In this guide we’ll take a look at the best compost aerators for the UK market.
I’ve compared construction, ease of use, performance and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Compost Aerator?

  • Features
  • Easy to use tool
  • Extra long reach for large bins
  • Best compost aerator for UK market
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Wooden handle for comfortable grip
  • Easy and effective tool
  • Attractive design
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Zinc plated for easy cleaning
  • Weatherproof against rust and corrosion
  • Excellent value for money
  • Cost

More Detailed Compost Aerator Reviews

Dolmen Compost Mixer and Aerator

This Dolmen Compost Mixer and Aerator is a corkscrew aerator with a handle like a brace drill. You simply insert the tip a few inches into the compost and then turn the handle to screw down into the compost.

This is a nice long compost aerator that easily gets to the bottom of standard compost bins. Once you have reached the bottom, you simply pull out the tool and shake. The tool is well designed and makes aerating compost in plastic bins easy, whereas with a fork it is virtually impossible to do in this type of bin.

This is one of the simplest and most effective compost aerators I have ever used, and it is much better and easier than using a garden fork.  Initially, it was quite difficult to pull the aerator up, because the bin had become compacted. However, after I had done it a few times, and begun to loosen the compost, this process got much easier. If used regularly it would definitely be a very easy process and only take a few minutes to mix and aerate the whole compost bin.

The compost aerator is made of galvanized steel and the design makes it easy to use giving plenty of leverage and reducing the strain on back and shoulder muscles. The handle does not have any padding, so I would recommend wearing gloves when using this tool to prevent blisters!

A week after using this compost aerator I went back to my bin and was impressed with the results. The material looked darker and softer and there was some heat within the bin, so I was very pleased.

This is a sturdy, effective and easy to use compost aerator that will really make a difference to your compost, speeding up the composting process and helping you achieve a better result. It’s the best compost aerator for the UK market!

Burgon & Ball Flexi Compost Aerator

This Burgon & Ball Flexi Compost Aerator has an attractive deign with a sturdy corkscrew spike and an FSC approved wooden handle.

Again, this compost aerator is a simple to use, easy and effective tool. The style of the handle means that it is slightly easier to use than the previous aerator on very compacted compost as you can push down as you twist. However, once the compost is loosened a little I found the previous one easier to use and less tiring on the arms. This tool is also perfect for all types of compost bins including plastic ‘dalek’ shaped ones.

For the easiest results with this compost aerator, I found that working on the upper layers first and then working down to lower layers was best.

This tool did a great job and the wooden handle is comfortable to use. This is another great choice if you are looking for the best compost aerator available for the money.

Primrose Compost Aerator

This Primrose Compost Aerator has two blades at the end. The blades are closed as you push the tool into the compost and then open as you pull it back out. These blades cut through the tougher, more fibrous parts of the compost and allow you to mix everything up.

The compost aerator tool is zinc plated steel making it sturdy and easy to clean. It also has a nice ergonomic grip that means it is comfortable to use. You do have to be a little bit careful when using it that you are not too heavy handed as this tool has some attached parts and could, therefore, break more easily than the previous products.

This is a very economical compost aerator tool which would be ideal if you had a lot of tough fibrous material in your compost bin as it cuts through the fibres helping everything break down. This is the best compost aerator to choose on a budget!

Compost Aerator Buying Guide

When choosing the best compost aerator, you want to look for something that has a sturdy construction that is made from coated or plated steel or galvanised steel for strength and prevention of rust.

The different kinds of tools work in different ways. I personally find the corkscrew type best but if you have a lot of fibrous material you may prefer the bladed type. You may also prefer a tool with comfortable or ergonomic handles. However, if used regularly for short periods then gardening gloves should provide enough grip and comfort.


How will a compost aerator improve my compost?

Regular aerating your compost allows oxygen into the heap. Oxygen allows the microbes that break down plant material to thrive.  Mixing your heap also allows moisture to be distributed so the heap does not dry out. Regular mixing will also increase the heat of your compost, speeding up the process of decomposition. In addition, aerating your compost reduces nasty odours by preventing the heap from becoming a slimy, airless mixture. Aerating can speed up the composting process so you have compost that is ready to use in as little as 8 weeks.

How do you use a compost aerator?

Compost aerators make the job of turning compost much easier than using a fork and also do a more effective job. The tool needs to be inserted into the heap and then pulled out. This process is then repeated until all the compost is mixed. If your compost heap is quite compacted you may want to start working on the upper layers first, gradually moving down to the deeper layers.

Bear in mind that even with a compost aerator this is a physically testing job so don’t try to do too much at once.

If you are not physically strong enough for this task, you may want to consider purchasing a tumbling compost bin as this can easily be turned whenever required.