Let’s face it, we in Britain aren’t blessed with year-long sunshine. Nor are our houses built on huge plots of land. But we don’t half love our gardens.

Whether it’s spending your Saturday pruning plants, building a treehouse for the kids, or going for a peaceful walk round your local garden centre. Improving your outdoor space is a wonderfully therapeutic way of getting back to nature.

And nothing beats appreciating your hard work. Whether it’s sitting down on a warm summers evening to enjoy a glass of Rosé while the BBQ sizzles. Or seeing your kids’ faces come to life as you turn your front garden into a winter wonderland. It’s priceless.

Whatever the time of year, your garden is there to be enjoyed. And that is the exact reason why DIY Garden was set up; to help you enjoy it more. Even if it’s no bigger than your bedroom, a bit of ingenuity can transform your space from boring to beautiful in a few short weekends.

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