25 Latest Houseplant Statistics for the UK (2024)

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Several studies show how plants can have a significant boost on your well-being. These UK houseplant statistics show we Brits have taken this to heart and love to look after our green friends.

UK Houseplant Statistics

  1. The average Brit spends over £300 a year on houseplants, with Generation Z forking up an annual £414.84. (Miracle Gro)
  2. The market size of the UK’s flower and plant growing industry is £2 billion. (IBIS World)
  3. 50% of consumers said they bought flowers in 2021, and 35% said they purchased houseplants. (Mintel)
  4. Generation Z has an average of 10 different plants in their home. (Miracle Gro)
  5. The reasons Brits like to keep plants are: bringing nature indoors (51%), feeling good (36%), and cleaning the air (34%). (Miracle Gro)
  6. Around 60% of the money spent on flowers and indoor plans is people buying things for themselves and not as gifts for special occasions, for example. (Flowers & Plants Association)
  7. People spend an average of 16 minutes a week tending plants. (Miracle Gro)
  8. A survey of 1,000 people showed that people spend more time tending succulents than having sex (12%), going on dates (11%), and cooking meals (10%). (Vend)
  9. Almost half of adults in a 2,000 survey said they’ve killed an average of five houseplants. (Miracle Gro)
  10. In another survey, 55-64-year-olds and those over 65 were the least likely to kill their houseplants. (Blooming Artificial)
  11. 40% of Scottish respondents said they had killed the most plants. (Blooming Artificial)
  12. Watering too much (50%) is the main reason people killed plants, followed by not enough sunlight (30%) and ill-fitting pots (19%). (Miracle Gro)
  13. A study has found that neglected plants can be worse for well-being than having none, but rounded, leafy houseplants have the most considerable positive effect. (The Royal Horticultural Society)
  14. The top three plants in a 2020 survey were bamboo, aloe vera, and devil’s ivy. (Tap Warehouse)
  15. The total cost of a real 100cm high ficus tree could rise to under £70, while an artificial ficus tree might cost you just under £45. (Blooming Artificial)
  16. One public survey found that Scottish people spend the most on plants while Yorkshire locals are the least likely to go on a spending spree. (Blooming Artificial)
  17. House plants are the fastest-growing part of the UK plant market. (Financial Times)
  18. Most of the UK’s plants and flowers are imported, with the top countries of import being the Netherlands, Colombia, Israel and Belgium. (Flowers & Plants Association)
  19. Between 2017 and 2019, sales of indoor plants grew by 14%. (The Garden Centre Association)
  20. Garden centres’ houseplant sales increased 29.40% in 2021 compared to the previous year. (The Garden Centre Association)
  21. The average spend increased to £18.7 on flowers and £24.8 on houseplants a month in 2021. (Mintel)
  22. Brits spend £9 on cut flowers for every £1 spent on indoor plants. (Flowers & Plants Association)
  23. Research showed an increase in these keywords in 2021: artificial indoor plants (14%), low light indoor plants (22%), and tall outdoor plants (36%). (Salience)
  24. Bristol is the most green-fingered city with the highest number of popular plant searches. (Essential Living)
  25. 46% of people use physical retailers as inspiration when buying plants and flowers, followed by homes and interior magazines, both print (41%) and online (40%). (Blooming Artificial)

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