In this guide we’ll look at the best palm router.
We’ve compared power, performance, design and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Are The Best Palm Routers?

  • Features
  • Variable speed
  • Speed maintained
  • Aluminium housing
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Variable speed
  • Precision depth adjustment
  • Precision depth adjustment
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Small and compact model
  • Drill bit set
  • Rough and fine depth adjustment
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Uses standard parts
  • Speed dial
  • Good accessories available
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Inexpensive
  • Powerful
  • Light
  • Cost

More Detailed Palm Router Reviews

DeWalt D26200 1/4in Compact Fixed Base Router 230 Volt

The DeWalt D26200 1/4in Compact Fixed Base Router is the best palm router because it has variable speeds, the speed is maintained under any load and it also features aluminium housing.

Variable speed settings allow you to tailor the palm router to what material you are using. It also enables you to use slower speeds for finer more intricate tasks. Having too high a speed can make intricate tasks or working on delicate materials very difficult.

This palm router ensures that the chosen speed is maintained even under load. So, if you are using the fastest setting it will maintain that speed when you need it. Also, if you are using slower speeds it can maintain them too. This is useful because inconsistencies in speed will often produce inconsistencies with your cut and finish.

The aluminium housing is both light and strong and can dampen vibration. This makes using this palm router much easier and causes less fatigue in the arms and hands.

Overall, this a great palm router with good control of speed and sturdy yet light build quality.

Makita RT0700CX4 240 V Router/Trimmer

The Makita RT0700CX4 240 V Router/Trimmer is another good choice because it has variable speed, precision depth adjustment and comes with good accessories included.

This model also has variable speeds allowing you to customize how fast the bit spins. This is good for precision tasks or when working with delicate materials.

The depth adjustment is very precise. This allows you to cut to the exact depths you need hassle-free. This is very useful if you are working on tasks that require precision such as door hinges or mortar joints.

This unit comes with a good range of accessories to get you started with your new palm router. The accessories include spanners, templates and a depth gauge, all of which can really help you when starting out with your palm router.

This is a good choice of palm router thanks to its variable speed and range of included accessories.

Bosch Professional GKF 600 Corded 240 V Palm Router

The Bosch Professional GKF 600 Corded 240 V Palm Router and Bosch Routing Drill Bit Set is another good option because it’s small and compact, has an included drill bit set and has rough and fine depth adjustment.

This product is small and light making it very easy to manoeuvre and control for intricate work or when working in hard to reach places.

The drill bit set includes 15 bits which is a good range to get you started on your routing needs.

The product has both rough and fine depth adjustments. This helps you get rough depth and fine tune your depth to the exact amount you need. Using a combination of the two methods you can achieve accurate results quickly and simply.

This is a good option for anyone that needs a compact palm router to work on small pieces with great precision.

Katsu 101748 6MM 1/4" Electric Hand Trimmer Wood Router

This Electric Hand Trimmer Wood Router Tool is also a good option because it is has a solid aluminium body is customizable, uses standard parts for easy repairs and has a variable speed.

The speed dial allows you to customize the speed of the palm router. This is great for finer or more intricate tasks where a lighter touch is required.

This product uses standard parts for palm routers. This makes it very easy to repair and replace parts if anything goes wrong. This product is compatible with multiple different chucks and bits that are available to purchase separately, enabling you to adapt your palm sander to any jobs required. The router comes with a standard base, but you can purchase a plunge base or tilt base separately if you need them. This can really help you customize your palm router to any job required.

This is a good choice for anyone who is happy to purchase aftermarket options and tailor the router to their specific needs.

Merry 100365 6MM 1/4" Electric Hand Trimmer Wood Router

The Merry 100365 6MM 1/4″ Electric Hand Trimmer Wood Router is another great option because it’s inexpensive, powerful and only weighs 2.5kg

This is a good budget palm router making it ideal if you just need to use the tool occasionally.
Despite being inexpensive it remains powerful thanks to its 550-watt motor which produces a no-load speed of 3000 rpm. This should be enough to tackle most odd jobs and even some bigger jobs with no problem.

This product only weighs 2.5kg making it light and easy to use. It’s compact and light design make it perfect if you need to use it at an awkward angle as heavier palm routers can often become very difficult to hold in difficult positions.

I think this is a good option if you want a palm router for odd jobs of one-off tasks and therefore doesn’t want to spend too much on a palm router.

Palm Router Buyer’s guide

Motor power

The motor speed will affect how powerful the palm router will be. Having a powerful motor generally leads to the drill bit spinning at a higher rpm. This, in turn, will create an easier experience as the palm router will easily cut through whatever you ask of it.

Having a fast motor can often increase the finish. Slower routers sometimes snag and leave rough edges that then need to be sanded and cleaned up. Having a fast spinning palm router should reduce snagging and save you time.

No load speeds

When manufacturers talk about the rpm of a router it is normally the no-load speed they are referring to and this is something to watch out for.

The no-load speed is how fast the router will spin when not in contact with any material. This number is tested when the router is not routing. This is still a good guide but often the no-load speeds will be faster than the real-world speeds when you are using your router. Having said that the rpm is still a good guide to how effective a palm router will be.

Variable speed control

Sometimes you will not want to use your palm router on its highest speed setting. This is when having variable speeds comes in handy. When working with delicate materials or when cutting intricate pieces or patterns, the ability to turn down the speed of your router will give you more control and precision. Also, when working with delicate materials sometimes using too fast a speed can damage parts that you want to stay pristine.

Solid aluminium body

Using a palm router can be hard work if they are heavy. As you are handholding them whilst they are vibrating and you are making precision cuts this can become tiring and give you arm ache.

Aluminium is strong and light so makes the perfect material for many tools. A light palm router is much easier to use and makes the process more manageable. Due to the fact that it is strong but has a little more flex than other metals, an aluminium body also works to reduce vibrations.

Rough & fine depth adjustment

Palm routers often have rough and fine depth adjustment. You can use this to be both fast and accurate.

Setting the rough adjustment is simple and can be done by simply locking the head into the position you want. This will give you a rough depth and will sometimes be enough for jobs where the depth doesn’t have to be perfect.

If you do need perfect depth you can set it close with the rough depth adjustment. Then you can use the fine depth adjustment, with the adjustment wheel or dial, to fine-tune the depth.

This will enable you to quickly and accurately achieve the correct depth for your cut.

Dust extraction

Routers chew through material and turn it into sawdust and dust. Therefore, you can end up with a lot of particles in the air which is bad for your health and the cleanliness of you workshop.

Some routers come with built-in dust extractors and most come with an adaptor that can be used with your dust extractor or a vacuum cleaner. You can also buy adaptors to use with palm routers so you can connect them to whatever system you choose.


The range of accessories that both come with and can be bought for your palm router is another consideration when purchasing.

Most palm routers are compatible with a range of bits. Having a good number of accessories available to you will help you tailor your palm router to the job at hand. Some palm routers come with accessories such as cutting templates and different bits which means you can get started straight away.


How do I use a palm router?

Firstly, always use eye protection when using a palm router.

You will start by choosing and inserting the correct bit. This will normally be done by removing the bit that’s in there using a small wrench or Allen key. Then you can choose the correct bit depending on the task at hand and ensure it is secured correctly.

Adjusting the depth of the bit is an important step. You want to ensure it is the right depth for what you are trying to achieve. Most routers have a depth adjustment screw or lever.

Then you are ready to start experimenting and using your router. I would advice getting a feel for it on some well-secured test pieces of wood until you become accustomed to your palm router.

Remember to let the tool do the work and not to force it as this can damage the piece you are working on.

What is a palm router used for?

Palm routers have many uses. Here are a few examples.

  • They are very useful for duplicating parts. If you are making something with multiples of the same piece, once the first one is finished you can use that as a template for the others. Using your palm router will allow you to accurately create identical pieces without fuss.
  • You can easily cut holes to mount hinges with a palm router. Using a chisel is time-consuming and it is often difficult to create an accurate finish. Using a palm router makes this s simple job and it is easy to get accurate results in minutes.
  • Palm routers are a great tool for trimming the edges of veneers.
  • When making a shelf or tabletop, you can use a palm router to create a nice edge or lip.
  • A palm router can be used to make small joins for any kind of cabinet making.
  • They can also be used to cut holes in pieces ready for screws.

Why should I use a palm router?

Palm routers can be very useful for smaller jobs around the home. This makes them a very useful and versatile tool in any workshop. They are also quite small and compact meaning they are easy to store without taking up excess space in your cupboards or on your work station.