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Job Done Tough Weedkiller2022 Review

Job Done Weedkiller is a ready to use weedkiller that’s a good deal better value than the brand names such as Roundup.

It also has an internal sprayer much like a kitchen cleaner spray which is unusual and turned out to be pretty handy when I was tackling large individual weeds like dock and couch grass.

Here’s how it fared.

Job Done Tough Weedkiller Review

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Our Verdict of The Job Done Tough Weedkiller


Ease Of Application


It’s very easy to apply. The ‘flexi spray’ clips out of the bottle body and the pipe clips into the open lid where it screws on. Be sure to pull all of the hose from the spray head so it reaches the bottom of the container.

The sprayer was OK to use. I mean, it wasn’t ergonomic, but you wouldn’t expect great shakes at this price.

It has two spray functions which are a jet spray and a fine spray. Be sure to wear gloves because the weedkiller gets all over the nozzle and you’ll need to turn that nozzle as you work your way around the garden.

Liquid emerges after a few pumps, but on the downside, each pump sprays very little weedkiller so I soon had hand ache. Also, you have to get quite close to the weed to make sure liquid covers the foliage. I’d say this is best for small areas and occasional weeds rather than treating a big area.

Maybe use it to spray the chickweed in your driveway or work along the side of a shed.


The label is very clear in explaining this weedkiller kills all greenery including grass. It’s not a product you can spot target a dandelion in the lawn with despite the easy-to-aim trigger. The surrounding spray off will kill the grass leaving brown patches worthy of a great dane.

Overall, yes it works. This weedkiller showed visible results quickly and cleared the driveway weeds plus dock and couch grass. The roots took a while to go but they did eventually shrivel up and turn dry.

Speed Of Results

Within a few hours, the weeds were drooping and two days later they had started to brown and crisp up. It was 15 days before I’d say most of the weeds were properly dead and I could brush them off the driveway.

However, it didn’t kill the dock leaves for a month, they need a second application which eventually polished them off after a month of looking a bit brown.

On the downside, this weedkiller makes soil unusable for a long time (see eco-friendliness below for more on that). It’s a trade-off between cost and garden space here.


It’s glyphosate-based so toxic to pollinators including bees. Please snap off flowers before applying so you don’t kill our lovely dumbledores. Job Done shouldn’t be used near ponds because it kills fish and other pond life too.

Here’s a big downside. You can’t use it in areas where you want to grow things because it takes a ‘growing season’ to wear off.

I’m not entirely sure what they mean by a ‘growing season’ so I’m going to assume that’s a whole spring and summer – so in effect it wipes out a year from your growing space.

That’s fine if you have a large garden, or want it for the driveway, but it’s not practical if every inch counts. One more thing – it’s not suitable near roses or hydrangea. That’s the first time I’ve seen that safety notice on a weedkiller.  Another catch is that it doesn’t say when it’s safe for pets and kids to use the treated area.



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