In this guide we’ll take a look at the best long handled bulb planters.
I’ve compared build quality, ease of use, strength and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Long Handled Bulb Planter?

  • Features
  • Excellent build quality
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • FSC Certified wooden handle
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Solid construction
  • FSC Certified ash handle
  • Comfortable to use
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Automatic release for efficient planting
  • Carbon steel construction
  • Release mechanism performs well
  • Cost

More Detailed Long Handled Bulb Planter Reviews

Joseph Bentley Stainless Steel Long Handled Bulb Planter

This Joseph Bentley Long Handled Bulb Planter features an FSC certified wooden handle and a stainless-steel head. The head of the bulb planter has tread-edged wings allowing you to push the head of the tool cleanly into soil or through turf with your boot.

This bulb planter is sturdy and well made. Its deeply notched edge cuts through even tough turf and compacted soil with ease and, even after an afternoon’s work, showed no signs of wear or damage on the stainless-steel head. The head has a diameter of 7 cm making it suitable for even large bulbs.

To use this bulb planter, you simply insert it into the soil to the depth required, depending on the bulb you are planting. The beautifully shaped, smooth T handle allows you to twist the tool to push it into the soil more easily. The tool has a handy depth scale etched along the head to make it easy to get just the right depth. When you remove the tool, it comes out with the plug of soil inside. The tool makes a nice neat hole in soil or turf. Once you have planted the bulb you simply release the plug out of the hole to fill in the area above the bulb. The soil is easily released from the smooth stainless head with a light tap. I usually firm the soil down with some light pressure from my boot and I am ready to plant the next bulb.

This sturdy and well made tool comes with a lifetime guarantee.

This is a beautiful traditional tool that works really well and will take a lot of the back-breaking work out of planting your bulbs. I would highly recommend it, especially if you are planting in grass as this tool cuts through turf with ease and makes a neat hole so that the plug of soil and turf can be seamlessly replaced after planting.

Bulldog Premier Bulb Planter

This Bulldog Premier Bulb Planter is another attractive tool that has an FSC certified American Ash handle and a solid forged steel head. Again, I found it to be sturdy to use. The tread was comfortable on the foot and felt sturdy, showing no signs of bending or breaking even with quite heavy pressure.

The tool cuts out a clean cone of soil or turf making it easy to replace the divot neatly. The edge is not notched or serrated so I found a little more force was required than with the previous tool. The T handle is also slightly smaller so did not give quite as much leverage. The head has a diameter of 7 cm making it suitable for even large bulbs.

This is a sturdy long-handled bulb planter that makes light work of mass bulb plantings.

Crest Garden Long Handled Automatic Bulb Planter

This Crest Garden Long Handled Automatic Bulb Planter has an automatic release mechanism that releases the plug of soil back into the hole after planting. This bulb planter worked well and is handy if you have sticky clay soil which is not always easily released by more traditional tools.

The long-handled bulb planter is sturdy and is durable enough for most soil conditions. The treads and handle are very comfortable to use. The release mechanism is also easy to use; you simply pull the trigger and the clod of soil is released.

An easy to use, good value long-handled bulb planter that would be ideal for planting in garden beds and smooth lawns.

Long Handled Bulb Planters Buying Guide

When choosing a long-handled bulb planter, make sure it is sturdy enough for the conditions in which you will be using it. Most planters will work in well dug over flower beds and soft turf. However, if you are using it on compacted or stony soil then choose the sturdiest version you can.

A release mechanism is handy, especially if your soil is sticky, as it releases the clod of earth. However, most traditional tools will do this easily with just a tap as long as you keep them clean and well maintained. I find the stainless-steel heads release the clod easily.


Could a long-handled bulb planter be used for seed potatoes?

A long-handled bulb planter can be used to make holes for anything! However, do make sure the one you choose has a large enough head to create a hole large enough for your requirements.  Most cut a hole of around 7 cm which should easily be big enough for seed potatoes.