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Vitax SBK Brushwood Killer Tough Weed Killer2022 Review

Vitax SBK Brushwood Killer Tough Weed Killer is one of the best weedkillers for tree stumps, brambles and woody weeds. It doesn’t kill grass but gets to work on tough overgrowth you can spend days trying to clear. The bottle treats up to 332m2. I had just the spot to try it out.

Vitax SBK Brushwood Killer Tough Weed Killer Review

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Our Verdict of The Vitax SBK Brushwood Killer Tough Weed Killer


Ease Of Application


Safety precautions are needed here, so get gloves and covered shoes ready. It’s tricky to handle the bottle because it’s very thin and doesn’t have a handle but it has an ingenious integral measuring cap instead.

I haven’t seen one of these before. Basically, you squeeze the bottle so the correct measurement of liquid enters the integral measuring cap, and then only that amount pours out into the watering can or sprayer. It’s an excellent idea that prevents overspill and waste.

On the downside, it leaked in transit so the cardboard box is damaged and stinky.

You can use a watering can or a sprayer to apply this weedkiller. This time I chose a sprayer. The ratio is 30mls into 6 litres of water applied over 10 square metres using a fine rose whereas a sprayer needs 30mls in 1.5 litres and a coarse spray head.

The application is a bit different on tree stumps. You can use a spray of 200mls to 300mls of water or paint the liquid on at a 50/50 liquid to water ratio.


The brambles and nettles I applied this to died off first turning an unhealthy shade of brown, so I can say that it works on the really tough stuff, but I can see it working faster and more effectively if you’re able to cut back the brambly bits first so more of the weedkiller gets into the roots.

There’s a confusing section in the instructions that states it kills weeds, not grass, but then states it may cause damage to lawns and other fine turfs. I played safe and only used this on woody scrub areas. If you want something lawn safe go for Weedol Lawn Weed Killer Concentrate Liquid.

Speed Of Results

After a week I started to see some wilting of brambles and nettles but it was a good 2-3 weeks before they started to die. I genuinely thought it wasn’t working as everything looked almost the same after a month with a small amount of brown staining around the edges.

I dug up a nettle after two weeks and it had lost its stinging capability and the root was shrivelled. So yes, this product works but it takes time and patience. If you’re in a rush you’d be better off choosing a fast-acting weedkiller like Resolva 24 hr ready to use pump spray.


There are plenty of warnings on the label such as don’t use it near water as it isn’t safe in ponds. A Google search on its main ingredient triclopyr indicates it’s not as toxic for bees as glyphosate so it’s a more eco-friendly choice on that front.

There are no instructions on pet or child care once it’s applied, so lots of care should be taken. In my opinion, this is very remiss because lots of us have dogs, cats and kids who use the garden. I really think there should be more information on its safety.



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