In this guide we’ll look at the best moss killers for UK lawns.
I’ve compared effectiveness, timing, ingredient safety and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Moss Killer?

  • Features
  • Best moss killer for lawns
  • Fertilises the lawn
  • Covers 2500 Sq. M
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Powerful formula
  • Fertilises the lawn
  • Covers 1000 Sq. M
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Rapid acting formula
  • Improves lawn health
  • Encourages fast re-growth
  • Cost

More Detailed Moss Killer Reviews

Pro-Kleen Premium Iron Sulphate Lawn Moss Killer

This Pro-Kleen Premium Iron Sulphate Lawn Moss Killer contains iron sulphate which is a moss killer and a lawn fertiliser that will encourage strong, healthy, dark green grass. It comes in powder form and can be applied dry or mixed into water and applied with a sprayer or a watering can with a fine rose. This product wins top spot for the best moss killer for lawns.

The box provides enough to cover 2500 square metres and comes in a resealable tub, so provides great value for money. Dosage instructions are clearly explained on the back of the tub. I used 70g in 7 litres of water and this reduced the moss significantly and improved the health of the grass. I will repeat the process in a few weeks to get rid of the remaining moss. You can also use this product at half strength as a lawn tonic and this will improve the general health of your lawn. Do not be tempted to apply more than the recommended amount, though, as this can scorch the grass.

This product is simple to use, effective and excellent value for money. All in all, it’s the best moss killer for the money.

Premium Iron Sulphate Moss Killer

Up next we have a Premium Iron Sulphate Moss Killer that kills moss and fertilises your lawn. Each pack provides enough to kill moss on lawns of up to 1000 square metres. It comes in a resealable plastic tub which keeps the product nice and dry.

This product can be applied wet or dry, but for best results dilute it with water and apply with a sprayer or watering can.

This product is easy to use and effective, killing most of the moss in less than a week. If you are looking for the best moss killer this is another excellent quality product to choose from.

Maxicrop Moss Killer and Lawn Tonic

This Maxicrop Moss Killer and Lawn Tonic contains 17 percent iron sulphate, 2 percent nitrogen and natural seaweed. The iron sulphate kills the moss and the seaweed and nitrogen greens up the grass and improves its health encouraging faster regrowth in the bare patches left by the dead moss.

This moss killer is fast acting and effective as well as being clean and easy to use. 310 ml is sufficient to treat 10 square metres, so this pack should cover 80 square metres of lawn. You simply mix the liquid with water and apply with a sprayer or watering can with a fine rose.

This is a more expensive option than the previous products, however, it is very effective and blackens almost all the moss within days and improves the health and colour of the lawn. It is also the best moss killer to use if you plan to reseed the lawn as it does not linger for as long as granular products.

Moss Killer Buying Guide

Moss is a common problem in lawns for a variety of reasons. It can often occur when there is sparse grass cover, on compacted or waterlogged soil, in shady areas, when the grass is drought stressed or on soil that is lacking in nutrients or too acidic. Moss can give the lawn an uneven colour and feel spongy to walk on.

It is easy to remove the moss from lawns with the best lawn killer. The moss will die quickly after treatment and can then be raked out. Once treated it is also worth checking the health or your lawn and taking any remedial action required to make sure the problem does not keep occurring.

The best moss killer products will also improve the health of your lawn. If you have a lot of moss you may need to repeat the application. Most moss killers contain iron sulphate which kills the moss as well as greening up the lawn. At lower concentrations, these products can be used as a lawn tonic

The best moss killer products come in liquid or granular/powder form. The granular products can usually be applied dry or diluted with water and applied with a sprayer or watering can. The liquid products are diluted and then applied in the same way.


What is the best time to apply moss killer?

Moss produces spores in spring and autumn, so it is best to apply the moss treatment before this happens. However, you want the lawn to be able to spread into the bare patches as soon as possible to prevent weeds taking root in the bare patches, so make sure the grass is actively growing before treatment if possible.

Ideal times to apply moss killers are in spring or autumn. If applying in spring, do this as soon as the weather warms and the grass begins to grow, ideally before the likelihood of sporing in April. If you want to apply the treatment in autumn, wait until the dry weather is over and the conditions are wetter, September is usually about right.

When do I need to rake out the moss after applying a moss killer?

Wait until the moss is dead and black before raking, otherwise, you can spread pieces of live moss and spores over to another area of your lawn.

I have applied a moss killer and it hasn’t quite killed all the moss. How long do I have to wait until reapplying?

It’s best to wait a few weeks before applying a second application of moss killer, especially if it contains iron sulphate as an overdose of this can scorch the grass. After applying your best moss killer product it’s important to be patient to avoid the risk of scorching the grass.

Can I apply moss remover just to the most affected parts of my lawn?

It is best to apply these products over the whole lawn as they increase the acidity of the soil and this can affect the colour of the lawn. Part applications could result in a variable colour in your grass and a patchy and uneven effect.

What can I do to prevent the moss coming back in my lawn?

The general health or your lawn will affect how much moss manages to grow there. If your lawn has a tendency to become waterlogged or compacted this will encourage moss, so anything you can do to improve drainage and aerate the lawn will help. Regular feeding keeps your grass in tip top condition and this makes it harder for moss to find a way in. Always feed your lawn in autumn to help prevent moss taking over in the damp winter months.

It is also wise to avoid cutting your grass too short as this can damage it and allow moss to get a foothold.

What precautions should I take when using a product containing iron sulphate?

Iron sulphate is safe to use as long as you follow the guidance on the pack carefully. You should, in general, keep pets and children off the area for 24 hours after use. If you want to use your best moss killer on patios or paths the test it on a small inconspicuous area as the product can stain. Wear gloves and protect the areas where you mix the product to prevent staining and remember to check your shoes before going indoors as the products can stain floors and carpets.