Our Editorial Standards

Here at DIY Garden we strive to be the most trusted authority in the area of Gardening and DIY – and we have a LOT of fun in the process!

We work with complete editorial independence, only recommending products and giving gardening advice that we deem to be gold standard.

We apply this unique approach and expertise across hundreds of categories; from garden maintenance to plant care, to garden design.

We also write extensively on conservation, wildlife and sustainability – we’re extremely passionate about the environment and love sharing this information with you! 

Our team are absolute EXPERTS. Alina left the London rat race to live on her very own farm in North East Scotland. She’s here to teach you how to grow just about anything, from crunchy carrots to purple sprouting broccoli! Then we have Becky, also known as ‘The Nature Lady’, who helps out at local wildlife rescues and has a productive kitchen garden.

Rachel grows crops on her allotment and works at her local garden centre, and Harry, who lives in Devon, is our all-round DIY guru! Next up is Hannah, who brings practicality and passion to her editorial gardening pieces, and finally there’s Lucy, our award-winning British garden and lifestyle journalist!

As you can see, we are passionate about gardening, and we are fully committed to our readers. We endeavour to bring you the absolute best in gardening advice and product recommendations, so that you can enjoy this wonderful hobby as much as we do.

The last thing we want is for you to waste precious time or get stressed out whilst shopping for all your gardening needs. So, our thoroughly researched reviews are here to make sure gardening remains as it should be – fun, enjoyable and relaxing! 

When it comes to our product recommendations, we research and test hundreds of items each year to bring you the best of the best. We put ourselves in your shoes and compare the technical specifications of different products, bringing you nothing but the most practical, affordable, easy-to-use items with the best features available.

We share your frustration when it comes to poorly made, overpriced products, so we only recommend items that we would or have used ourselves and confidently recommend to our family and friends.

When we recommend that you spend your hard-earned money on something for your garden – we take our responsibility seriously!

Our biggest asset is the trust we have with our readers. Our strict editorial process ensures that nothing gets published unless it is as informative, well researched and useful as possible. We encourage you to rate, review and fact-check our pieces so that we maintain the extremely high standards we set for ourselves.

Please reach out to us via the contact page if you are looking for any specific advice, or have a query about our content. Our dedicated and friendly team will do their absolute best to help you.


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