How to Put Up Lights on Your Garden Parasol

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how to put up lights on your garden parasol

Parasols are only useful when it’s light. Or that’s what many people think, anyway. What do I think? Those people don’t have lights strung up on their parasols. 

Attaching a set of sparkling lights to your garden parasol creates an atmosphere like no other. Your garden can go from an unloved space to your favourite spot in 8 simple steps. 

So, let’s get started!

Putting Up Lights for Parasols

You can buy sets of LED patio umbrella lights specifically designed to clip onto parasols. Follow these steps to find out exactly how to do this. If you’re going more DIY and using your own sets of lights, you can tweak the steps. You’ll find all the information you need further into the article!


1. Extract the Umbrella

Kitting your parasol out with lights is made 10x harder when the umbrella is still in place. So, take your parasol’s umbrella out of its stand and lay it down on its side. Try to find a soft surface for this, like your grass!

2. Install the First Clip

Your lights need to be clipped in place; this will keep them secure. But don’t fret; parasol lights typically come with these! Attach your light clips to the closest umbrella rib to you. You want this to be roughly 2 inches from the central pole.

3. Fix the Clips in Place

Keep these clips on tight with zip ties. The clip should be cosied right up to the umbrella rip. Otherwise, your lights may fall down!

4. Attach Your Remaining Clips

Your lights won’t stay in place with only one clip, so now it’s time to add the rest! Attach five clips to every umbrella rib, evenly spaced across its length. Keep the clips well away from any of the mechanisms. That includes where the umbrella opens and closes. 

Of course, all parasols are different sizes, so there isn’t a universal number of clips. To find out how many clips you’ll need, count the number of ribs your umbrella has, then multiply this by five.

Follow the same pattern for each rib. That way, they won’t be wonky when you attach the lights!

5. Cut Off the Dangly Bits

Once you’ve secured all the clips in place, cut off the tails of the zip ties. Nail clippers, pliers or scissors will do the job nicely! 

6. Clip Your Lights In

Starting at the central pole, work your way down the umbrella rib that’s directly adjacent to you, attaching your first string of lights. The first light should extend slightly out the front of the clip. 

In other words, don’t put the light directly under the clip! Pull the first light taught, then fasten the clip so it’s tight around the wire connecting the lights together. 

Repeat this process with the other ribs, using a new set of lights each time. Then, place the umbrella pole back in its base so it’s standing up. 

7. Lower the Power Cable

You want to place the power cable in an easily accessible place. Slide the cable down the pole and through the patio table hole. If your parasol doesn’t have a table, you can wind the cord around the lower half of the pole, so it’s secure. 

8. Give it Some Power

Ensure the socket is right down the bottom of the pole, then plug this into your outdoor extension lead. And you’re ready! 

Not Using Clips?


LED lights made specifically for parasols are easier to use. They often come with a controller, allowing you to switch your lights on and off and change the settings quickly and efficiently. They also come with clips, which makes installation far easier! 

However, if you’ve already got sets of lights hanging around the house, there’s no point in them going to waste! 

Like in the steps above, you start by removing the umbrella from the base. Then, go straight to attaching the light strips to the umbrella ribs. Begin at the central pole and secure your first light in place with a zip tie. 

Continue with your string of lights right to the end of the rib and then work back on yourself, going back towards the centre. Then, move to the next rib, leaving a little slack between the two ribs. Attach the set of lights to the second rib, and work your way up and down it.

Keep doing this until you’ve covered all of the ribs. If you’re left with loads of lights, you can wrap them around the central pole. Once you’ve got to the bottom of the pole, give your lights some power by plugging them in! 

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Light It Up!

You’re all set, so light it up! Now you can sit out till the early hours of the morning if you wish. Although, I’d recommend wrapping up, especially this time of year!

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