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Let’s face it, we in Britain aren’t blessed with year-long sunshine. 

Nor are our houses built on huge plots of land. But we don’t half love our gardens.

Whether it’s spending your Saturday pruning plants, building a treehouse for the kids, or going for a peaceful walk round your local garden centre… Improving your outdoor space is a wonderfully therapeutic way of getting back to nature.

And nothing beats appreciating your hard work. Whether it’s sitting down on a warm summers evening to enjoy a glass of Rosé while the BBQ sizzles. Or seeing your kids’ faces come to life as you turn your front garden into a winter wonderland. It’s priceless.

Whatever the time of year, your garden is there to be enjoyed. 

And that is the exact reason why DIY Garden was set up; to help you enjoy it more. Even if it’s no bigger than your bedroom, a bit of ingenuity can transform your space from boring to beautiful in a few short weekends.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoy the content.

DIY Garden Team Members & Authors


Clive Harris

DIY Garden Creator, Author & Researcher
Clive Harris is an experienced gardening writer, allotment owner and organic vegetable grower. He's passionate about creating an outdoor space that his kids will cherish, and teaching them about wildlife and the environment. You can learn more about him and how DIY Garden started on his Author Page.

Becky Mathews

Environmental & Wildlife Specialist
Becky Mathews is an enthusiastic gardener that shares her outdoor spaces with nature. Always happy with her hands in the soil, or rescuing wildlife in trouble, she enjoys writing about her environmental successes and failures. You can read more about Becky on her Author Page.

Lucy Summers

Award-Winning Garden Journalist
Lucy Summers is an award-winning British garden and lifestyle journalist, author and ghost-writer. As well as being a Chelsea Gold Medal garden designer, she’s a practical hands-on gardener with an enduring enthusiasm for plants, gardens and outdoor living.

Harry Duncton

Arborist, Carpenter, DIY Expert
Harry Duncton is a jack of all trades with experience ranging from carpentry and furniture restoration to tree surgery and gardening. Happiest when found in his shed, he hopes his daughter will find a passion for making things as well. “Everything always takes much longer than you could possibly imagine.” You can read more about Harry on his Author Page.
Alina Jumabhoy - DIY Garden Author

Alina Jumabhoy

Expert Horticulturalist & Farm Owner
Alina Jumabhoy has spent several years learning about, and experimenting with, different organic growing techniques at various gardens and farms around the country. Fuelled by her quest for self-sufficiency, she’s now putting that information to good use on her own rural farm. You can find out more about Alina on her Author Page.

Hannah Nemeth

Home Improvement Journalist
Hannah Nemeth has written about home improvements, property and personal finance for a wide range of newspapers and magazines. In her spare time, she loves decluttering, having got the bug after watching Netflix’s Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. She collects cactuses and grows her own vegetables.
rachel brown diy garden

Rachel Brown

Experienced Horticulturalist
Rachel Brown has been growing plants, fruit, vegetables and crops on her parents farm in Devon since she was a child. Her passion for sustainability and living off the land is shared by her husband and two kids. Rachel loves teaching others everything from sowing seeds to harvesting.

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