25 Aesthetic Bedroom Plant Ideas (Modern Decor You’ll Love)

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Best Bedroom Plant Ideas

The Best Bedroom Plant Ideas & Decor

Want to add a touch of greenery to your bedroom but need help deciding what to choose? Are you looking for bedroom plant ideas to suit a specific style? 

Bedroom plants may improve mood, lower stress levels, and enhance productivity and creativity. Some scientists suggest they may even help people with allergies and anxiety.

In this article, we explore all the best bedroom plants, from tall to small, weird and wacky to plain and simple, plus different species to suit every style. 

1. Tall Plants for Bedrooms

Tall houseplants bring verdant beauty and will quickly steal the focus in your bedroom. One of the best is the fiddle-leaf fig. Its magnificent, heavily-veined leaves sport a violin shape, providing a stark contrast against the plant’s thin stem. Other favourites include bird of paradise, money tree, and monstera. 

2. Best Plants for Bedroom Oxygen

Some scientists suggest that specific houseplants work as natural air purifiers, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. According to research, the bigger and leafier the plant, the better the benefits. Aloe vera, philodendron, rubber plant, and peace lily are thought to be some of the best air purifiers. However, it’s important to note that while plants may be effective air purifiers in lab conditions, there isn’t solid proof within our homes. 

3. Low-Maintenance Plants for Bedrooms

Are you forgetful? Maybe you’re far too busy to constantly be thinking about watering. Not to worry, some houseplants require next to no care, perfect for your bedroom. The no. 1 plant is the snake plant. This tall plant has a striking appearance, boasting big, vertical verdant leaves edged with yellow. You can also catch some z’s next to a ZZ plant, the ideal plant for beginners and busy people alike. 

4. Trending Houseplants for Your Bedroom

Kalanchoe is growing in popularity, with a 454% surge in internet searches in recent years. Kalanchoes are widely available and produce an incredible array of vibrant blooms that stick around for over 10 weeks. What’s not to like? On the other end of the scale is the alocasia silver dragon, a rare yet trendy tropical plant that boasts silvery foliage with deep, dark green veins. This plant requires high humidity levels, so try a well-lit ensuite bathroom. 

5. Bedroom Ensuite Plants

Tropical plants are typically the go-to for bedroom ensuites, as they love the combination of sunlight and high humidity levels that a bathroom brings. However, if your ensuite doesn’t have a window, you still have plenty of options – try a heartleaf philodendron, English ivy, dieffenbachia, or the unusual cast-iron plant. 

6. Lucky Plants for Bedrooms

According to Vastu Shastra, a traditional Indian mystic science for designing and building, bringing certain plants into your home is sure to bring luck. Some believe bamboo brings good fortune and health, while the money plant wealth and good luck. The ancient Chinese scientific practice of Feng Shui also suggests that placing an areca palm in your home will bring peace, prosperity, and health. 

7. High-Maintenance Plants for Bedrooms

Are you up for the challenge of caring for a high-maintenance houseplant? If you don’t like taking the easy road, a Bonsai tree fits the bill. Bonsai require careful placement and a strict watering and fertiliser regimen. However, if you provide the optimal conditions, your bonsai will reward you with lifelong companionship and breathtaking beauty. 

8. Best Bedroom Plants for Beginners

Let’s be honest – you’ll likely forget about your bedroom plant once or twice, especially if you’re an indoor gardening novice. So, what are your options? Luckily, many houseplants are low-maintenance, making them easy peasy to look after, even for beginners. Try a palm variety like the majesty palm or a  peace lily or dieffenbachia. 

9. Best Bedroom Plants for Anxiety

Certain plant species help to ease the mind, especially when you place them in your bedroom. Scented plants like jasmine, lemon balm and rosemary tend to be the most effective at easing stress. However, the sight of red-edged dracaena supposedly has mental health benefits, too. 

10. Best Bedroom Plants Low Light

If you live in a dark apartment or only have a tiny window in your bedroom, you’ll need to consider getting plants that thrive in low light. Otherwise, your green pals may not last very long. But don’t worry; once you get your hands on a parlour palm, dragon tree, Japanese sago palm or weeping tree fig, you’re good to go, even in the most dimly lit spaces.

11. Best Plants for Small Bedrooms

Obsessed with plants but don’t have the space to accommodate them? There’s always space for plants! Trailing plants placed in hanging planters can hook onto command hooks, or you can suspend them from the ceiling. You can also find windowsill space for small houseplants like mini succulents, baby’s tears, or air plants. 

12. Hardest to Kill Houseplants for Bedrooms

While some houseplants love some TLC, others are almost impossible to kill. If you need a plant that can handle neglect, you’ve come to the right place – a wax plant, rubber plant, or dragon tree are your best bet. Dragon trees are striking floor-standing plants with long, elegant leaves that show off red-tinged edges. Place your dragon tree beside other houseplants to add height, or keep it by itself in your bedroom to attract attention. 

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13. Best Plants for a Sunny Bedroom Windowsill

If your bedroom floods with sunlight during the day, you’ll need plants that can handle the heat. Crotons are vibrant tropical plants originally from the forests of Southeast Asia. While they grow to around 10 ft tall in their native habitat, you don’t have to worry about them taking over your bedroom. Other sunny windowsill lovers are cacti, jade plants, and hibiscus. 

14. Most Colourful Bedroom Plants

You can’t get much better when adding colour to a drab, dreary bedroom than the polka dot plant. Available in an array of shades, this plant provides colour in abundance, bringing instant interest. Another colourful houseplant that can’t be beaten in bedrooms is the poinsettia. This attractive plant has leaf-looking red bracts that sit atop deep green leaves. 

15. Pet-Friendly Bedroom Plants

Plants may be a priority, but pets are higher on the pecking order. If plants are poisonous to our furry friends, they can’t set foot in our homes! The rattlesnake plant (shown below) has wavy leaves adorned with decorative markings and deep purple undersides. Other worthy options are the parlour palm, orbifolia prayer plant and African violet. 

16. Indoor Lavender Plant

Lavender – a British classic. You’ll find it in any English cottage garden you come across. While most will have only seen lavender indoors, it also makes an excellent houseplant. Not only does it look and smell delightful, but it also has a range of health benefits – it supposedly improves alertness and memory recall and reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

17. Aloe Vera Plant for Bedrooms

This spiky, exotic-looking succulent has fleshy leaves that sit nicely in a shallow pot on a bedside table or ledge with indirect sunlight. Like lavender, this plant has health benefits – simply cut off one of its plump leaves and remove the inner gel, then go nuts, turning it into a homemade moisturiser and using it to soothe sunburn or remove makeup. 

18. Plants for Big Bedrooms

Big bedrooms can often look a little sparse, especially if modern minimalism is your jam. Perhaps you want to fill in the gaps with an interesting textural element but aren’t sure what plant to choose. If this is the case, try the cowboy cactus. You’ll want to give this plant a wide berth because of its scary spikes, so a big bedroom is the perfect spot. Cowboy cacti can grow up to 2 m in height, so they’re best as floor-standing plants. 

19. Best Bedroom Plants for Asthma

So many houseplants can worsen asthma symptoms, especially if they’ve got a bad case of overwatering, as the mould can aggravate asthma. However, being asthmatic shouldn’t stop you from enjoying indoor greenery – peace lily, bamboo palm, and areca palm are supposedly super asthma-friendly plants that won’t trigger your symptoms. 

20. Best Trailing Plant for Bedrooms

Trailing plants bring a particular element of style to a bedroom. Clustering your trailing plants on a shelf above your bed can make this part of the room the focal point. They’ll also be the last thing you see as you drift off to sleep, offering a hit of relaxation right before shut-eye. The best trailing plants for bedrooms are:

  • Devil’s ivy
  • String of pearls
  • Burro’s tail
  • String of hearts
  • Trailing jade
  • Pothos

21. Aromatic Bedroom Plant Ideas

Yes, cut flowers add beauty, charm, and a sweet scent to a bedroom, but they only last so long. Instead, choose an aromatic plant that acts as a natural air freshener. The best aromatic bedroom plants are potted citrus trees, orange jasmine, gardenia, and lavender. 

22. Bedroom Plants for Indirect Light

There isn’t always space for our whole plant collection on a sunny windowsill. So, what can thrive on indirect light? Try a fern – specifically the staghorn and bird’s nest ferns. Philodendron Brasil and money trees also work well with bright indirect light. 

23. Best Plants for Damp Bedrooms

Houses that don’t have effective heating systems or adequate ventilation can end up with damp problems. Luckily, certain plant species can combat mould and dampness, reducing the risk to your health. English ivy can supposedly remove airborne mould from humid spaces such as bedrooms. 

24. Modern Plants for Contemporary Bedrooms

A contemporary bedroom requires a modern-looking plant. Otherwise, the style won’t be right. Zebra haworthia brings a minimalist yet striking look characteristic of a modern design. Its verdant green leaves with white flecks will draw the eyes, bringing brightness to a neutral colour palette. 

25. Strange But Beautiful Bedroom Plants

To end our 25 best bedroom plant ideas, we’re showcasing the weirdest and wackiest houseplant of all. It’s safe to say that trachyandra meets the criteria for strange but beautiful – this unique succulent has simple pipe cleaner-shaped stems that emerge from the rocks before bursting into coiled leaves. Give this plant lots of indirect light, and it’ll be happy as Larry. 

Happy Plant Hunting!

In this article, we’ve explored all the best indoor plants for bedrooms, from tall to small, weird and wacky to super trendy. There are plant varieties to suit any bedroom style or preference. 

So, what will it be? 

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