DIY Garden: Our Mission

DIY Garden started as a simple hobby site. It was an outlet for its creator Clive Harris, to share his passion for gardening, environmental issues, and exciting outdoor spaces. 

4 years and countless hours of growing, reading, writing and testing, the site has become one of the UK’s most popular gardening blogs, serving over 3.5m visitors per year.

Today, our mission is simple… to inspire, advise and help you improve your outdoor space.

Whether it’s creating a private haven that can survive the British climate, sustainably growing your own vegetables, or teaching your kids about nature and wildlife, we’ve got you covered.

Our contributors are gardeners, horticulturalists, environmentalists, teachers, allotment owners and everything in between!

For more information about how we started, and our wonderful team visit our ‘About Us‘ page.

Thank you for taking the time to visit DIY Garden. It’s a labour of love, and we hope that shines through in our content! 

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Helpful Product Reviews

We spend countless hours researching, testing, comparing and critiquing some of the UK’s best garden & DIY products. Our database of reviews has taken years to build. We’re proud to be able to help you make more informed decisions for your outdoor space.

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