10 Latest Pest Control Industry Statistics for the UK (2024)

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If you are staring face to face with a little unwelcome house guest, you should call pest control. Here are ten fascinating UK pest control statistics:

UK Pest Control Statistics & Facts

  1. The pest control market size is £908 million in the UK. (IBISWorld)
  2. The average cost of a pest control specialist is £230 per day. (Check a Trade)
  3. There are approximately 855 pest control businesses around the country, employing around 8,767 people. (IBISWorld)
  4. The market size is expected to grow by 6.7% in 2022. (IBISWorld)
  5. Between 2017 and 2022, the pest control industry grew, on average, 5.3% annually. (IBISWorld)
  6. Rat infestations increased by 42% during the COVID-19 lockdown in the UK. (Aviva)
  7. Households in Northern Ireland and Wales are most likely to suffer from rats, the South West of England with wasps, North England with mice and ant infestations, and Scotland with birds. (Hillarys)
  8. Those living in London are most likely to need pest control to deal with bed bugs. (Hillarys)
  9. One survey found that 50% of people look to their council first for information on rodents and 51% for information on insects when dealing with pest issues. (Premier Pest Control)
  10. 34% of the people wouldn’t be willing to pay for the treatment of rodents and 25% for insects, with 44% believing it’s the council’s job to foot the bill. (Premier Pest Control)

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