in gardening started.

I was working my first-ever writing job when someone told me that if I put a potato in the ground, more would grow.

I went home that day and chucked a potato out in my garden.

As I’m sure you can imagine, no potatoes ever arrived.

I spent the next few years learning how to do things properly. By day, I’d hustle around London as a busy project manager. On weekends, I’d be in my Essex home tending to my garden in peace and quiet.

I left London and the world of project management behind some time ago to focus on other things. Nowadays, I write full-time on everything home, garden, horticulture and DIY related. Every morning, without fail, I check on the veggies crammed in on my kitchen windowsill (and the ones in the greenhouse, conservatory and outdoor vegetable patch!).

These days, I know there’s more to gardening and cultivating a good crop than just chucking a potato in the ground. That’s why I’m so glad I get to share my gardening tips (and failures) with you lovely readers here at DIY Garden.

Let’s get gardening!

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