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Rachel Brown is a senior writer at DIY Garden reporting on all things from gardening to fun with the kids. Her expertise stems from a passion to teach her children about the benefits of outdoor play and how to protect the environment.

About Rachel

Growing up on a farm in Buntingford, I was always close to nature. The animals, the crops, the great outdoors; it really was nature’s playground to be enjoyed for any young child.

I could tell back then, my life wasn’t going to revolve around busy city life or a traditional office job. I knew I wanted to work with nature in some capacity.

Fast-forward a few years, and after getting a Horticultural degree at the University of Edinburgh, meeting my husband, and having two wonderful children, I returned home to Buntingford to write, work and enjoy my old stomping grounds.

As well as bringing up a family, I work in my local garden centre, grow crops on my allotment, and share my knowledge and ideas with the wonderful readers of DIY Garden!

Just like my summer strawberries, life is pretty sweet!

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