Love or loathe them – fireworks are a big part of many celebrations worldwide.

But Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve don’t just create big spectacles on the night sky; they also cause a lot of harm, according to UK firework injury statistics.

UK Firework Injury Statistics & Facts

  1. There were 116 hospital admissions of people injured by fireworks in the UK in 2020/21. (NHS)
  2. 21 of these admissions involved children aged 14 or under. (NHS)
  3. While not all firework injuries lead to hospital admission, 1,835 people in England attended A&E for firework injuries in 2018/19. (UK Parliament)
  4. UK firework injuries spike over the Halloween and Bonfire months, and between 2015 and 2019, there were 3,591 A&E visits in England during October and November alone. (JPIMedia Data Unit)
  5. Fireworks injure more boys than girls. (Children’s Burns Trust)
  6. Most injuries from fireworks are to the eyes, head or hands. (Children’s Burns Trust)
  7. Most injuries happen at private or family displays. (Children’s Burns Trust)
  8. Rockets, air bombs and sparklers cause the most common firework injuries. (UK Government)
  9. Fireworks aren’t only harmful to humans; in 2021, a labrador-Staffie got so startled by fireworks that it died. (The Independent)
  10. Firework injuries fell significantly in Northern Ireland after 2002 legislation obliged people buying category 2 or 3 fireworks to get a license. (The Guardian)