How to Position Your Cantilever Parasol

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how to position your cantilever parasol

The level of enjoyment you get out of your parasol largely depends on how you position it. After all, you can’t reap the benefits of your parasol if you’re not even under it!

Here, you’ll find out how to position your cantilever parasol to get the most out of it. 

How a Cantilever Parasol Works

Ever sat underneath a parasol, only for the central post to completely block your line of sight to the person opposite you? You spend more time looking at the pole than anything else!

Cantilever parasols have a new and improved setup. The modern design features a vertical pole and an arching side pole. The canopy is connected to the arching bar and hangs over your seating area. 

This eliminates the annoying central pole, providing more useable space under the parasol’s canopy. Due to the two-pole design, cantilever parasols can be tilted and rotated. You can chop and change your parasol position whenever you want, hassle-free! 

But first, you’ve got to figure out where to put it.


Cantilever Parasol Instructions

Cantilever parasol positioning takes careful consideration. You need to contemplate:

  • Your garden’s layout
  • The permanency of your parasol’s position
  • Why you bought a parasol
  • Where you want it

Let’s take a look at each conundrum in turn. 

Your Garden’s Layout

You need to ponder over your garden’s layout before commencing parasol positioning. What way does your garden face? Is it an east-facing garden that benefits from stunning sunrises, or will you be more exposed to sunsets coming from the west?

If your parasol needs to protect you from these rays, you’ll want to tilt your parasol, so it blocks the sun – you can change the position with the sun, giving you constant protection.


The Permanency of Your Parasol’s Position

Do you plan to keep your cantilever parasol in one place or move it around? This will affect how you position your parasol. 

If keeping your parasol permanently situated sounds like a good idea to you, invest in a ground base. Your cantilever parasol will be fixed firmly in place with a ground base – it’s the most robust fixation there is! 

But if you’d rather move your parasol around as the sun changes position in the sky, opt for a heavy but fully mobile base. These have built-in wheels and a handle, making moving your parasol child’s play. 

Why You Bought a Parasol

Simple question: why did you buy a parasol? Most often, it’s for much-needed shade on sunny days. But a parasol can also serve as a privacy screen or an umbrella.

If the primary reason you bought a parasol was for privacy, you want to position your cantilever parasol in a way that blocks onlookers’ line of sight. Otherwise, it won’t give you any privacy at all! 

Keep your cantilever parasol’s canopy horizontal if you seek shelter from the rain. When your parasol is positioned this way, the water will run straight off of it. If you choose to tilt it, you’ll likely end up getting soggy!


Where You Want Your Parasol

We Brits use our parasols in a wide range of places. Most of the time, our parasols stand proud on our patios. But if you’re lucky enough to have a pool, your parasol may be headed for a pool-side view. 

Cantilever parasols bought for commercial or hospitality reasons will likely be used in outside seating areas, allowing the dinner party to continue in the fresh air. 

Let’s discuss how to position your parasol for each. 

Patio Positioning

We typically place our parasol on the patio to shield our seating area from the elements. To ensure you position your parasol correctly, think about your seating area. How many seats are you trying to get under your parasol? Do you have a table? 

Cantilever parasols are excellent for large seating areas. The canopies are usually an adequate size, and they don’t have any obtrusive central poles. Just ensure your umbrella covers the whole seating area before buying it! 

A small seating area of 2 seats or loungers can easily be covered by a cantilever parasol canopy. Why not place a table in the middle of your seating if you’ve got the extra space? Your cantilever parasol can keep you and your drinks cool!

Pool-Side Positioning

Parasols shelter you from the sun’s harmful rays, allowing you to lounge by the pool without acquiring a painful sunburn. A rotating cantilever parasol is best for this positioning, as it keeps the space underneath the canopy clear. 

You can tilt and rotate this kind of cantilever parasol, giving you ultimate flexibility and not disturbing your pool-side luxury.


Commercial/Hospitality Use

Parasols used for commercial and hospitality purposes are slightly different. Whatever you choose, it’ll need to be heavy-duty to pass those health and safety checks. 

Then, consider whether you want one mammoth parasol or lots of little ones. A large cantilever parasol is costly but gives your seating area complete protection. Your customers can go outside come rain or shine, which significantly increases your seat number. 

An in-ground base will keep this cantilever parasol perfectly secure, and you’ll benefit from the ease of only having one canopy to maintain. You can also string up lights and add heaters with no stress. 

But having many smaller cantilever parasols will create a more intimate space, where people feel more separated between tables. It’s your decision – what will you go for? 

Parasol Positioning Made Easy

Once you position your cantilever parasol in the perfect spot, you can breathe a sigh of relief. A parasol that’s plopped down in the right place can completely transform a space. Now, you can enjoy it to its fullest. 

What are you waiting for? Sit back and relax!

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