How to Decorate Your Garden For Christmas

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decorate garden for christmas

Are you imagining yourself sipping coffee on a winter morning, staring out of your kitchen window at a magical Christmas garden?

There are lots of ways to decorate your back garden at Christmas. Adding fairy lights and electrically powered animals are great choices. But they do require outdoor power points. Plus, they can contribute to light pollution in your garden, which isn’t great for your nocturnal visitors. 

If you’re looking for ways to decorate your garden at Christmas that don’t require electricity or disrupt the local wildlife, here are eight creative decoration ideas that aren’t your typical light-up Santa’s!

1. Hang Baubles on Outside Trees

An easy way to add a sprinkle of festivities to your garden is to hang baubles on your outside trees. You can even use ribbons and ornaments, too, provided they are all-weather resistant. 

Depending on the trees you have in your garden, you can hang baubles individually using string or a cable tie. Or, if you have Christmas trees or conifers in your garden, you can hang baubles on a fishing line and wrap it around your tree. 

2. Put Solar Lights in Jars

Solar lights aren’t normally as bright as electrical-powered ones. Their dim, twinkly lights will make your garden look enchanting at Christmas without causing too much light pollution. Plus, they don’t add any extra costs to the energy bill!

In the lead up to the festive season, keep your empty mason jars leftover from candles or pasta sauces. Once you’ve cleaned them out, fill the jars with solar lights and line the paths around your garden. It’ll look magical! 

3. Buy a Living Christmas Tree

There’s nothing more Christmassy than an actual Christmas tree! Instead of plastic ones, you can buy a living Christmas tree, use it indoors for a week before planting it in your garden outside. You can even decorate them with bows and baubles!

Having real Christmas trees in your garden is an easy decoration idea. Plus, they’ll attract the local birds, possibly even robins. So you’ll get to enjoy early morning songs as well as their presence!   

4. Decorate Ladders

Another easy Christmas decoration idea for your garden is to use what you have and make it merry! Instead of storing your ladders in the shed over winter, you can decorate them with festive cheer. 

This outdoor decoration idea works best with wooden ladders. But even aluminium ones can be jazzed up! Plus, aluminium won’t rust outside in the winter, so they’ll be fine for the Christmas period. 

5. Fill Trees & Pots with Candy Canes

Red and white are two colours that are sure to make you feel Christmassy! Another great outdoor decoration for your garden is to add candy canes to your plant pots. You can even hang them from your trees.

If you like DIY outdoor Christmas decorations, you can make your own candy canes instead of buying ones. Use a pool noodle or a pipe and paint it a stripy pattern using weather-proof paint.

6. Hang Wreaths on Shed Doors

Outdoor sheds are ideal places to hang Christmas wreaths. If you have a spare wreath that you’re not using on your front door, hang it on your shed door instead!

Other great places to hang wreaths in your garden are on your outdoor gates or along your fences. If you have an outdoor garland, this works, too!

7. Plant Winter Flowers

While most flowers go dormant in winter, some plants are known to blossom over the Christmas period. During autumn, plant a few winter flower bulbs and watch them bloom in your garden when December 25th arrives. Winter plants like Snowdrops, White Cyclamen or Winter Clematis are great choices. 

Alternatively, if you don’t want to sow new seeds, scatter fake plants instead! Artificial Poinsettia is a beautiful, bright-red flower that will easily make your garden feel like Christmas!

8. Fill Watering Cans

Instead of hiding your watering cans away in the shed during winter, use them as a Christmas decoration in the garden! You can make a festive display using artificial holly, Poinsettia flowers or pinecones. 

Decorated watering cans are great for placing on patios, by your back door or underneath shrubs to add some colour. 


Every season provides new ways to decorate your garden – especially winter! If you spend lots of time looking out of your kitchen window at the garden, these outdoor decoration ideas can give you that Christmas feeling even at the most mundane of times.

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