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Resolva 24H Ready To Use Power Pump Weed Killer2022 Review

Resolva 24H Ready To Use Power Pump Weed Killer is a weedkiller with an integral pump that can be applied directly to weeds without pre-mixing. If you have individual weeds that need targeting this is a good choice.

I like these pre-mix weedkillers because I don’t have to fiddle around with measuring cups and potentially get weedkillers on my hands.

Resolva is a household name and I was interested to see how the weedkilling liquid and its plastic nozzle compared to Roundup’s integral weedkiller which looks very similar.  

Resolva 24H Ready To Use Power Pump Weed Killer Review

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Our Verdict of The Resolva 24H Ready To Use Power Pump Weed Killer


Ease Of Application


Gloves and covered shoes are needed again and I’d recommend wearing tough gardening shoes because I dropped the unit on my foot and it left a bruise.

Just for the record, I wasn’t being clumsy, there was a breeze that blew some liquid onto the handle and made it slippery, so that’s something to watch out for. The instructions say ‘take extreme care to avoid drift’ so I don’t suppose I can complain that much!

Resolva Weedkiller is a 5-litre ready mix with an integral pipe and sprayer. It has a jet and a spray function which is good news for adaptable weedkilling.

The finer spray is good at covering a large area, and the narrow jet is better at targeting individual weeds like a clump of dock or jetting weedkiller over a decent distance. I’d say it reaches just over a metre with some dribble on the ground in between.

The nozzle made sure leaves got a good coating of liquid and this no doubt helps kill it off quicker than weedkillers you apply with a watering can. The was very little run-off the foliage.

The plastic nozzle is better quality compared to Roundup’s similar offering. It has a finer spray and although it’s a pressure pump too, it doesn’t need as much effort to prime the nozzle. The slightly wider handle means you can use more of your palm to press down and get the pressure ready. On the downside it dribbled much more weedkiller than Roundup.

After use, it was simple to pack away. I just clipped the nozzle into its holster and let the residual weedkiller dry off. If you’re going to do the same, put it on a sheet of newspaper and keep kids or pets away.


Did it work? Yes, it did work. I went to town on dock leaves, oxalis, moss and a patch of wayward nettles that were creeping under my fence line from the woods and it killed them all.

There are 5 litres in the bottle and the label says it’ll cover 185m2 which is the same as 18.5 car parking spaces. There’s well over half left in my bottle after 20 minutes of use, so I’d say this is good value too.

Speed Of Results

Sprayed weeds looked visibly wilted within 24 hours and started to die off around 4-5 days later. By the time the week was up nearly all the weeds were dead with the exception of my nemesis, the creeping buttercup. This fellow took over 2 weeks for its foliage to die.

I dug up the remains of a dock plant after two weeks and the roots were shrivelled. Resolva says it takes 7 days for the root system to die. I can say it does kill the roots but not in this time frame. It takes at least 2 weeks for roots to die off completely.

This weedkiller doesn’t visibly kill weeds in 24 hours as the packaging suggests. It might start to work, but weeds aren’t actually gone for at least two weeks. That’s something to bear in mind if the in-laws are due to visit on the weekend.


Like Roundup’s ready-mix pump weedkiller Resolva suggests its chemicals are naturally degraded by soil microorganisms so there’s that in its favour.

It contains glyphosate which is why it’s good at killing weeds but glyphosate kills pollinators and it will poison a pond or watercourse too. There isn’t a pond safe weedkiller to recommend. Unfortunately, you’ve got to weed by hand near ponds.

Whilst it doesn’t claim to be pet safe, once the spray is dried the garden is usable again.

You can refill the plastic container so that’s good news and less landfill. You could do this with the Roundup container too, but it doesn’t actually say so on the packaging.



4 3.5

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