5 Best Torx Screwdriver Sets of 2024

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The Best Torx Screwdriver Sets

best torx screwdriver sets
  1. Draper 34251 8-Piece TX-Star Screwdriver Set with Soft Grip Handle

  2. Deuba 11 Piece Chrome Vanadium Steel Torx Screwdriver Set

  3. Wera Kraftform 367 6 pc Torx Screwdriver Set with Rack

  4. AB Tool Torx Star 6pc Extra Long Screwdriver Set T10 - T30

  5. Torx 70563 8-pc T-grip Angle Screwdriver Set


Draper have produced this excellent softgrip screwdriver set plated with chrome vanadium for extra-long life, and one of the best 8 piece T8 Torx screwdriver sets we have reviewed so far.

The ergonomic handles are easy on the palms but still feel like they apply all the force effectively enough to tighten down the hardest screws without slipping, and all through the chrome plated satin heads.

Our favourite feature of this Draper screwdriver set is the hanging hole found at the top of each handle. Not only does it make them easy to store and select, but at a push you can use another screwdriver shank to add extra torque by putting turning it into a T screwdriver.

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The best Torx screwdriver set that Deuba has made to date, this chrome vanadium plated screwdriver set has the largest range of sizes on this list. The grippy ergonomic handles sat firmly in the hand and the dual material was well moulded and finished.

Our favourite feature of this Deuba Torx Screwdriver Set, and the hallmark of the best Torx screwdrivers available, are the magnetised tips. It makes starting screws a breeze and you don’t have to use both hands when extracting a screw.

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Wera make some of the best hand tools in the world, and their German engineering excellence shows in these high-end Torx screwdrivers. The patented Wera Kraftform Screwdriver Set handles are specially designed for comfort and maximum torque, and use a mixture of hard and soft plastics to reduce fatigue.

The tool steel shafts have a satin finish and the Wera Black Point tips are extra hard and wear-resistant. The fit in the points is superb with no lateral movement and a grip feels like it will never fail.

If you’re looking for the best precision Torx screwdriver that comes with a wall-mounted rack, this Wera Torx screwdriver set is going to be hard to beat.

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This AB Tools screwdriver set is excellent for dealing with hard-to-reach areas due to the excellent reach of the 26 cm long shank on these star screwdrivers. For the price, they’re the best Torx screwdriver set we’ve reviewed.

With a dual material grip for extra turning power, they stand up to the more expensive tools on the list. They are comfortable to use, even after extended periods of time.

The points are magnetised, which helps when the shanks are as long as these ones. You shouldn’t drop any screws once they’re locked into the chrome vanadium coated tips.

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The Torx 70563 brand of screwdrivers are made in Germany and come with reliable and tested machining that builds on years of industry experience.

This is the best Torx screwdriver set we’ve seen in the “T” configuration. The extra leverage makes all the difference. The points have been hardened and won’t twist under normal use.

The unique double point technology combines two different shank lengths for different applications and torques. For long reach and fine adjustment, you can use the longer side, and for tight spaces and extra power, you can swap for the side shank.

Our favourite feature of the best precision Torx screwdriver set here is the ten-year manufacturer warranty. Torx wouldn’t have guarantees like that unless they stood by the tools they make.

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Harry's Smart Buying Tips

In this guide we’ll look at the best Torx screwdriver sets.
We’ve compared the number of screwdrivers, sizes, construction material and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

In this guide we’ll look at the best Torx screwdriver sets.
We’ve compared the number of screwdrivers, sizes, construction material and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

How to Choose The Best Torx Screwdriver Set

Torx head screws and bolts were developed as a much more secure shape than regular Phillips or even Pozi-Drive. The best Torx security screwdrivers were developed to fit special screws that were difficult to break into, and are often used in cars and computers. Torx screwdrivers are a trademark of the generic 6 pointed star screwdriver, so Torx screwdrivers and star screwdrivers effectively provide the same solutions.


The best Torx screwdrivers or star screwdrivers are made from tool steel, and are heat tempered for extra strength. They need to be hard when put under the torsion stresses required to drive screws in and out.

Star screwdrivers often plated with chrome vanadium to make them weatherproof and last for a lifetime, rust-free.

Handles are usually made of plastic or rubber for grip, or multiple materials. It’s important that the best Torx screwdriver handles are easy to grip and help the user apply the maximum force when needed, or the lightest touch when required.

It also helps professional users to resist wrist fatigue when driving screws or bolts for long periods of time on the job site.

Features to Look Out for

The best star screwdrivers will have hardened points on the end for superior grip and a satin finish that helps to stop any slips.

“T” shaped handles can be gripped in the palm for the best torque and control.

Magnetised points make misplacing screws much less common, and help when dealing with long shanks and hard to reach areas.

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